Is It Harmful To Use Dark Opium Scented Room Spritz?

Modern bathroom interior comprising a cotton basket full of small towels, natural soap and perfume bottle with wooden diffuser

Making the home smell nice is every homeowner’s dream. No one likes a stuffy home or a house that smells funky—you won’t like it and I’m sure your visitors won’t like it either.

Today, there are several ways to improve the scent of any room or space in the house. People use scented candles (it’s not advisable to use them because of the flame and soot it produces), wax melts, and scented room spritz. And all the mentioned items used in improving the scent of any home come with different fragrances. 

In today’s guide, we’ll not be paying attention to all of them; rather, we’ll be paying attention to the scented room spritz, particularly the dark opium scented room spritz

Dark opium scented room spritz—is it safe to use? How can one use it? What are the benefits of using one? Continue reading to learn more about the dark opium scented room spritz.

What is a room spritz?

A room spritz, also known as room mists or room spray, is a beautifully bottled scent that fills the home, space, or area with a sweet fragrance. Spritzing a room fragrance around your home is the perfect way to freshen your room or space and give your guests or visitors something to enjoy when they come to visit.

If you have a luxury room spritz, you can use it by simply taking off the lid on the bottle and spritzing the fragrance into the air to improve the scent of your home or room. A typical example of a luxury room spritz is the dark opium scented room spritz. 

The dark opium scented room spritz is perfect for situations when you are in a rush and need to quickly create a good first impression or perk the atmosphere. 

Benefits of using dark opium scented room spritz 

Dark opium scented room spritz fragrance is similar to the popular women’s perfume. Here are some of the benefits of using dark opium scented room spritz:

  • It’s a quick alternative to other home fragrances such as scented candles and wax melts 
  • It has a superior long-lasting scent
  • It’s safe for use on linen and clothing
  • It’s portable which means that you can carry it along when travelling. The bottle size ranges from 10mL – 150mL. The smaller-sized can be safely tucked in your purse or car when travelling.

Is it harmful to use dark opium scented room spritz?

Absolutely not. Dark opium scented room spritzes are safe to use and can be used in a home with pets and kids. 

However, to safely use them, there are some safety precautions you should follow:

  • Spray it around the room and on items from 40cm (or 15 inches) away
  • Before spraying on items, always perform a patch test
  • Keep it at a safe distance from pets and kids
  • Never spray onto open flames or any other heat source 
  • Do not directly spray on hard flooring as they may become slippery
  • Always ensure to read the label on the bottle


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