Is The Afton Family Real

Is The Afton Family Real

A common question these days is, is the Afton family real, and what are their details? No, they are not; they are video game-derived. The Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise’s primary adversarial group is the Afton Family. They are the Emily Family’s former pals who are now adversaries.

The Afton is a severely dysfunctional family that has caused a great deal of suffering to both other people and among themselves through abuse, neglect, and even murder. The family comprises serial killer William Afton and his three children, with the family’s matriarch completely absent from the series as of current knowledge. Let’s know is the Afton family real or not!


William Afton and his nameless wife had at least three children together before marriage: Michael Afton, the Big Brother (who is strongly hinted to be the same person), Elizabeth Afton, and the Crying Child. Mrs. Afton would eventually pass away or separate from William. William would make a terrible parent who might even be abusive. It was all you needed to know about is the Afton family real or not!

The 1980’s

William murdered Henry’s business partner William’s daughter, Charlotte Emily, in 1983 in front of the original Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Immediately following this incident, the unnamed younger son became the first family member to pass away.

The older son (perhaps Michael) and his pals played a practical joke on him by inserting him inside Fredbear’s mouth on the day of his birthday at Fredbear’s Family Diner. However, the child suffered killing when the animatronic smashed his head. The mysterious Fredbear plushie promises to “put him back together” as the older brother apologizes for killing him in the hospital.

William would eventually kill five more kids on June 26th in what is strongly suggested to be 1985, resulting in the closing of the pizzeria. This incident would become known as the “Missing Children Incident.”

Thanks to Charlotte, who now owns a security animatronic that resembles a puppet, the youngsters could get their hands on Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the rabbit, Chica the chicken, Foxy the pirate fox, and the elusive Golden Freddy.

William developed Circus Baby’s Pizza World, which has kidnapping and killed robots, sometime after the first Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza store closed. But when Elizabeth drew too near Circus Baby, one of the robots, she was inside the machine’s stomach and had her death. It caused the second fatality in the family. William then blamed gas leakage for the tragedy and postponed the location’s grand opening.

Michael Afton is sent by his father, William, to Circus Baby Entertainment & Rental, an underground facility he built after his daughter was killed at an unspecified time. When Michael arrives, Elizabeth’s former possession, Circus Baby, aids him. Every robot in the area changes into Ennard on the fifth day. Baby, who is now in charge of the collection of machines, admits that she is desperate to leave with her pals. She then scoops Mike with Scooper, killing him. Ennard leaves the area by cutting a large hole in Mike’s body and replacing his insides with itself. After a week, they forcibly flee Mike’s body and into the sewers due to Michael’s rotting corpse. Scooper’s Remnant injection into Michael is what allows him to live. He promises to track down his dad.

Is the Afton family real or not, and what are its complete details? A new Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza location opened in 1987. William kills another group of innocent kids, who undoubtedly own the newest Toy models, and then runs away. It is also present that William was the night guard going by a different identity. Shortly after, Jeremy Fitzgerald, a night guard, applies to the post. After one week on the job, he went to dayshift, making room for Fritz Smith, a third-night guard, to take his place. Unfortunately, the Bite of ’87 takes place, forcing yet another closure of the pizza.

The 1990’s

After being operational for five years, starting in 1988, the third Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza location closed in 1993. Under the guise of “Mike Schmidt,” Michael applies for the night guard position, stating that he wants the job for the free pizza, but it is indicated that he has other goals. After only a week of employment, he is let go owing to his general lack of professionalism, offensive smell, and meddling with the robots. The eatery eventually closed that same year.

After the pizzeria closes, William visits the vacant site and, presumably with Shadow Freddy’s help, deactivates the four primary animatronics. After succeeding, the evil ghosts that followed the robots hunt down their murderer. Afton enters the Safe Room in panic before eventually hiding under the Spring Bonnie suit, which has since wilted.

The 2020’s

A horror attraction called Fazbear’s Fright, which pays homage to the original Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, is where William, now known as Springtrap, is discovered to have survived thirty years later. He wanders around the attraction for a week, attempts to assassinate the night guard, and then flees when it catches fire. Willian eventually undergoes unknown transformations and transforms into Scraptrap.

He is present in a different Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza after that. He reunites with his daughter Scrap Baby, who has changed since she returned from Ennard for being a horrible employer. A few days later, Henry interrupts Scrap Baby just as she is ready to murder Michael. Henry ignites the pizzeria after explaining that the entire setting is a trap.


Many years later, Fazbear Entertainment created a virtual reality game that restored its reputation. To expedite the procedure, they make use of circuit boards. They ultimately scan one of William’s burned circuit boards, allowing him to escape Golden Freddy’s torture and turn into the computer virus Glitchtrap. He induces Jeremy to go insane. Also, he likely committed suicide during his time imprisoned in the game, and he recreates his first five killings there.

He finally breaks out of his virtual prison by taking control of Vanessa. He uses this to carry out his terrible activities until he reaches his goal.

The Fazbear Funtime Service is later available. In addition to infecting the system and turning every robot hostile, Glitchtrap is also the one who added Springtrap. Behind the scenes, Glitchtrap is driving Vanessa insane. Soon after, she creates a bunny costume. She wears to carry out her captor’s nasty deeds at the brand-new Freddy Fazbear’s Mega PizzaPlex.

Going by the alias “Vanny,” Vanessa finds William’s remains and uses mysterious means to reconstruct Springtrap. Glitchtrap immediately assumes control of his body once more and rests in a recharging facility until he fully recovers.

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Due to Security Breach’s multiple endings, it is up to the player how Vanny and William turn out. The Afton ending, on the other hand, depicts how Gregory thwarts Afton’s ambitions when he attempts to hack into Glamrock Freddy’s system and is supposedly the canon ending, according to the files. Gregory repeatedly sets Afton on fire, which leads the structure to implode. Although the horror can drag Afton inside, leaving it and Afton’s destiny uncertain, Gregory and Freddy can flee the structure. It is all about is the Afton family real or not!


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