Laura Ingraham Husband

Laura Ingraham Husband

Who is Laura Ingraham husband and what do you know about him? The Ingraham Angle is a television program that Laura Ingraham, an American author, broadcaster, and attorney, hosts. Laura Ingraham’s admirers are curious about her husband; therefore, we’ll tell you more about her relationship history and marital status.

Laura Ingraham: Who is she?

Laura is one of political and cultural commentary’s most powerful female voices. She is a well-known conservative television personality from the United States and a New York Times bestselling author. She was born in the United States on June 19, 1963, in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

James Frederick Ingraham III and Anne Caroline had a daughter named Laura. Her father was of Irish and English origin, while her maternal ancestors were Polish immigrants. Curtis Ingraham is the name of her brother. A modest middle-class family made up Laura’s family.

The little American township of Glastonbury, where Laura Ingraham’s family is from, is located. After graduating from Glastonbury High School in 1981, she enrolled at Dartmouth College.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in 1985. Following that, she signed up at the University of Virginia School of Law. After receiving her Juris Doctor, she began working as Ralph K. Winter, Jr.’s law clerk. She has had a variety of positions over a few years and excelled in each one. She has written books and served as the host of The Ingraham Angle, a popular television program. FOX News now airs the program.

Laura Ingraham’s Children

Strong single parent Laura Ingraham has raised three adoptive children. In 2008, she adopted Maria Caroline, a girl from Guatemala; in 2009, she adopted Michael Dmitri, a boy from Russia; and in 2011, she adopted Nikolai Peter, another child from Russia.

Laura Ingraham's Children

Ingraham is a fervent supporter of adoption, and her website has helped with international adoption. She described adopting her daughter as the “greatest thing I’ve ever done,” the insider claims. She claimed she was even learning Spanish at the time.

In a speech she gave in 2008, she stated, “I find purpose in the eyes of a lovely three-year-old little girl whom I spent years trying to adopt.” I was fortunate to travel to Guatemala last month to pick her up and bring her back home finally. The Fox News personality stated, “Within the last three years, I have adopted three children who are all under the age of six,” in an opinion piece that appeared on in 2011. Keep reading to learn more about Laura Ingraham husband and dating history!

Dating History of Laura Ingraham

Talking about Laura Ingraham husband, The Fox News personality has had several relationships that were regrettably short-lived for a variety of reasons. Most of the guys she has traveled with are prominent political officials, economists, and wealthy business people. Here is a brief overview of her dating life.

Dating History of Laura Ingraham

Dinesh D’Souza

Laura Ingraham once had a budding romance with right-wing Indian-American Dinesh. The first occurred at Dartmouth University in the early 1980s while he was producing The Dartmouth Review. Although they became engaged and married, it is unclear why they broke up. They still get along well, and the Fox News host even stood by him after Dinesh was found guilty of financial fraud.

Keith Olbermann

Broadcaster Keith disclosed his 1998 indulgence with the Fox News host in a tweet from 2008. Due to their constant trolling of one another, the two parted ways on terrible terms. Because Laura is a traditionalist and Keith is a liberal, they have an unequaled connection. The New Yorker, however, refuted suggestions that they diverged for political reasons.

Robert Torricelli

In 1999, it got reported that Laura Ingraham was dating a former politician and attorney from the United States. However, the relationship seemed impossible since Robert is a Democrat and holds different political views from Laura. The two never again confirmed the rumors.

Lawrence H. Summers

In 2005, there were rumors that Laura Ingraham and renowned American economist Lawrence H. Summers were dating. But neither Lawrence nor the Fox News anchor revealed the truth about their relationship. If the two of them ever dated, it was only briefly.

James V. Reyes

The Republican political analyst revealed that, while on a blind date, she met the Chicago-based business magnate. In April 2005, the two started dating and later got engaged, but their romance was short-lived, and they had no plans to keep it going. Ingraham declared that she would not go down the aisle with the real estate billionaire after receiving a cancer diagnosis and having surgery. These were the complete details related to Laura Ingraham husband.

Laura Ingraham’s Net Worth

Some sources claim that best-selling author Laura Ingraham, a television and radio broadcaster, is worth $40 million.

Ingraham is also best known for her work as a Fox News Channel correspondent and host. She is also an expert in politics and law. Before returning to school, Laura was a speechwriter for the Reagan administration in the late 1980s.

Personal life of Laura Ingraham

James Frederick and Anne Caroline Ingraham welcomed Laura into the world on June 19, 1963. Furthermore, she has Polish and Irish origins. From Dartmouth College, Laura earned a B.A. in 1985. She served as the Virginia Law Review’s notes editor. She received her Juris Doctor in 1991.

The career of Laura Ingraham

In the middle of the 1990s, Laura Ingraham started her career in the media. In the late 1980s, she worked as the Reagan administration’s speechwriter. Laura later worked as a court clerk in New York at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. She is also an ardent supporter of adoption and promotes it on her website. In 1995, she appeared on the front page of The New York Times Magazine.

She is not married to anyone!

You might be curious about Laura Ingraham’s marital status. She has never been married and doesn’t appear to have any immediate plans. Moreover, she hasn’t even had a single engagement!

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If you’re still interested in Laura Ingraham’s love life, you might be interested to learn that she has never had a committed boyfriend or partner. Moreover, we can only discover one date with Donny Deutsch in 2007 for her, which is the closest thing to a relationship we can find (that lasted about four months). She had only ever ridden in an airplane before meeting him. It was all you would need to know about Laura Ingraham husband and her life!


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