Pickle Brine Recipe

Pickle Brine Recipe

Pickle Brine Recipe is simple to make, doesn’t require measuring, and is super easy to adjust. It has a great salty/sweet flavour. The best part is that you can marinate chicken, beef, fish, or vegetables. This is great for summertime when you don’t want to cook but still want to enjoy some fresh food!

To make good pickles, you need a brine and some of your spice mixes.

Alternative Ingredients

This brine is about what you prefer to put in your pork or chicken brine. It’s all about flexibility. Ensure to thoroughly cover all of the ingredients in your glass jar because there needs to be more liquid in the pot to cover it; the pickles won’t be ready to eat.

If you have extra vinegar you’d like to use for a pickle, make sure it’s at least 5% acidity. Vinegar pickles can be refrigerated or pickled for a week at maximum.


  • You need 2 cups of white, red wine, or cider vinegar.
  • 2 cups of water
  • Two tablespoons of kosher salt
  • Two tablespoons of white sugar

Mixing the specified amount of Ingredients

  • Whole spices include celery seed, coriander seed, cumin seed, dill seed, mustard seed, bay leaves, allspice, cinnamon, and star anise. You need one tablespoon of all these whole spices.
  • The crushed red pepper, Szechuan peppercorns, fresh hot peppers, and cayenne pepper.
  • One teaspoon of ginger, mustard, paprika, and turmeric
  • Two pieces of fresh herbs, such as basil, chervil, dill, mint, and rosemary.
  • Each jar contains one piece of fresh aromatics, such as garlic cloves and ginger.


The mixture will have approximately 10% more water than vinegar in it.

When making pickles, having the right amount of acidity is essential. Vinegar is a natural and healthy food preservative that helps pickle vegetables while adding flavor and aroma.

Vinegar helps prevent bacterial growth and works well in pickles. If you add too much, it will overwhelm the flavour.


 Apple cider vinegar is a tasty, easy-to-use, affordable addition to any pantry. It has a mild flavour; you can add it to just about anything. Try it in this recipe, too.

Substitute it with any vinegar except balsamic vinegar or malt vinegar.

Distilled white vinegar, white wine vinegar, and rice vinegar work.

You can easily make a simple and delicious pickled cucumber recipe with just a few ingredients. Keep this in mind when you’re working on your homemade pickles.

Adjust the acidity of this dressing by adding more citric acid or some vinegar instead.


We use kosher salt, sea salt, or pickling salt for brine.


This is not a sweet pickle brine recipe. It’s more on the tangy side. When we put a little sugar in our recipe for brine and pickles, the result is slightly coarse, and you can omit the sugar and add cinnamon if you don’t like it sweet.

Alternative Ingredients

You can use many different types of simple ingredients to make your brine more flavorful, which means there’s no limit.

Alternative Ingredients

You can add them directly to the jars with the vegetables or into the brine liquid, which will heat, and there’s no reason to buy any other flavouring. Whole spices are great for pickling. They add depth to your pickles, not only in flavour but also in texture. The best sauce for pickling is mustard seeds.

You should add other spices to make your marinara taste more flavorful, such as red pepper flakes, bay leaf, and turmeric. If you don’t have access to a pickle press, you can do this by hand.

Herbs are lovely additions.

Here are our favourites: dill, parsley, rosemary, thyme, or oregano.

Boiling brine shrimp isn’t recommended. They are safe when cooked at temperatures up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the herbs you want to preserve in jars and then pour the brine over them. To add even more flavour, garlic, green onions, shallots, or ginger could be added to your jars.

How to make

Whether you want to make pickles, relish, dill relish, or even sweet corn relish, this method will save you time and hassle.

  • Start with one cup of boiling water, three cups of distilled white vinegar, one tablespoon of sugar, and three tablespoons of sea salt.
  • If you want to include spices in your pickle, add them to the saucepan at this step.
  • Boil over medium-high heat. Make sure to check the sugar and salt mixture after every five minutes.
  • After you remove the pan from the heat, let it cool for about 10 minutes. Here’s a brine we often use with beets. It’s a simple and versatile brine that’s delicious on its own. It’s perfect for picking up a delightful dinner in a hurry.

You Can Use It For Pickling Vegetables

A recipe for canned dill pickles can be used to make them, or you could use it as a quick pickle brine.

This is an easy brine to use for virtually any vegetable.

If you follow our recipe, you are making easy and fast pickles that are ready in 1-2 days. The best-tasting kale chips ever. Before starting to make pickles, you’ll need to prepare your jars.

To quickly pickle your vegetables, you need to put the vegetables in a jar. Add a few cloves of garlic and some fresh dill to the jars if you want. If you have an electric knife, cut all around the cheese to remove the rind.

Don’t let the bubbles dry on the counter and pop. Let them cool completely. Store your pickles in the refrigerator to make sure they are ready to eat.Pickles keep for a week or two.

Reusing The Brine

If you’re using a brine made from pickling spice mix, yes.

Yes, you can use that leftover brine to make refrigerator pickles. Please bring it to a boil and boil it down until it’s 1/2 as thick. You can use the extra to create a new batch of brine.

For a large batch, combine it with 1-gallon water, 1 cup of white vinegar, 1/2 cup salt, and two teaspoons of sugar. You can reuse the leftover brine to flavor more of your new batch.

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The leftover brine can be used as a salad dressing, too. It’d be so lovely to have it in our creamy cucumber salad.Enjoy your pickle Brine Recipe in your sandwiches, burgers, or hot dogs. They make great additions to salads.


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