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case decorating ideas

Buying an ultra-original accessory is always a good idea. But making a unique style item is a better idea! With laptops taking up so much of our free time, it doesn’t take long for us to find fantastic ways to decorate them. Of course, you can find incredible shell models everywhere in specialty stores or on the web. However, our favorite copies fall into the second category – do it yourself. It is why in this article, we are going to present several straightforward techniques to personalize your case.

Project 1. Decoration with printed photos

As soon as it is said, we start the journey into creative projects with a super easy tutorial.

The materials needed:

· A transparent silicone case

· Scissors or a cutter pairs

· A printer

· A printed image of preferred design


There it is a straightforward project. All one has to do is find an inspiring photo on the web. (Look for images or patterns that match the size of your laptop). Then, we print the picture, and with the help of scissors, we cut it out following the outlines. (Don’t forget to create an opening for the camera). Finally, we put the cut paper inside the transparent shell and cool drawing ideas, and we are ready!

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Project 2. Decoration with glitter

Now we turn our attention to a glamorous transformation. Here is the list of magician tools to get: transparent shell, glitter, Mod Podge varnish shiny glue, and brush.

How to proceed?

1. Before starting, protect the work surface with a sheet of white paper.

2. Using the brush, apply a layer of shiny glue varnish on the outside of the hull.

3. Pour the glitter over the glue and let dry for 1-2 minutes.

4. Repeat the previous steps for a more pronounced effect.

5. Apply a final coat of shiny glue varnish and let dry well.

Project 3. Decoration with nail polish

Another way to personalize the look of your phone is by using nail polish and a transparent cover. Incredible, isn’t it? You can experiment with various designs with geometric, tribal, ethnic, etc. For a stylish result, alternate two or three colors at most. On the other hand, if you aim for more fun and cheerful design, play with several nuances. When you are ready with the design, apply a coat of topcoat varnish. It is also possible to achieve a matte effect using a top coat varnish with a matte finish.

Project 4. Decoration with adhesive tape

A colored scotch tape is a bright object in the field of manual activities. To achieve this design in vibrant tones, we will need 3 adhesive tapes in pink, yellow, and striped in white and black. As you can see from the tutorial, the production technique is effortless. You have to cover the outer surface of a transparent shell with colored tape, alternating shades. In the gallery below, you will find other fantastic ideas with more complex designs.

Project 5. Decoration with dried flowers

If you have interest in nature, travel, flora, you will undoubtedly love the following project. We will use a transparent shell, dried flowers, a little glue, or topcoat varnish to create a floral shot. Start by arranging the small flowers or leaves on the inside of the transparent silicone case. To fix, use glue or top coat varnish. Let it dry well.

Project 6. Decoration with embellishments

The art of scrapbooking as well as DIY jewelry making is a popular trend. To achieve his creations, we use tiny embellishments with various designs. Like these two creative activities, we will also be using small figures to transform a transparent shell. Depending on your tastes and interests, you can opt for candy, confetti, pearls, crystals, animal figurines, etc. The technique – we apply a layer of glue, and then we have fun with a few colorful things.

Project 7. Decoration with recycled CDs 

We all have a collection of disused records. So there you have it, if you love music, you can try this creative project to give them new life while transforming your laptop into a very remarkable object.

Materials to get:

· A transparent shell

· Some CDs

· Double-sided tape

· A pair of scissors

· Plaster of Paris


1. Cut a CD into small pieces.

2. Stick the double-sided tape on the back of your laptop.

3. Start placing the CD pieces on the tape.

4. To fill the holes between the rooms, you can use a little plaster from Paris.


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