Liz Cheney Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

Liz Cheney Net Worth

In the history of the United States democracy, many influential people arrived in politics. Those politicians are well dedicated to the welfare of their nation. Liz Cheney is one of those politicians who gained massive success in her political career. She made an incredible development for her people. Today, we will discover Liz Cheney net worth and how she earns it.

Who is Liz Cheney?

Liz Cheney is an American politician. She belongs to the Republican Party. She was the representative of  Wyoming’s at-large congressional district from 2017 to 2023. Liz also served as chair of the House Republican Conference. She is the daughter of former vice president Dick Cheney. Besides political career, she also built a strong position in law sections as an attorney.

Short Bio of Liz Cheney

Full Name Elizabeth Lynne Cheney
Birthdate July 28, 1966 (age 57)
Birthplace Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.
Nationality  American
Profession Politician, Attorney
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Net Worth $47 million

Liz Cheney Net Worth

Liz Cheney’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $47 million. Her successful political career is the main reason behind her massive net worth. She served in several influential positions in the U.S. State Department. Also, her attorney profession has a significant impact on her financial state. Besides professions, Liz has gained enormous wealth from her family inheritance.

Early Life

Liz Cheney was born in Madison, Wisconsin. She has one younger sister. Her father, Dick Cheney, is a former vice president of the United States, and her mother, Lynne Cheney, is an author, scholar, and former talk show host.

Liz Cheney Net Worth

Liz started her high school at McLean High School in suburban Washington, D.C., where she became a cheerleader. After completing high school graduation, she enrolled at Colorado College. Later, Liz joined the University of Chicago’s Law School to study law. In 1996, she received a Juris Doctor degree from there. She also took courses at the Oriental Institute to study Middle Eastern history.

Facts Behind Liz Cheney Net Worth

Early Career

Before law graduation, Liz started her career by working in the State Department. She worked there for five years. Later, she also served in the  United States Agency for International Development for three years. She also took a job at Richard Armitage’s consulting firm called Armitage Associates LLP, then a Defense Department official and later the Deputy Secretary of State.

Liz was paid a good amount of salary for completing her duties in those influential positions. These earnings allowed her to accumulate much wealth at the beginning of her career.

Law Career

After graduating from law school, Liz worked as an international law attorney and consultant for the International Finance Corporation, which is a part of the World Bank Group. She completed many crucial accusations with this farm. She successfully handled many lawsuits in the court. This brought her a good reputation.

Liz also became a Special Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of State for Soviet Union Assistance. She also made an incredible performance there. She showed her attorney skills to solve issues with the Soviet Union’s Assistance. Liz got a notable salary for completing her duties.

Political Career

Liz Cheney built her powerful position in the politics. She supports the  Republican party. Under this party, she made many political movements and elections. As a result, Liz became a representative of Wyoming’s at-large congressional district. She was elected against Rod Miller and Blake E Stanley in 2017. Liz got a total of 111,013 votes in this election.

Later, she started her duties as a representative and went for the development projects. She made various developments in different sectors, such as Drug legislation, Foreign policy, Military, Contraception, and Conspiracy theories. That social welfare benefited her people.

She continued in this position until 2023. Liz was paid $174,000 every month for her representative job. These earnings became one of the main sources of her net worth.

Family Inheritance

Liz is the daughter of former American president Dick Cheney. Her father is an investor and has million million-dollar business, including real estate, stock investments, etc. His net worth is estimated at $150 million. Also, Liz’s mother is a successful media personality who owns over a hundred million in net worth.

Liz Cheney Net Worth

Recently, Liz’s parents both announced the inheritance wealth division. For this reason, Liz and her only sister, Mary Cheney, got a massive amount of cash and assets as an Inheritance of wealth. These assets and other Inheritance stuff made a significant impact on Liz’s net worth.


Liz Cheney is also an author. She released her first book, In My Time, in 2011. This is mainly about her father’s important role in the George Bush administration. The book was published by Simon & Schuster publication. It became so viral and was listed as the best-selling book that year.

Later, Liz published her second book, Exceptional, in 2015 through the same publications as the previous one. This book also became a best-selling one. All of those books sold millions of copies and are still selling online. As an author, Liz gets a portion of the profit from those book sales. These earnings eventually increase her net worth.

Awards and Honors

American business magazine Forbes listed Liz Cheney among the 50 most notable entrepreneurs, leaders, scientists, and creators. She was also included in the Time 100, Time magazine’s annual list of the 100 most influential people. On April 22, 2022, she received the Profile in Courage Award for “defending democracy” from the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation.

Personal Life

Liz Cheney married Philip Perry, who is a partner at Latham & Watkins, a multi-national law firm. They married in the state of Wyoming in 1993. Together they have five children.


What is Liz Cheney net worth in 2023?

Liz Cheney’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $47 million.

How does Liz Cheney make her money?

She made her money by serving in various positions in the United States.

Does Liz Cheney have any children?

Liz Cheney has a total of five children.

How old is Liz Cheney?

Liz Cheney was born on July 28, 1966. Currently, she is 57 years old.

Final Thoughts

Liz Cheney net worth is a visual representation of her successful career. From an attorney to an influential political personality, she brought her best skills to achieve remarkable success.


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