ID Verification – Tackling the Ongoing Scams in Ride Sharing Industry


The rise in automobile and gasoline prices is the primary driver of the ride-sharing sector’s development. Since ride-sharing is now more affordable and time-effective than purchasing a personal vehicle, a greater number of people are choosing it. The public’s confidence in this sector is another factor contributing to its phenomenal rise.

A company’s image and beliefs are portrayed by the person operating a car with that company’s sticker on it. Because risk is a persistent element in this profession, thorough verification of the drivers is essential and one-time testing is insufficient. A practical way to reduce the risk of scams in the sector is ID verification through biometric screening.

Digital identity verification is the technique of employing artificial intelligence to verify a person’s (rider/driver) authenticity in real-time. The most recent technology and artificial intelligence are utilized to instantly confirm a person’s identity. It completes the verification and provides the results in a matter of seconds.

Scams in Ride Sharing and Digital Identity Verification

Fake Drivers

Among the honest drivers who registered to operate under one company name, there are a lot of criminals with plans to abduct or loot the passengers. The thieves register as drivers in order to rob the passengers using false identities. When a driver signs up with a ride-sharing firm, he represents that business to the riders as its representative. The reputation of the business would suffer if a criminal is enrolled as one’s driver. In many fields, verification is crucial because one negative experience can spread quickly and result in future clientele loss.

Drivers Renting Out Cars

Frequently, drivers will sign up with a firm and then rent out their cars to untrusted other drivers. Businesses carry out fundamental security checks on registered drivers; if another person drives the registered vehicle, the value of the company and the passengers are in danger. Therefore, it is essential to continually check drivers before each ride in order to protect the interests of both the firm and the passengers from identity theft and other frauds.

Fake Complaints From Clients

Customers frequently turn out to be a risk factor for the ride-sharing business. Customers may claim that the unauthorized driver was operating the vehicle and also that the driver failed to pick them up. The firm will keep a record of verification results in the event that the rider conducts real-time verification. The business would be able to demonstrate that the rider verified their locations and was dropped off at the prearranged location if they have verified the position of the drivers.

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Advantages of Using Identity Verification

Businesses must conduct extensive identity checks on their drivers prior to actually hiring anyone in order to reduce the danger of recruiting scammers and criminals. This is the initial phase, which needs to be expanded to include ongoing identity authentication. Ask the passenger to confirm the driver using real-time facial verification each time a driver accepts a ride.

Exceptional User Experience

It aids companies in providing customers with a smooth onboarding process. Within seconds, the digital identity verification service can be completed, and the client will see a positive difference in the company’s care for their protection.

The ride-sharing sector suffered greatly after a few accidents, which is why customers favor those providers that employ obvious security measures. However, companies do not want to devote a great deal of their time to safety and ID verification procedures. Real-time identity verification enables the accomplishment of numerous objectives through a single service.

Cost Effective

Not that every ride-sharing company, particularly a startup, has the funding to create an internal security system. Considering the low cost, outsourcing is a viable choice. The biometrics identity verification system can be deployed in accordance with the firm’s cost preferences. Nothing prepared in advance.

Precision in Results

Digital identity verification services have a high accuracy rate. Greater accuracy in biometric identification services is a sign of a competent service provider. Every company benefits from fewer false positives and the enrollment of only reliable drivers.

Easy Integration

It is simple and painless to integrate a digital identity theft protection service with the company’s system. The setup of the system does not demand any expensive system for the API integration, which can be completed in a matter of minutes. Therefore, preventing synthetic identity fraud quickly.

Final Thoughts

Businesses will be able to keep satisfied consumers by doing real-time ID verification and facial validation on the drivers each time they pick up a passenger. Identity verification aids the ride-sharing sector in establishing confidence with clients, which is important because security is a top concern. Keeping loyal clients will also increase the firm’s total amount and revenues.


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