Jose Canseco Net Worth, Early Life, Career


Former MLB outfielder José Canseco is a divisive figure in sports for his actions on and off the field. Baseball fans mostly remember him as a dominant force in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and he’s expected to make about $1 million in his career. Due to his economic enterprises, legal issues, and personal difficulties, Jose Canseco net worth has changed throughout the years.

Jose Canseco Net Worth

Some reasons for questioning Jose’s wealth include his reportedly earning $1 million for a 12-second battle on the Rough ‘N Rowdy Brawl.
Despite earning more than $45 million playing baseball, Canseco filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and has suffered financially since then.

The former baseball player gained millions throughout his career but lost a significant portion of his wealth due to costly divorces. In 2021, he told Vice that he was “broke” because of all the taxes and fees he had to pay the government.
In 2021, he will be worth $500,000, according to Sports Casting. While Jose has almost 64k Instagram followers, no one outside his circle may see his posts. More than 511,000 people follow him on Twitter.

Early Life

On July 2, 1964, José Canseco entered the world. He arrived in the world in the Cuban capital of Havana. José Canseco Jr. was born to Jose Sr. and Barbara Canseco. The other half of Jose Canseco’s twin is called Ozzie. The Oil and Fuel Corporation Association was where his father worked.

On the side, he taught English to young students. He never saw his father again after Fidel Castro took control in 1959, and the family moved. They were informed that because the situation was so dire, they may leave Cuba and go to the Miami area of the US. Her dad found a new job shortly after they arrived.

His day job was as a security guard for the oil and gas firm Amoko, where he worked part-time. José Canseco graduated from Coral Park High School in Miami, Florida. As a result, he did not enrol in college until his last year of high school.
Junior college coaches voted him the team’s most valuable player. In 1982, José Canseco signed with Auckland Athletics after finishing school.

Baseball player Jose Canseco has tied the knot twice. Easter Haddad was his first wife, and he is now married to Jessica. He’s the proud parent of a little girl called Josie. Her romantic life is still unknown.


In 1982, the Oakland Athletics took a chance on a young slugger named José Canseco and drafted him as the fifteenth overall choice of the Major League Baseball Draft. Canseco gradually rose to prominence in the Minor League, and in 1985, Baseball America recognized his talents by awarding him the title of Minor League Player of the Year.

Due to this accomplishment, he was promoted to the Big Leagues and made his debut on September 2, 1985, taking the field against the Baltimore Orioles; however, his debut was not very fruitful as he went 0-for-3 with a strikeout. Even yet, he didn’t roll over and played dead. His first major league hit came against the New York Yankees on September 7.

Canseco made 29 appearances in Major League Baseball in his first season. The following year was a breakthrough; he started every game and was named the league’s Rookie of the Year.
He continued to advance in his profession, eventually winning the World Series in 1989 and adding a significant sum to his wealth. As he was making progress in his career, injuries forced him to miss most games during the following several seasons.

The trade midway through the 1992 season to the Texas Rangers, followed by signing a five-year, $5.8 million per year deal with the Boston Red Sox in 1994, significantly increased his wealth.
His professional life was generally fruitful. He was one of just 11 MLB players to hit 400 or more home runs and steal 200 bases. His 462 home runs placed him in 32nd place all-time.

Family: wife and kids

Even Jose Canseco’s marriage hasn’t been without its share of drama. He’s been married many times, but his divorces have always been contentious. He tied the knot with Esther Haddad in 1988, but their marriage didn’t endure. Canseco was arrested for aggravated violence when he crashed his Porsche into Esther’s BMW the year after they divorced in 1992. To avoid prosecution, he agreed to volunteer work and counselling.


José remarried Jessica Sekely five years after his first marriage ended in divorce. While this marriage lasted longer than the previous one, it ultimately failed in 2000. The second divorce is also based on Jose’s aggressive behaviour, as it was in the last marriage. Canseco assaulted Jessica in 1997. He received a year of probation and therapy for his troubles.

Real Estate

Real estate was one of Jose Canseco’s assets that took a hit from his well-publicized financial problems. In 2008, a 7,300-square-foot, $2.5 million property in the Encino neighbourhood went into foreclosure. Years later, in 2015, he was believed to reside in Las Vegas and was said to be offering his house to 10 fortunate admirers in a Twitter competition. However, it is still unknown if anyone received this award.


What is Jose Canseco up to these days?

Recently, José Canseco signed a deal with the Laredo Broncos to serve as the team’s designated hitter and bench coach. The Associated Press reports that the short-term contract will expire after the Laredo Broncos’ next two-game homestand.

Why do so many people despise Jose Canseco?

Canseco isn’t the most famous retired player, but he’s not hated either. This is primarily due to his arrogant attitude and admitting to taking steroids to improve his performance.

Did Jose Canseco suffer a financial loss?

The baseball player José Canseco once had just $20 in his pocket. Jose Canseco lost even the proceeds from his “Juiced” book.

Has Jose Canseco been expelled from baseball?

In 1985, Canseco entered the major leagues. Once he admitted to using PEDs in 2001, Major League Baseball released him from his contract.


Jose Canseco estimated net worth is one million dollars. While this is a massive drop from his baseball star years, it is still a respectable sum. José Canseco’s fortune depends on his business and legal endeavors. Canseco’s financial woes are irrelevant because he is still one of the sports’ most divisive and fascinating individuals.


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