Importance of On-Page SEO in 2021

Importance of SEO in 2121

There are millions of online websites today. Why don’t all of them are at the top? OnPage SEO may seem to be a small thing. But, when we see it from the angle of search engines and users, its role amplifies to a great extent.

Do you know that OnPage SEO is in complete control of SEO professionals? So, that’s why they ignore it at all. All the more, Google keeps on changing its algorithm to benefit users the most. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of parameters that completely change the chemistry of OnPage SEO.

What is the importance of OnPage factors for SEO in 2021?

OnPage SEO is optimizing your website pages for them to rank higher in search results. Search engines look towards these parameters to match search queries with web pages. Let’s see how different factors that matters.


With the emergence of many devices, responsive websites have become a need of the hour. After that, due to Covid-19, many businesses and users have shifted online. So, if your website is not responsive, you can lose a large number of clients. Nobody can afford to ignore it.

A responsive website is something that gives a similar user experience on all devices. Let it be mobile, laptop, tablet, iOS, or a smartphone. If a user accessing your website on the phone needs to zoom, pinch, or scroll to look at your content, they won’t prefer to return to your website again. It reduces dwell time while increasing your bounce rate.

Heading tags, Meta description, and Schema

Google prefers semantic search results as compared to displaying results that don’t match with the user query. Keyword choice matters the most to present content according to user intent. Search engines take into consideration many points for that.

  1. Schema gives meaning to essential words on the webpage. For example, Schema tells that the person named on the book review web page is an author of the book.
  2. Title and heading tags tell the search engine directly what the content is about. Some users will decide whether to read the whole page by looking at heading tags alone.
  3. Further, the meta description is the brief description of the web page displayed website URL. It works wonders for both search engines and users as zero-click results are quite prominent these days. Therefore, the meta description is like a secret weapon to increase the CTR.

You can access the services of an SEO company in India to provide optimized content for the heading tags and meta description while appropriate design Schema for your web pages.

Page loading speed

If a web page takes more than 4 seconds to load, the bounce rate increases by 90%. Moreover, It is the worst user experience. You can get the aid of SEO tools to determine your website speed. Consider these points to decrease the page loading speed:

  1. Start with optimizing your images. Do you know it is multimedia that fetches a lot of server data? It is best to maintain multimedia compression and use its optimal number.
  2. Full HD images are a big no as well as poor quality will give a bad user experience. Similarly, too many images or very few won’t solve the purpose.
  3. Use AMP for your web pages to load quickly on mobile devices. It increases the page speed by almost eight times.
  4. Reduce the redirects. It will decrease the crawl budget as well as save visitors time. Audit your site for unnecessary redirects and coding errors.
  5. Check your server response time. If it is high, then it is time to replace your server.

It improves the Core Web Vitals launched in June 2021, which takes care of user experience. They are the time measurements calculated by the Google algorithm related to the website. When the first text or image shows up on the website, users can input any key on the website and the last visual stability.


OnPage SEO holds its importance even more in 2021. It is because Google scrutinizes the web page intensely to display accurate information to the users. Additionally, if you want to excel in this time of rising competition, OnPage will steadfast your route towards achieving high rankings on SERPs. You can hire an SEO company for on-page.



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