Kay Flock Real Name

Kay Flock Real Name

Do you have any idea about Kay Flock real name and his life? If not, then give this article a careful read. Kay Flock’s real name recently became a hot topic after the rapper made headlines and deleted his Instagram profile. Kay Flock is the most recent artist to make headlines, and fans are eager to learn more about the upcoming rapper. The Sun reported that Flock had a run-in with the law, but there has been no confirmation from authorities since the time of writing. D.J. Akademiks also tweeted about the situation, but we have yet to see any additional evidence to back it up. Read more to know about Kay Flock real name and his details.

What is the real name of Kay Flock?

According to BeforeTheyWereFamous, Kay Flock real name is Kevin Perez. The 18-year-old Bronx native was born on April 20, 2003. He is of Dominican origin. Flock never intended to pursue a music career; instead, he hoped to become a professional basketball player, but that all changed when he discovered hip hop.

His most successful music releases have been his appearance on Lil Tjay’s Not In The Mood, which has over 27 million Spotify streams, and Is Ya Ready from the album The D.O.A. Tape. His debut album, FTO, due out in May 2020, catapulted him into the spotlight after he posted a track to Triller and Lil Tjay shared it.

Kay Flock has since amassed millions of YouTube views on all his music videos, proving that he is impacting the hip-hop scene. According to rumors, the 18-year-old is the cousin of rapper DThang, who was also the brother of Lil Durk. Hang was killed in a shooting outside a nightclub in Harvey, Chicago, in June 2021. On the other hand, Flock is cousins with 19-year-old Bronx drill rapper DThang Gz, who was named after late rapper Lil Durk by a friend. It is all that is known about Kay Flock real name.

Jail time influenced his musical career

Flock has been linked to fellow rappers B Lovee and Dougie B. According to reports, when Dougie B’s father died in 2015, Flock was there to support him.

He hadn’t made a commitment to music at the time. It wasn’t until the pair ended up in jail that Flock discovered music as a way to escape the realities of prison life. “When I was locked up, I always saw videos of my man’s recording, just lit,” he said, What You Expect. It’s more than just rap. There’s more to it than that, street-wise.”

Wikipedia’s biography of Kay Flock

Kay’s complete name is Kevin Perez, and the rapper was born on April 20, 2003, which makes him 18 years old. And at this age, he is doing well, as he is now well-known for his roles as a singer, rapper, controversial personality, musical artist, and media personality.

He is very enthusiastic about his job and singing. Kay Flock had been in this profession for a long time, and it was his dream to become the most famous artist; he worked tirelessly to achieve his goals.

Family of Kay Flock

There are less details about his family, and he only mentioned his mother once in an interview. He reveals that he has a mother who has always been supportive of him and admires his profession.

So his father is a small labourer, and his mother used to care for the elderly. Kya’s father is Me. Perez, and her mother is Mrs. Perez.

Kay Flock, a rapper from the Bronx, has been arrested for murder.

Kay Flock’s Christmas came early when he was arrested on Christmas Eve for allegedly fatally shooting Oscar Hernandez, 24, outside a Harlem barbershop on December 16. Kevin Perez, walked into the 30th precinct and surrendered seven days after the shooting.

Hernandez was waiting for a haircut when Perez walked by, opened the shop’s door, and asked him what he was looking at. An argument ensued when Hernandez walked outside to confront Perez.

According to police, Perez pulled a gun and shot Hernandez in the neck and back as the two men walked away. He got taken to Mt. Sinai Morningside Hospital, where he died.

Hernandez’s family said in a statement that they believe it was a mistaken identity because the two men had never met. According to police, they believe it was gang-related.

“On December 16, 2021, at approximately 9:53am, the pictured individual also known as Kay Flock did discharge 9mm firearm at victim, causing the victim’s demise in front of 1836 Amsterdam Avenue in New York, in confines of 30th precinct,” according to the wanted poster posted by the New York City Police Department.

Kay Flock, a rapper, has reportedly been arrested after allegedly murdering a man in the early third week of December. According to D.J. Akademiks’ official Twitter handle, the rapper was reported to have killed the individual outside a barbershop. Kay Flock allegedly had a falling out with a 24-year-old man who has yet to be identified. Unconfirmed reports say Flock murdered the man on December 16. The NYPD’s official Twitter page also mentioned a homicide while sharing a blurred screenshot of what appears to be CCTV footage. On December 24, cops allegedly arrested the rapper.

Kay Flock’s current age

Kay Flock is a 19-year-old woman. On April 20, 2003, the talented rapper was born in the Bronx, New York, United States of America. Kay Flock is his stage name; his real name is Kevin Perez, and he comes from a mixed ethnic background.

According to multiple sources, Kay Flock was born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Dominican Republic. There isn’t much information that explains how he came up with his stage name.

Kay Flock’s Nationality

Despite his Puerto Rican and Dominican ancestors, Kay Flock identifies primarily as an American citizen. He has the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of a citizen because he was born in the United States and has lived there his entire life.

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As previously stated, Kay Flock’s parents are from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, respectively. However, we can’t tell which one is from which country because the rapper rarely speaks about them. It was all about Kay Flock real name and his life!


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