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Local AC Repair

Is your AC causing your problems? Does it take too long to cool your home? By monitoring the behavior of your air conditioner, you can narrow down the possible causes of the issue.- Local AC Repair

Hiring professional assistance is highly recommended, as most issues need to be fixed by experienced technicians. There are numerous AC repair service providers in Urbana, such as https://www.abcheatingandac.com/ac-repair-urbana-il/, offering solutions for every cooling problem. 

Homeowners in Urbana, Illinois, are advised to hire AC assistance in the following scenarios.

Bad capacitator

A common AC issue is having a bad capacitator. If the thermostat seems to be working correctly, but the air blowing from the vents isn’t exactly cold, you should find your outdoor unit and check whether the unit is working properly. There are two components to pay attention to, referring to the compressor and the fan motor. 

Moreover, you should listen to the noise both components are making. The fan makes a whirring sound, whereas the compressor sounds like a fridge running. If humming or buzzing sounds come from the outside unit, but no air is blowing, the capacitator might be faulty. The role of capacitators is to help the electric motors within the air-conditioning system to start and run. 

To be more specific, capacitators provide an energy boost in the course of the starting phase to get the motors up and running. Over time, capacitators tend to weaken, and they become useless. Additionally, they might cause other issues within the unit. 

Low levels of refrigerant- Local AC Repair

Another common AC issue that requires repair is low refrigerant. The role of the refrigerant is to transfer the heat and help the system provide cool air. If the levels of refrigerant are overly low, the system will experience a struggle while trying to keep up with the previous tempo. Eventually, it might freeze and fail to cool your home efficiently. 

Furthermore, low refrigerant is usually caused by a slow leak. The symptoms might become more noticeable if you pay attention to the changes in your system. The AC will start running longer, whereas the set temperature will be more difficult to achieve. While the obvious solution for the issue is adding more refrigerant, you should still detect the cause of the low levels. 

Even if the leak is slow, the refrigerant will still manage to escape somehow, which usually occurs in the evaporator coil. Make sure to hire AC repair in Urbana to look for the source of the leak. Depending on the size of the leak, they might advise you to replace the entire system or just the evaporator coil. Click here to learn how to clean an evaporator coil.

Clogged condensate drain line- Local AC Repair

Homeowners in Urbana, Illinois, often have problems with their condensate drain lines, which get clogged over time. Your home is cooled and dehumidified at the same time. The cooling process removes moisture, but it has to be drained properly outside the house. There’s a drain line that runs from your AC system to the outside. 

Nevertheless, over time, the drain line gets clogged by algae and other objects that prevent the water from getting drained. In such scenarios, moisture begins to back up inside the AC unit and leads to filling the secondary drain pan. This pan is equipped with a safety switch that cuts the unit off once filled up. 

Once the safety switch is triggered, a couple of things might happen. For instance, the thermostat is most likely to go blank, given the safety switch causes power interruption. The best move would be to call the professionals and let them clean the drain line. They use compressed air and other advanced methods to unblock drain lines. 

Faulty blower motor

Last but not least, homeowners in Urbana often experience problems with their blower motor. This part is responsible for moving air within your home. The bearings of blower motors should be lubricated regularly and kept free from debris. If you happen to smell electrical burning or hear a grinding sound, you’re probably facing a problem with the blower motor.

Final thoughts

Your AC system deserves professional repair to keep functioning optimally!


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