How to factory reset PS4

How to factory reset PS4

Among the most widely asked queries is how to factory reset PS4 and what are its complete details! It is occasionally required to factory reset your console to start again and perhaps resolve any hardware-related issues you may have. Although resetting your system isn’t always the easiest task, it might be vital to the lifespan of your PlayStation 4 console. Fortunately, we have all the information necessary to make the procedure as simple as possible. Here’s how to reset the factory settings on your PlayStation 4. Let’s know more about how to factory reset PS4 and its details.

Performing a full factory reset on a PlayStation 4 is rather simple. It’s crucial to remember to back up all saved information before factory resetting your device. If you factory reset your PlayStation, all your data will get lost, forcing you to start your games over from scratch if you haven’t backed up your save data.

Images, files, and videos are items to think about backing up; these can either be uploaded to an external device or the cloud. You’ll need a PlayStation Plus account, which offers 100GB of storage space, to back up data using the cloud. If you don’t have a PS Plus subscription, you can still copy saves using a flash drive. The PS4 factory reset procedures are detailed below, regardless of whether you have a Pro, Slim, or original model.

You should know that a factory reset can even delete the system software from the console and wipe its hard drive. When a software error prevents your PlayStation 4 from working, especially when booting up or when you want to ensure the console no longer has your data on it, it’s the last resort.

Your PS4 can reset in two ways: through the dashboard or, if the console is having trouble starting up, in Safe Mode. We’ll review both approaches, with the PlayStation 4 dashboard being the first. Continue reading to know about the steps of how to factory reset PS4.

Steps to factory reset PS4

Step 1:

Open the settings menu and look for the Account Management option. The PlayStation 4 should no longer be used as your main PlayStation. By designating this specific PS4 as yours, that setting enables you to play downloaded games offline.

Step 2:

Visit Activate as Your Primary PS4 on the PS4. Most likely, your PS4 is already active. If that’s the case, you’ll only have the option to choose Deactivate, and the Activate option will be greyed out. On the subsequent page, click Deactivate and then Yes.

Step 3:

Re-login to your account and return to the settings to complete the process.

Step 4:

From the Settings menu, scroll down to the very bottom. Additional options will get displayed after you click Initialization. You only need to be concerned with the bottom two choices for the sake of this guide; we won’t be discussing Clear Learning Dictionary.

The option to Restore Default Settings is located beneath that and will reset the PS4 to its factory default settings without wiping the hard drive.

The main alternative, Initialize PS4, will completely delete your hard drive of all information, including downloaded games, saved game data, and anything else you may have added to the system after purchasing it. It will return your PS4 to the pristine state in which it was when it got first unwrapped.

Step 5:

The wipe that you seek is the Full wipe. Be aware that it will take a while—probably a few hours or more. The PS4 will display a progress bar once you’ve initiated the wipe, but since the console must go through several phases, anticipate it to take much longer. You’ll be able to configure your PS4 like you did the first time you turned it on once it’s finished. You will provide it to the buyer fully fresh and without any data connection if you intend to sell it.

Conduct a factory reset from Safe Mode

You can access the same choices via the PS4’s Safe Mode if system software issues or other faults stop you from reaching the Settings menu and reinitializing your console.

Step 1:

Turn off your PS4 completely. Avoid putting it in rest mode. For your console to start in Safe Mode, you want the power fully off.

Step 2:

Till you hear two beeps, keep the power button depressed. Instead of turning on the system with a controller, you must physically press the power button. Hold it there for eight seconds or so.

When you press the button for the first time, it will beep once and once more before entering Safe Mode. You may identify it by its black background and labeling.

Step 3:

The Safe Mode menu offers three distinct methods for resetting your PS4. In Safe Mode, like in the Settings menu, you can select Restore Default Settings to restore the PS4 to its factory default software settings while retaining all your data. Another option is Initialize PS4. It will erase your hard disc and return your computer to its default settings while retaining the system software or operating system.

The final option is Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software), which performs an even more complete factory reset and necessitates reinstalling the PS4’s software.

Step 4:

Choose Initialize PS4 if there are no software issues. Your hard drive and software settings will reset to factory defaults, but the operating system software will remain in place. You can select between Quick and Full initializations, identical to the option above (found in the Settings menu). It was the complete information about how to factory reset PS4.

How to update the PS4’s operating system

Moreover, reinstalling system software will entirely remove all software from the console and is a more difficult reset than a full initialization. After this reset, you’ll need to have another device on hand to reinstall the operating system. There is an additional stage in the procedure to complete before selecting Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software) if you’re experiencing software issues with the operating system.

Step 1:

Look for and download the most recent system software for the PlayStation (version 8.03) on your PC. Use a flash drive or an external hard drive that can connect via a USB port to transfer the update to your PS4.

Grab a USB flash drive or external hard drive with 1.1GB of free space.

Step 2:

Name a new folder PS4 and create it on your USB storage device. Make a folder called “UPDATE” in all capital letters inside that one. So that you can immediately access the firmware file during the transfer, place it in the “UPDATE” subdirectory. When you save, ensure the file’s name is “PS4UPDATE.PUP.”

Step 3:

Start your PS4 in Safe Mode in step three. To shut down your PS4, adhere to the directions above. You can force it to boot into Safe Mode by pressing and holding the power button until you hear two beeps.

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Step 4:

On your PS4, select Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software). After that, adhere to all of your PS4’s instructions. The console will also wipe everything as you proceed, including the system software. The subsequent prompts will direct you to insert the update’s USB drive and reinstall the operating system software. Your PS4 will return to factory settings after updating the files. It was all about how to factory reset PS4 and its complete details!

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