How to Get Disney Plus on JVC TV?

How to Get Disney Plus on JVC TV
How to Get Disney Plus on JVC TV

In this article, I am glad to share my knowledge on the topic of how to install Disney pulse in JVC smart television. Installing Disney pulse in JVC smart televisions is an easy process that all can do. This Disney pulse is an application that streams online movies and shows which is entertainment for its subscribers. It also contains live shows which we see on televisions. It’s officially not a free platform it works based on monthly subscriptions.

But on the other hand, we also have third-party apps that stream Disney pulse shows for free. But it will not appear permanently because Disney pulse has copyright for all the content they stream on their platforms. if they come to know that other streaming platforms are copying, then Disney plus can claim copyright with that particular video.

Disney Plus and Smart Android Televisions

The Disney plus have a separate application that works with android based working systems. It works in all the devices which are with an android based working system. Nowadays, televisions also started to build their android televisions. So, as I said before this Disney plus is the streaming platform that works in android based operating systems, as now televisions are similar to android phones and so Disney plus can be used in televisions also.

JVC Android TV with Disney Plus

JVC android televisions are those which come with android based working systems. so we can install the Disney plus in JVC android televisions also. But this JVC android television does not have the support of the play store. The play store app is absent in the JCV android televisions, but instead, it has an app called VWED which acts as an app store to JVC android televisions. These televisions are gifted to the modern generation of people.

VWED App Store and JVC Android Televisions

This VWED app store is a special app store that is on JVC android televisions. It is an app that helps to install a new app on the television. It does the work of the play store. As same as the play store this VWED  app store also installs the required apps in the JCV android televisions. The process of installing Disney plus is of two methods.

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How to Get Disney plus In JVC Android Televisions

Method 1

  • Switch on your JVC android television and wait for the home screen to appear.
  • After the appearance of the home screen look for the VWED app store which is the default app store in JVC TVs
  • Play store is not installed in JVC android televisions. and so open the VWED app store.
  • In the VWED app store, go to the Search tab and type the word  Disney plus and wait until the list appears.
  • In the list, look for the Disney plus app.
  • and tap on install after finding the particular app and also wait until the app gets to install.
  • After installation is complete, sign in with your prime account, and enjoy streaming.

Method 2

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  • Open any browser on your laptop/pc.
  • Type Disney plus APK and hit enter.
  • Wait for the results to appear.
  • Check for top-rated websites that allow you to download APK of Disney plus, and download the APK from that website.
  • After the download is complete, copy the particular Disney plus APK to any Pen-drive.
  • Plugin the Pen-drive in JVC android television.
  • Go to the particular Pen-drive section in which you copied the APK file.
  • Select the APK file and install it manually.
  • Before installing the APK turn on installing unknown sources from your settings which I basic.
  • After installing the APK manually, open the Disney plus app and sign in to your prime account.
  • After signing in, enjoy the streaming.


I conclude that installing Disney plus in JVC android televisions is an easy process. I am also glad to conclude that these methods are not only useful for installing only Disney plus but also these methods are useful in the installation process of all other apps.

Nowadays everything is easy after you get the knowledge about a particular thing.  in that way, I think this article on how to get Disney plus  in JVC android televisions is a very useful one.


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