How To Survive Sweltering Summer Heat And Stay Healthy

How To Survive Sweltering Summer Heat

During the sweltering summer season, the atmospheric temperature starts rising. It is very tough to survive the summer heat, especially when you are outdoors. 

If you are planning a beach party, sporting events, or any outdoor gathering, then summer heat will ruin your fun and entertainment. The summer heat does not just affect you when you are outdoors, but it also affects you when you are indoors. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips and tricks to survive summer heat:

1. Look For Shade

When you are outside, then you should try to avoid direct sunlight because it can make you warm at a higher rate as compared to the shady region. 

Therefore, you should always look for the shady region when you are outside. If you are planning a picnic with your friends, then you should plan it for evening time and also stay in the shaded region.

2. Keep Your Body Hydrated  

You should keep drinking water the whole day long during the sweltering summer days to keep your body hydrated. During summer, our body produces too much sweat to keep it cool. 

But, it leads to loss of water from your body and you should replenish it by drinking plenty of water. You can also have fresh fruit juices without added sugar, coconut water, lemonade, etc. We recommend you sip water throughout the day to prevent dehydration.

3. Choose Right Clothes  

The loose-fitting clothes will help to keep your body cool during a hot sunny day. We recommend you choose cotton fabric clothes because these types of clothes are breathable and let the sweat evaporate. 

When sweat evaporates, it will leave a cooling effect on your body. If you are going outside, then do not forget to apply sunscreen lotion and wear a wide-brimmed hat. You should not expose your body directly to sun rays. Therefore, you should keep your body covered with loose-fitting cotton clothes.

4. Stat Inside Your Home

Stay inside the cool place and avoid going outside, especially during the peak hours of the day. If it is very important to go outside, then you should choose early morning, early evening or night time. 

Otherwise, try to stay inside a comfortable and cool home. If your home also gets heated up during the summer season, then consider the installation of air conditioning Sydney at your home. If you like to do gardening, exercise, playing sports, etc. then you should do it early morning or evening.

5. Soak Midday

When heat is accompanied by humidity, then it makes it difficult for your body to cool down. It is so because sweat on your body will not evaporate due to extreme moisture in the atmosphere. 

You can cool down your body by taking a dip inside the pool or take a refreshing shower. It will reduce the temperature of your body.

6. Maintain Indoor Humidity Level

As we have already explained that heat with humidity is a bad combination. Therefore, it is recommended that you should try to maintain the humidity level inside your house. By installing the exhaust fans at your home, the humidity level can be controlled. 

You can also consider the installation of a dehumidifier to control the level of humidity. With the help of the latest technology ducted air conditioning Sydney, the humidity level inside the home can be controlled. 

This type of AC is integrated with a dehumidifier that can help in reducing the moisture content inside your home.

7. Unplug Unwanted Appliances

The electric appliance inside your home can increase the temperature inside your home. Therefore, it is recommended that you should keep the unwanted appliance unplugged. 

Therefore, it is recommended that you should keep the lights off, unplug electronic appliances, and keep the heat-producing elements away from your house. This tip will not just help in reducing the heat level inside your home, but also help in reducing your carbon footprints.

8. Choose Right Food Items

We recommend you choose water-based food items so that you stay hydrated and the electrolyte level of your body can be maintained. In addition to this, you should also avoid hot and heavy meals. Hot meals can heat your body and lead to various health problems.

9. Cold Compresses

If you are feeling too hot during summer days, then you should apply ice cubes, ice packs, and a damp washcloth on your neck, knees, wrists, or elbow. The cold compress will help you to cool down immediately.

10. Sleep Tight

Whether it is summer or winter, sound sleep is very important. During the summer season, most people complain of bad sleep. It is due to the high temperature. 

If you want to have sound sleep during the hot sweltering summer season, then you should turn on the air conditioning in Sydney to cool down your room. Consequently, you can have sound sleep every night.


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