How to Clean Non-Clothing Items at the Laundromat

Non-Clothing Items

It is not an exaggeration, but laundry can be quite exhausting and frustrating, even for a laundry expert. It is only manageable if you can send your pile of dirty clothes and large items to the laundry pickup and delivery service. If you do not have the luxury, you have to bring them to the laundromat and do the laundry service yourself.- Non-Clothing Items

Bringing large, non-clothing items to the laundromat is twice the hassle. Linens, bed sheets, and towels are heavy to carry and wash. We will help you clean them easily and more efficiently. 

Read the Care Label of the Item

The same with clothes, non-clothing items have their own. Do not ignore the instructions on the care label. If the wash label states remove stains from white clothes then you have no choice but to rush the clothes to the nearest laundromat. It is essential to follow all the rules when washing these types of clothes at the laundromat.

Pre-treat Stains at Home

If there are stains on the sheet or towel, it is important to pre-treat them before going to the laundromat. There are natural stain removers and commercial ones. You can try using distilled white vinegar and baking soda to remove stains. 

Repair Any Holes Before Washing

Larger items are prone to unnoticeable holes. You have to repair any holes to ensure they will not worsen when thrown into the washer and dryer. If you wash a bulky item with unrepaired holes, it becomes larger.

User the Largest Washer and Dryer

A huge and clear advantage why bringing bulky non-clothing items to the laundromat is that it has the advantage of a larger washer and dryer. Always use the largest washer and dryer at the laundromat to ensure that the items are appropriately washed as they can move around the machine. 

Load Large Items Evenly

It is important to place the bulky items evenly to ensure the items come out clean and undamaged. You can load them by grasping all of its four corners with one hand. When drying bulky items, you can stop the process every 15 minutes and position the items to ensure every side of it is thoroughly dried. 

Only Use Mild Laundry Detergent

Several use laundry detergents with harsh chemicals. You have to be careful when washing non-clothing items, and it may cost you a fortune. Some fillings in large beddings are often damaged by regular laundry detergent. 

Take an Extra Rinse Cycle

It is common when washing large bulky items to have soap residues. That’s why it is best to use take an extra rinse cycle to ensure all laundry detergent is removed. It is important to rinse all the detergent because accumulated detergent may become permanent when heated in the dryer.  

Visit the laundromat during non-rush hours. It is less hectic during those hours, it helps you have some alone time while waiting for the company. You can always bok a laundry pickup and delivery service if you have anything else to do.


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