How to Ensure the Perfect House Extension

House Extension Southampton
House Extension Southampton

You can add substantial space to your existing home by carrying out a house extension. Whether you choose a simple rear extension, a wrap-around extension, or a multiple-story extension, you should follow a step-wise approach to ensure that everything goes according to your extension plan.

Whether you are carrying out a House Extension in Southampton or anywhere else in the United Kingdom, following a step-by-step approach will reduce the stress and hassle often associated with house extensions.

Do Some Research

Before you plan a house extension, you can do several things to find out what is right for you. If you are carrying out an extension to increase your estate value and plan to sell your home, then talk to an estate agent in your vicinity.

This way you can learn which types of house extensions are received well by buyers in your area. You can also talk to a construction company and learn about which types of extensions are suitable for your home.

Look around in your neighborhood for someone who has recently carried out an extension. You can learn a lot from someone who has just had the experience recently.

Learn About Planning Permission

Planning permission is required for different types of construction projects including some variations of loft conversions and house extensions. However, some extensions can be carried out without planning permission.

Especially now when the government has relaxed regulations and redefined your permitted development rights. Typically, multiple story extensions require planning permission while the rest might not.

Rules are also different for conservation areas so it is best to talk to someone from the planning department or an experienced contractor before undertaking such a project.

Learn About Building Regulations

Planning permission is quite a hassle if you need it. As if that wasn’t enough you will also need to ensure compliance with building regulations. While planning permission may not be required for every type of extension.

But you will require building regulations approval regardless of the type of extension. Building regulations are also more extensive than planning permission and apply to many aspects such as fire safety, drainage, and insulation.

Whether you are carrying out House Extension Southampton or elsewhere you will need to submit the complete extension plan to the department and it is better to hire an expert for this instead of going through this hassle yourself.

House Extension Southampton
House Extension Southampton

Find a Professional Architect

House Extension or Loft Conversion Southampton are not construction projects which can be carried out haphazardly. They require technical drawings and a host of technicians.

You will need a professional and experienced architect who can not only prepare house extension drawings for you but also be able to submit the complete plan to the building regulations department.

You will find many architects just by searching on google but if you want the best ones, you should contact the RICS- Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors or the CIAT-Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists to check that the architect you are hiring has the required qualifications and authorization.

Find the Right Builder

Hiring an architect is just the first step in your house extension project. You will need a builder. You will need electricians, plumbers, tilers, and many more skilled people. Trying to manage all these people yourself will be extremely challenging.

But if you hire a professional construction company that can provide all these services under one roof, your Loft Conversion Southampton will be a much less hectic and challenging task. Look for an experienced and licensed company. You can check accreditations and authorizations from the relevant departments.

Move Out

Depending on the type of house extension and the size of your family, you might have to move out till the extension has been completed. It can be extremely challenging for children and the elderly to deal with all the noise and disturbance. Perhaps some family members or friends will be willing to accommodate you while your extension is being carried out.

Keep an Eye on the Job

Whether or not you would be willing and able to move out, you will have to keep communicating with the builder in charge. The construction company may have to regularly communicate with the building department to ensure compliance with every step of the extension.


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