Leah Kinyon

Leah Kinyon

Who is Leah Kinyon, and what is her complete story? Leah Kinyon previously taught in high school. She was caught on camera instructing her children to get COVID-19 shots while denouncing former President Donald Trump.

She makes a four-minute video in which she criticizes former President Donald Trump. Judy Storms, a parent, initially shared the video with Fox13. This video quickly went popular. Parents used an official email to approach the former instructor, Kinyon, and later the high school principal. The school system soon informed Fox13 that they no longer employed the teacher. They recruited the teacher just after seeing the video.

Leah Kinyon’s Childhood

Leah is 46 years of age and lives in Lehi City, Utah. There are no facts regarding her early life because she is not well-known but frequently makes headlines in her hometown due to her bad behavior. Leah graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in biology education.  She taught various subjects at Lehi for nearly nine years before the suspension.

What is the point of the story?

The entire video is available on YouTube. Leah first pushed kids to vaccinate and stated that this would continue until everyone had proper vaccination. And the work only lasts 5 seconds after the vaccine. In the video, she has not followed the basic COVID-19 protocols. She’s been stating all of this without a mask on. Leah stated many words to her kids in her classroom, which had no plinth with any topic. She emphasized that this was her class and that she would find out if students put themselves at risk from her.

Leah Kinyon stated that being present in the classroom was her obligation. She’d be upset if a child came to her with a mutation that could make her or her family sick. And if she did, it would be rude, and she didn’t want to be rude. Not only that, but she said things like, “Your parents are dumber than you.” I’m going to say it aloud. My folks are insane. You don’t have to do whatever your parents say. You’re smarter than the…”

In the video, she informed another student that you may believe whatever you want. She cautioned everyone in the classroom to be quiet because she would mock them all.

And she’d bring up a topic that most students would like to avoid. She held kids responsible for the world’s issues. According to the school’s website, Leah Kinyon is one of the listed instructors at Lehi High School who teaches chemistry and marine biology.

Her thoughts on Trump

After speaking passionately about many societal populations, including parents, students, and the LGBTQ community, she declared her hatred for former President Donald Trump. Trump is a jerk. He’s a serial predator. He’s a complete imbecile.” Not only that, but when one of the students informed her that she was standing in the chemistry class, she reacted strangely. She said, “Turn off Fox News; do your parents watch Fox News?”…… It is my class.

Trivia about Leah Kinyon

  • According to Good Housekeeping, many of Kinyon’s statements on the video were uninteresting, such as someone saying that she backed the instructor who was prohibited from teaching for using words like a condom and boob in front of pupils.
  • Kinyon started a petition to support the teacher. She defended the instructor to Fox13, saying that while she understands the students’ upset, the discipline is absurd.
  • Laura Reber Kinyon is Kinyon’s full name.
  • She has tweeted about the difficulties of migrating.
  • Leah has not tweeted about politics and has no other social media pages; nevertheless, her Facebook page has been erased.

More about Leah Kinyon

Kinyon also teaches marine biology in high school, in addition to chemistry. The teacher is also the school’s “Gay-Straight Alliance adviser” at one point in the video. Neither the institution nor the Alpine School District has ensured the teacher’s identity. There is nothing else known about her. Kinyon’s comments in the video were not present when wearing a mask. According to Storms ‘ son Zane, Kinyon was aware of her recording and had a history of making such remarks.

She went on to criticize former President Donald Trump. “I despise Donald Trump. I’ll say it anyhow. I don’t care what you believe – Trump sucks, “She stated. “He is a complete imbecile. Don’t tell on me to the admin; they don’t give a damn.” “This is a chemistry class!” one of the students reminded her. Leah Kinyon didn’t seem bothered and proceeded on his way. “Turn off Fox News; do your parents watch Fox News?” It is my classroom, and you are accountable if you put me in danger. Because I’m required to be here, I don’t have to feel enthusiastic about the idea that kids are coming in with variations that could get me or my family sick. That’s impolite. “And I’m not going to act otherwise,” she continued.

‘If you’re a homophobe, get the hell out.’

In the video, a student appeared to contradict Kinyon’s opinions, prompting her to address that kid specifically in her speech. Moreover, the teacher responded to whatever the kid said (which was inaudible) by saying, “You can believe whatever you want, but keep it quiet in here because I’m going to make fun of you. I’ll just say this: these are the topics you should probably avoid. Politics, which you delved into because I requested… Get the hell go if you don’t believe in climate change…. That’s pitiful of you to believe that; you’re the problem with the world, OK?”

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The Alpine School District told FOX13: “We were made aware of an event that occurred today in one of our high school classrooms late this afternoon. An investigation was launched right away. The employee has been placed on administrative leave while an inquiry is conducted. This is also unacceptable attitude that does not reflect the professional conduct and decorum that we demand of our teachers and will not be permitted.” It was all about Leah Kinyon and her controversies!


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