Microfiber Cloth | The Best Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth In 2022

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Cleaning cloths are an absolute necessity for anyone who wears glasses. Smudges, fingerprints, and other sticky particles from glasses are removed with the help of an eyeglass cleaning cloth, allowing them to see clearly.  

However, it’s a different story when it comes to cleaning them and the type of fabric used in a lens cleaning cloth.  

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Mostly, microfiber is the most common fabric used to make lens cloths. Continue reading the post to find out more about lens cloth, including how to clean it and what kind of fabric it is made of.   

Let’s begin  

Lens cloths made of various fabrics may have been among the things you discovered. Although suede has been mentioned, lens manufacturers will only accept lens cloths made of microfiber. 

There are polyester and polyamide or nylon blends used to make these microfibers that may resemble suede but should not scratch your lenses. 

Split fibers in microfiber make the cloth more absorbent and provide more surface area for cleaning. There’s a softness to it even though it’s mostly plastic. Using a lens cloth made of a different fabric is just as effective as using one made of microfibers. 

Deerskin was a popular material for lens cleaning cloths in the pre-microfiber era. When you were done, your glasses and other lenses were sparkling clean, thanks to the material’s excellent benefits. 

What Is the Best Method for Cleaning Glass with a Cloth? 

Cotton, microfiber, and lens tissues all appear to be options for cleaning cloths. Using the pre-moistened one will save you a step in the glass cleaning process. 

When it comes to textiles, microfiber may not be the best option. Also, you can use a microfiber sunglass pouch to safeguard your glasses from scratches.   

Microfiber is well-known for its ability to remove dirt and grime from the glass without scratching or marking the surface. The softness of cotton, on the other hand, should not cause any marks if the right material is used. However, because its fibers are larger than microfibers, you may have a more difficult time cleaning with this model. 

Finally, there are pre-moistened lens tissues or towelettes to choose from. You can avoid using bottled lens cleaner by simply using these cloths, which are pre-treated with lens cleaner. They’re easy to use, but their quality may fall short of microfibers. 

Does the use of Microfiber Cloths Damage Eyeglasses? 

One of the advantages of using microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth to clean your glasses is that they won’t scratch them.  

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To ensure that your lenses are not damaged during the cleaning process, the microfiber is designed to be non-abrasive.  

In general, people suggest using a microfiber cloth, but that could simply be due to the fact that it is the only material currently available for this purpose. Even though microfiber has its advantages, especially for those who dislike plastics, it’s nice to have a few other options. 

Also, replacing scratched lenses can be expensive. There are a number of products on the market that claim to remove scratches from your lenses, but these products are made of waxy materials and only last a short time.  

The best way to prevent scratches on your lenses is to avoid making any marks on them at all. Use microfiber lens cleaning cloths instead of other fabrics when cleaning your glasses. You don’t want to have to spend money on lenses that need to be replaced because you handled them carelessly. 

There is no miracle cure or way to remove scratches from your lenses once they’ve been scratched. There is no way around it. So, use a good eyeglass cleaning cloth.  

Closing Thoughts 

Using an eyeglass cleaning cloth is actually a very positive thing you can do for yourself. The right cloth plays a small but important role in extending the life of your glasses and ensuring that you have clear vision at all times. 

Also, when the cloth gets dirty, don’t be afraid to wash them. 



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