Kevin Samuels wife

Kevin Samuels wife

Who is Kevin Samuels wife? Is he even married? The briefest answer is: no, he’s not. He is currently unmarried. However, he had two previous failed marriages. A girl is creeping around social media claiming to be his daughter. It is hard to believe that such a savvy relationship guru is single himself. It is pertinent to mention that whether he is dating someone or not is not known. Let’s jump into this article to know about him, how he got famous, his YouTube channel, net worth, and everything you should know about Kevin and his wife (who is hiding somewhere).

Who is Kevin Samuels?

Kevin Samuels is an American Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Life Coach, Dating and Relationship Expert, Image Consultant, and Social Media Influencer. He is one of the smacking and most-listened-to motivational speakers. He not only give solution advice to common people having relationship problems but also shares business advice with companies to help them get back on track.

Who is Kevin Samuels: A concise biography of Black chicks’ greatest online fear

Life Coach Kevin started his career as an image consultant and worked under various professions before becoming the greatest reason for disturbing online black chicks. He was born on 13 March 1965. His hometown is Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

According to Kevin, he is a ‘self-proclaimed’ image consultant and doesn’t have a relative degree or experience. He was a complete fresher when he put himself up as a life coach and relationship expert.

Who is Kevin Samuels: A concise biography of Black chicks' greatest online fear

He completed his schooling at Millwood High School. And then, he entered the University of Oklahoma for pursuing a degree in chemical engineering.

Kevin initiated his career as a business development manager in office deport. He then worked as an internal SuperMedia online advertising sales representative. In 2013, he stepped into the field of media and image consultancy.

He has kept his personal life private, so his childhood, family details, education and work-life are not in the public domain. However, we learned from some online sources that his parents were divorced very early. He was closer to his mother than his father. This information has invited public mockery, saying that he should dislike all men due to his father in the same way he hates women.

He married twice, but both marriages failed. A girl’s video went viral on the internet claiming to be Kevin’s daughter and said that she was born in June 2000. His fans and other netizens claim that he is gay and try to craft material from his talks on American Radio and Internet about supporting their argument.

His complete biography is not available online as he has not appeared on Wikipedia until now. However, he has announced that he will pop up soon for readers.

Why is he called a ‘misogynist’, ‘psuedo love guru’, ‘sexual predator’, etc.?

He rose to meteoric fame ( as well as notoriety) after his ‘insensitive’, ‘slick’, and ‘misogynistic.’ comments about black women. He didn’t even shy away from saying in his live podcast that white chicks are far better than black women in bed.

Why is he called a 'misogynist', 'psuedo love guru', 'sexual predator', etc.?

In this era of alleged white supremacy, racism, and feminism, passing such vitriolic and blunt comments about the black community and women is nothing less than an ‘online blasphemy’.

This anti-feminist commentary is why he is a hot and favourite topic for memers and trollers. His haters argue that a life coach is supposed to better other people’s lives instead of making them doubt their skin colour, their race, their gender, or their entire existence!

People began to call him a ‘ pseudo-love ‘guru’ and his hostile attitude towards black women paved the way for his public disapproval. In May 2021, a community of women put forward a signing petition on demanding Kevin Samuels’ removal from YouTube and Instagram.

Unsurprisingly, 32,517 people have signed the petition while writing this blog. The petition is going as the ‘top signed’ on!

What do the viewers think about him: Some online public comments disclose the truth.

The Goldie Jones Channel started the petition for Kevin Samuel’s removal to the social media giants, like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook.

What do the viewers think about him: Some online public comments disclose the truth.

The description added with the petition says that with the rise in violence against African-American women, removing this divisive voice will help women feel safe in online communities and public places. His outspoken hatred for women has galvanized all races and nationalities.

The petition decently admitted the subject’s freedom of speech. Still, it is said that when anyone’s speech gets occupied with thoughts of violence and manipulation of young girls, this freedom of speech deserves censure.

Mr Samuels and his community of followers has been regularly spewing sexually predatory behaviour, women violence, and even fantasies of death to women for the last 12 months. The very words that he spoke on social media platforms hit every facet of the daily lives of black women.

Removing ‘this pioneer of hatred against women’ will bring comfort for us.

If he is going against the terms of social media platforms’ conditions, why is he not getting blocked?

Social Media Users have an answer to every question. Their claim appears convincing at times. A petition-signing lady named Symone Alexandria discussed in her reason for signing the petition that men of other races, like White, Latino, or Asian, suddenly have their accounts deleted or blocked upon sharing something offensive against females.

If he is going against the terms of social media platforms' conditions, why is he not getting blocked?

Social Media Platforms owners are white. Thus, they tend to protect white women only. They don’t care to protect black women and the black community, so you can derogate them in any way you want.

Despite such public hatred, he is popular too.

Kevin Samuels is a popular and iconic fashion figure for his sharp dressing sense and stunning 6 feet 2 inches physique. No website mentions his exact body mass; some claims it to be 78Kg while others say it to be 65Kg. However, he has an ideally balanced bodyweight that looks perfect with his height.

His impressive body measurements and up-to-date fashion sense make one doubt his age.

Kevin Samuels net worth

Kevin Samuels has an estimated net worth of $3 million in 2021. He owns a lavish property showroom in Los Angeles and has luxurious cars in possession like Bentley and Rolls Royce.

Final Words

Kevin Samuels’ wife and daughter may or may not be there, but the anti-feminist threat associated with him certainly is!


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