Kristin Pitzen

Kristin Pitzen

Who is Kristin Pitzen, and what do you know about her? Why has she recently been in the news? Keep reading to discover how to answer so many similar inquiries. We’ll make certain that no issue remains unanswered in your mind after reading this blog. As we’ve seen repeatedly, TikTokers are always ready to steal the show. They always look for other people’s attention with their captivated and absurd chatter. Not all content makers do this, but many do it on the platform.

Similarly, Kristen Pitzen, who is well acquainted with the name Mrsgillingsworth, uses harsh comments about the American flag in this situation. She stated that the US flag made her feel uneasy. After the statement on social media, she received harsh condemnation from people worldwide for speaking in such a manner for a powerhouse country.

Kristin Pitzen is a teacher from California. She recently stated in a Tik Tok video that pupils must pledge allegiance to the LGBT pride flag. She may be seen removing the American flag in the video because it made her uncomfortable.

Kristin Pitzen Wiki

She took birth on August 4, 1995, in Costa Mesa, California, and graduated from Archbishop Mitty High School in 2014. She currently resides in Costa Mesa, California, and works as a teacher for the Newport Mesa School District in Orange County, California.

The video got uploaded on the Tiktok Twitter Page Libs, where it went viral and had over one million views. The video got first shared on the teachers’ Tik Tok page. Kristin Pitzen is a former teacher at the Mesa School District in Orange County, California.

The teacher mocked the American flag and urged students to pledge loyalty to the pride flag instead. She told us that during the third period, there would be an announcement asking us to take the pledge of allegiance. She urged kids to stand if they wanted to speak and to speak the words if they wanted to. Kristin said that individuals in her class would undoubtedly stand out for whatever they wanted to say.

It’s also perfectly OK to advocate for oneself, except that she didn’t have a flag, which she used to have. She removed the flag during the COVID because it made her feel uneasy.

The Entire Story

Pitzen couldn’t find it again and began considering where she could have placed the flag in the classroom. In the video, she is inspiringly pushing the kids to take a pledge of allegiance to the flag, stand for one if necessary, and recite the words to support themselves. Tik Tok user Libs also submitted a second video in which the teacher wears rainbow earrings and glasses.

She wanted to display pride flags in her classroom and say phrases in front of her kids using those ornaments.

Furthermore, the video’s tagline adds, “…I vow allegiance to the queer…” She further said that we should be proud to be community members. The month of June has begun. Today is June 1, which marks the beginning of Pride Month. Later, she displayed pride flags in her classroom, declaring, “I vow allegiance to the gay.” She murmured these words while placing one palm on her heart. “I have a huge pride, inclusive flag,” she explained.

What did the school district publish on Facebook?

On Friday evening, August 27, 2021, one of their teachers made a personal social media post and expressed worry about respecting and saluting the American flag. Respect for the national flag is a vital aspect of appreciation our district should impart to our pupils, and our staff should demand. We are looking into it and will investigate or address it. However, the tweet has elicited numerous harsh remarks about the teacher from parents.

“….Let me know the address, and I will send you the one American Flag…” one of the commenters said on the Facebook post. While another wrote, “It’s straightforward. Either the instructor represents the NMUSD mindset, or she does not. He also informed people that he would monitor NMUSD’s efforts in this regard.

Social media backlash

On the other hand, one has written, as she posted this on Friday. “There are thirteen grieving families of those troops who were attacked and murdered in Afghanistan….” He called the video a disgrace. Ric Grenell, a former acting head of national intelligence, was one of the condemning individuals that judged the teacher named Pitzen.

Pitzen’s Google cache has already erased her Linkedin page, which stated that she is an English second language instructor working in Orange County, California. Her other social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, were also erased. She was an English teacher on the Back Bay High School internet page, which has since been removed. The school’s staff directory is no longer operational on the internet, nor is participation in the comments section.

Mrsgillingsworth TikTok

Kristen Pitzen expressed her dissatisfaction with the American flag in a TikTok video. The video was present on Mrsgillingsworth’s official TikTok account. There hasn’t been a single message from her since that video. Many Americans are furious at her remark about the US flag. They reacted to the video, and the issue eventually became popular on social media. The internet has a huge number of people who are angry at Kristin.

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More about Kristen Pitzen

Kristin Pitzen is an elementary school teacher, for your information. She is a sixth-grade teacher at West Elementary School. Kristen was also active on Tiktok, one of the most popular social media platforms. On this, she recognized the name Mrsgillingsworth. We attempted to locate her TikTok account, but it appears her account has been suspended. Her recent comment about Us Flag could explain the TikTok team’s conduct. Again, this is just my opinion; there could be another cause. Her personal information, such as age and partner, is not yet available on our server. Because online users were curious about the youngster, we expect her personal information will be public soon. It was all about Kristen Pitzen and her details!


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