Kelly Mcginnis age

Kelly Mcginnis age

What are the complete details about Kelly Mcginnis age and her life? American actress Kelly Mcginnis is well known for her remarkable performances in films like Witness, which came out in 1985. She received nominations for the Golden Globe and the BAFTA for her impressive performance. She starred as Charlie in Top Gun and made appearances in Made in Heaven and The House on Carroll Street, among other films. Her portrayal of Kathryn Murphy in The Accused gained a following. She contributed to the horror film Stake Land in the latter stages of her career and other films, including The Innkeepers and We, Are What We Are!

Kelly Mcginnis: who is she?

Kelly McGillis, better known by her stage name Kelly Mcginnis, is a talented American actress who struggled early on but eventually gained fame. While she battled her acting profession for survival, she did not hesitate to take on other employment. She has been married twice and has children with both of them. She confirmed her romance with Melanie Leis, to everyone’s surprise, in 2009. Let’s know more about Kelly Mcginnis age and her details!

When Was Kelly Mcginnis Born? What is her age?

On July 9, 1957, in Newport Beach, California, Kelly Mcginnis was born in America. The year 2022 finds her at the age of 65. Cancer is her astrological sign. Kelly is a citizen of the USA. She adheres to Christian culture and also holds to the Christian faith. It is all present till now about Kelly Mcginnis age.

When Was Kelly Mcginnis Born? What is her age?


Her mother is a house lady, and her father is a licensed doctor. She has German maternal descent, but she also has Scots-Irish ancestry on her father’s side. She also has Welsh ancestry in her background. Moreover, her parents raised her with the utmost love and compassion in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. She gets along well with her siblings, Kathleen and Karen McGillis.


For her primary academics, she enrolled in Newport Harbor High School. She then relocated to Santa Marina, California’s Allan Hancock College, home of the Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts. After deciding to leave high school in 1975, she also earned her General Equivalency Diploma. She went to New York City for acting studies at the Julliard School, where she graduated in 1983.

Height, weight, and appearance

She weighs about 56 kilograms and is about 5 feet 10 inches tall. She has captivating brown eyes and chic medium-grey hair.


With the 1983 debut of her picture “Reuben Reuben,” Kelly Mcginnis launched her career. She later rose to recognition in America thanks to her impressive work in the 1985 movie Witness, for which she won a Golden Globe Award and received BAFTA nominations. Furthermore, she gained notoriety because she co-starred in a movie with Tom Cruise, the most well-known actor in Hollywood. In the 1986 film Top Gun, she shared the screen with Tom Cruise. Her career took off, and she began to work in numerous movies of all genres, including drama, action, horror, romance, etc.

In the film The House on Carroll Street, she co-starred with Jeff Daniels as a caretaker. After her role in The Accused in 1988, she entered the negative territory. She also tried her hand at television shows and movies in the 1990s before deciding to vacation from performing. She has appeared in numerous theatre productions and is a superb actor. In the 1980s and 1990s, she performed on Broadway in New York City. In her day, Kelly Mcginnis’ films were huge successes. She received favorable reviews for her part as a suspect in the movie The Monkey’s Mask.

The international lesbian cult film, Susie Porter, produced in 2000, was based on the novel by Australian poet Dorothy Porter. She subsequently took some time off before resuming her acting career in 2006.

She continues to make headlines in Hollywood after disclosing the reason she was passed over for the role of Maverick in the film Top Gun. The cast did not include Kelly Mcginnis. Both actors, Tom Cruise and Kelly Mcginnis, starred in Top Gun together.

Relationship, Spouse, and Boyfriend

Two marriages have been placed throughout Kelly Mcginnis’ lifetime. She first wed Boyd Black, her Julliard spouse, in 1979. The couple divorced in 1981 since their marriage did not endure very long. She had two children, Sonora and Kelsey, with Fred Tillman after marriage in 1898. Fred was well-off and possessed pricey hotels and yachts.

In 2002, the couple decided to dissolve their marriage. In 1982, Kelly had a sad event when two men sexually assaulted her in her New York apartment. One of the two men, only 15 years old, received a 3-year prison term.

Is she a lesbian?

At her ex-restaurant husband’s in Key West, Florida, she met Melanie Leis, a bartender. In her interview with SheWired, she disclosed her relationship with Melanie Les. While living with Les in Collingswood, New Jersey, she worked for the welfare of drug users in a rehabilitation facility. Kelly Mcginnis age is present above.

Some Uncommon Details About Kelly Mcginnis

  • On Wikipedia’s main page, Kelly Mcginnis is mentioned.
  • Kelly Mcginnis is a well-known American person.
  • She had a second job as an acting instructor.
  • Kelly doesn’t use social media.
  • Mcginnis has always worn her hair in a shortcut.
  • Kelly was also sexually assaulted by two men in her NYC apartment in 1982.
  • Kelly McGillis is her true name.
  • She is well-known both under her given actual name, Kelly McGillis.

Kelly Mcginnis’s earnings

Her net worth is $8 million. Kelly’s lucrative acting career and numerous brand endorsements have amassed huge cash. Her earnings from her theatrical performances and TV roles were also respectable.

Kelly Mcginnis's earnings

Kelly Mcginnis’s professional acting job is her main source of income. Furthermore, she has a successful acting career and makes a good living. Kelly also made money by teaching acting to pupils. Currently, she works as a social worker. Also, Kelly is a full-time social worker at the drug and alcohol treatment facility Seabrook House.

Moreover, the sources estimate Kelly Mcginnis’s net worth to be around USD 8 million as of 2022. She has money. Kelly has a high standard of living.

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Accounts on Social Media: Moreover, Kelly McGinnis does not have any personal accounts on social media. She doesn’t use social media, after all. It is all about Kelly Mcginnis age and her life!


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