Keanu Reeves son

Keanu Reeves son

A popular social media influencer Dustin Tyler has recently gotten worldwide attention after he claimed to be Keanu Reeves, son. Keanu Reeves is a front-row Canadian actor who requires no introduction due to his role in The Matrix series. Dustin Tyler had reaped substantial fame over TikTok and Instagram long before this lineage claim. Still, his TikTok and Instagram following skyrocketed when people began to see him as Keanu Reeves‘s son. We can see his whole body immersed in tattoos in every picture and video. He may be a tattoo artist himself.

Keanu Reeves’s fans were frenzied after Dustin’s claim to be Keanu’s son; some were shocked, and others were angry. Many netizens and Keanu Reeves’s fans believe that he is bluffing Social Media Users for attention. In today’s article, we will talk about Dustin Tyler, his biography, his journey to social media success, his personal life, and most importantly, if he is Keanu Reeves’s son.

Who is Dustin Tyler

Dustin Tyler is an American Instagram Model, TikTok star, and tattoo artist. He is listed among one of the richest Instagram influencers. On October 13, 1985, Dustin was born in Mankato, Minnesota, USA. He has Puerto Rican descent, and he hails from a middle-class family. The details about his biological parents are not available anywhere except his biological father abandoned little Dustin with his mother. They were not a married couple. A few months later, his mother married another man, and she shifted to Oregon with Dustin. She raised her son alone as a single mother. Although he has given a couple of interviews, he has never told any media source about his parents, their names, and other family details.

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From the story above, it looks like he has no siblings. Dustin is a high school graduate, but he decided to pursue his career as a tattoo artist. Therefore, he started working at gift shops after leaving high school. Keanu Reeves’s son spent most of his time at Great Cips and Spencer’s gift shop. Some sources claim that he had been through the phase of drug addiction in his life. He had modeled for the EXCD Clothing brand, which his friend owns.

Dustin Tyler’s rise on social media

He is one of the most well-established social media influencers. His all social media accounts like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are very active. Other famous celebrities and influencers like Jenna Jameson and Kelly Osbourne follow him on Instagram. His Instagram username is iamdustintyler, and he has over 105k followers there. On Tiktok, he is present with the username omfgitsdustintyler and has a herculean fanbase of 1.5 million followers. On Facebook, he goes with iamdustintylerh and has 18k followers. Though he has a Snapchat ID it’s not active as such.

Dustin Tyler's rise on social media

Is Dustin Tyler Keanu Reeves’s son, or is it a hoax?

In March 2022, he uploaded a video on Instagram in which he was singing in the background, and the captions were reading out his pathetic story. His life story read as follows: ”My Parents got separated even before my mom could tell my dad that she was pregnant. I had never seen him, as I was told from the beginning that my father had passed away. But, as I grew older, I found the truth about my mother. ” I was born the son of the most famous actors in Hollywood.” Surprisingly, his post got 2,602 likes. He went on a ‘son spree’ and posted a myriad of other TikTok videos, calling himself to be Keanu Reeves’s son. Although he has a slight resemblance to John Wick, we think he seeks to make his content engaging and reap likes. Whether he is doing it for fun or wants to grab attention, people wonder if he is Keanu’s real son. If his intention was attention-seeking, he was highly successful in it. On the other hand, some people are asking him to stop this nonsense and get back to the content he used to post before.

Keanu Reeves’s fans have rushed forward to defend him.

Keanu Reeves’s fans are furious to know about a random tattooed boy claiming to be Keanu Reeves’s son out of the blue. They have advised people to think about other important controversies if they really like to stir their brain cells! However, some arguments seem sound, like Keanu’s fans have pointed toward Keanu’s stillborn daughter Ava Archer Symes Reeves. They argue that a father who has lost her child before even seeing her best knows the value of fatherhood. Keanu Reeves has not said anything about the issue, which further increases the likelihood of the claim being nonsense. Dustin Kyler’s claim has greatly hurt Keanu’s fans as they ask how a man can put such a grave allegation on a kind person like Keanu. He can never be such a callous playboy, throwing his son away like garbage.

Keanu Reeves daughter

Keanu Reeves is unanimously one of the most handsome Hollywood actors. He has a quite long history of dating many celebrities. From 1998-to 2001, he was in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Syme. They both had a daughter together named Ava Archer Symes Reeves. On December 24, 1999, Ava was stillborn in the eighth month of Jennifer’s pregnancy. Shortly after, Ava was buried as Keanu Reeves’s daughter. Jennifer and Keanu got separated soon after their daughter’s death. Jennifer died on the spot in a car accident on April 1, 2001.

Dustin Tyler is himself a father of an ‘abandoned’ child.

According to some sources, Dustin had a son from his previous relationship; he fathered the child when he was only 24. However, In June 2021, he shared a picture with his new girlfriend with the caption: ”How she’d got so lucky.” Her name was not mentioned in the post.

Dustin Tyler is himself a father of an 'abandoned' child.

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Final Words

From all the discussion above, we can safely say that Dustin Tyler is not Keanu Reeves’s son. He had created his ‘dad post’ just for fun and getting views. An influencer, however, should stay away from these controversies.


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