IShowSpeed Age

IShowSpeed Age

What do you know about IShowSpeed age? Darren Watkins Jr., also known online as IShowSpeed, Speed, or Speedy, is an American YouTuber from Cincinnati, Ohio. His birthday is January 21. He gained over 1 million subscribers in a matter of days in 2021 and is well known for his gaming and entertainment live streams. He became well-known when his followers started making memes about him and sharing them on TikTok.


On March 21, 2016, Darren opened an account, and on December 21, 2017, he posted his first video. On December 28, 2018, he conducted his first live stream about Fortnite but only had an average of 2 viewers. IShowSpeed began uploading and performing live streams about the video games NBA 2K and Fortnite Battle Royale at the start of 2020. In June 2020, he averaged 10 viewers for his live streams and 150 brand-new subscribers weekly. He was growing gradually daily.

Darren is particularly well-known for his intense rivalry with Talking Ben from the Talking Tom & Friends series by Outfit7. They frequently argue over the phone using Ben’s “Talking Ben the Dog” app. He frequently probes Ben about his views on the LGBTQ+ community, the Black Lives Matter movement, and other unusual topics. Since then, Darren’s rivalry has become a well-known Internet meme. Additionally, Darren would create videos with Ben’s game characters, Angela and Tom. Additionally, he has several videos of himself using a headset to play virtual reality (VR) games. One of IShowSpeed’s friends once appeared in costume as Ben during an IRL skit that he and his friends performed.

Beginning in January 2021, Darren began to gain about 1,000 subscribers weekly and 350 viewers for his live streams. His subscriber count steadily increased until it surpassed 100,000 in April 2021. Darren’s fan base began posting clips from his live streams and memes on TikTok between May and June of that year, which enabled Darren to reach 1 million subscribers in June (and eventually surpassed 1.1 million subscribers). Following his ascent to fame, Darren began working with different music producers to create songs like Shake (2021), Bounce That A$$ (2021), Dooty Booty (2021), and God Is Good (2021). (2022).


Most of Darren’s content is drawn from recordings of his previous live streams. The few videos he creates are merely brief snippets of him making announcements to his subscribers. He primarily engages his viewers in conversation while playing PS4 video games like Fortnite, NBA 2K21, and Five Nights At Freddy’s 4. Since the beginning of February 2022, Darren has been using BlueStacks to play various Outfit7 games, especially those related to the studio’s Talking Tom & Friends franchise.


His live streams now always feature him reacting when the subscriber counter reaches a certain threshold. Darren is a music producer as well, specializing in energetic rap songs. Shake, released in November 2021 and received 40 million views in the first three months, is currently his most popular song.

Darren also has a third channel called Speedy Boykins that he created on April 26 of the same year. There he typically posts brief clips of his videos and live streams. He also has a second channel called Live Speedy that he created on June 1, 2021, where he posts highlights of his previous live streams.

Individual Life

During his live streams, Darren’s younger sister will occasionally come into his room to say “goodnight” or engage with him in conversation. He also has a younger brother and is currently enrolled in high school, though he makes no secret of the fact that he despises it. [Reference needed]

Even though there was some rivalry between them, he once dated Ermony Renee. It’s unclear, but it’s also possible that Darren dated transgender singer and TikTok star Ava Barbie.

Individual Life

In part because of the jokes he made about minors, there is currently some debate among Darren’s fanbase as to whether he is 19 (born in 2003) or 17 (born in 2005). To improve his chances of winning Discord dating contests. Darren claimed to be 19 years old, but aside from that, he would never reveal his true age. However, in a Q&A video he posted on December 22, 2020, he stated that he was 15 at the time and would be 16 “in a minute,” rendering this argument technically irrelevant.


  • Every time Darren expects to hit a certain number of subscribers on a live stream, his audience collectively unsubscribes to annoy him and get him to react.
  • In his first school role-play video, Darren experienced repeated sexual harassment from Family Guy’s Herbert, the Pervert.
  • Darren appears to be a huge fan of One Piece, even going so far as to use Monkey D. Luffy as his profile picture. In November 2021, Darren also released a rap song titled One Piece, which he raps about why One Piece is “the best anime in the world.”
  • Darren was dancing to his song “Shake” with his father on a live stream in his “Shake reaction stream.”
  • He spat in his hands and faked giving a blowjob with his hands when the line “Suck that cock” was spoken. Then, his father gave him a stern nod while slapping his hands to the ground.
  • Roblox has forbidden Darren from playing.
  • Darren claimed to be 19 in some of his live streams, even though his age is a subject of contention.
  • Darren frequently edited profanity from his highlight channel, Live Speedy, where he mainly spoke it.


A friend inspired Darren to start doing YouTube. Ironically, his friend gave up, but he persisted and has made significant progress. Since he was bored during the lockdown, he began watching YouTube. On April 21, 2020, he began creating videos, and he hasn’t stopped since. He worked in a nursing home, delivering food to the elderly, before focusing most of his efforts on YouTube. On the other hand, Darren has been devoted to Youtube since he started regularly producing videos and saw their popularity grow. This was all about IShowSpeed Age.


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He was unique in that he was one of the few producing high-quality streams about NBA2K20 and NBA2K21. It helped him gain so many followers on many platforms in such a short time. Darren also provided some advice for aspiring content creators. These were the complete details about the IShowSpeed age!


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