How to cancel Walmart Plus

How to cancel Walmart Plus

How to cancel Walmart Plus, and what do you know about it? To assist members in saving money on everything from shipping and pickup to medicines and fuel, Walmart offers Walmart Plus as a subscription service. The fee is approximately $12.98 per month or $98 per year, which may be worthwhile for people who frequently buy at Walmart or who want a little gas discount in light of the recent surge in gas prices.

However, if you realize that you’ve started buying more frequently at other stores, it might be time to save the extra cash and cancel. You have two options for canceling Walmart Plus: you can do it yourself or have DoNotPay handle it. The process can be arduous and, in some situations, stressful when done alone. But with DoNotPay, that won’t ever be the case.

Your Walmart Plus subscription will be canceled, and we’ll let you know when it’s done. If you’d like, we can also cancel other services like Planet Fitness, Sirius XM, CVS CarePass, Massage Envy, etc. Let’s know more about how to cancel Walmart Plus and all about it!

How can I stop using Walmart Plus?

Move on and save money when you can, even though Walmart Plus may have once been an important service for your family. DoNotPay is here to assist if you’re giving up and unsure where to begin.

Getting Rid of Walmart Plus on Your Own

First and foremost, DoNotPay has the credentials to handle it for you. But we may also assist by giving you instructions on how to terminate Walmart Plus on your own. It entails utilizing one of the following techniques:

  • Dial the helpline.
  • Terminate online

You will require this number to contact customer service: (800) 924-9206. Remember that while using this method will eventually result in the cancellation of your service, Walmart frequently has a lengthy call-waiting period due to the high volume of clients they serve. In light of this, the process may consume a lot of time that you do not have.

On the other hand, if you don’t have dependable internet, a surprise bug appears, or the website is down for maintenance, it could be challenging to cancel Walmart Plus online. If everything goes as planned, you’ll perform the following tasks online. It answers your question about how to cancel Walmart Plus and everything related.

  • Register for a Walmart+ account.
  • Tap “My Account” in the corner of the page.
  • Deciding on “Delivery Unlimited”
  • To stop delivery unlimited, click.
  • Await the notification of confirmation.

Under normal circumstances, terminating your ongoing Walmart Plus subscription is not a time-sensitive task. Still, if you wish to do it before the expiration of a free trial, you must act quickly and on schedule. If not, you risk being charged for the subsequent month and possibly longer if you fail to cancel.

Do Free Trials for Walmart Plus Exist?

Yes, Walmart Plus does give prospective customers a 30-day free trial to see if the service is good for them. To prevent your card from being charged, it is crucial to deactivate Walmart Plus before the free trial expires.

They will want your credit card details to get the free trial. Why, if it is free? Considering that they need a mechanism to charge you if you fail to cancel before the 30-day trial period has ended!

It is where DoNotPay’s fictitious credit card can help. Stop Your Free Trial Before Being Charged With DoNotPay’s Virtual Credit Card.

You won’t have to use your credit card since DoNotPay’s virtual credit card will provide you with a string of numbers to enter. By doing this, you may take advantage of Walmart Plus’s free 30-day trial period without worrying about recurring monthly costs or other surprises.

Terminate Walmart Plus Through DoNotPay

You may save time and money by canceling your free trials and subscriptions using DoNotPay. Follow these three simple steps, and DoNotPay will end any service you no longer need:

  • Search for the Manage Subscriptions product after logging into DoNotPay.
  • The name of the subscription service you want to cancel should be mentioned.
  • Give your account information, including your username and email address.

Not to worry! You’ll be informed when the procedure is finished, so you never wonder whether the cancellation was successful. You’re considering your options now that you’ve canceled Walmart Plus. A few possibilities that you might enjoy are present in the list below.

Alternatives to Walmart Plus:

  • Amazon Prime (for most retail goods)
  • Albertsons (for discounts on gas)
  • Rite Aid shoppers club (for prescriptions)
  • Walgreens shoppers clubs (for prescriptions)

DoNotPay: Terminate further services while working on other projects.

Want to change your mind about Walmart Plus? You’re fortunate! DoNotPay can help you with other items on your to-do list in addition to canceling additional services (such as Xbox Live and even Epoch payments).

Check out our products to get/update licensing and pay your payments online (including fishing, hunting, pet, and more). While waiting, you can also benefit from our landlord protection and discover more about your rights as a renter. Visit DoNotPay to learn more about what more we can do to make your life simpler.

Now you must know all about how to cancel Walmart Plus completely. Some other things that you must know are as under:

How can I revoke my Walmart membership?

You’ll need to contact customer care to cancel your Walmart subscription.

Can Walmart be canceled at any time?

Unsubscribe from Walmart at any time, yes. You only need to inform the business in writing.

How can I revoke an online order from Walmart?

Call Walmart’s customer support department at 1-800-925-6278 to cancel an online order. When you call, you must have your order number handy.

What’s the procedure for deleting a credit card from my Walmart account?

Call customer care or go online to remove a credit card from your Walmart account. Call 1-800-966-6546 to reach customer assistance. Log in to your Walmart account and select “Account Settings” to access the website. You may see a list of the cards linked to your account under “Credit Cards.” Next to the card you want to remove, click “Remove.”

Why can’t I return my Walmart purchase?

You might be unable to cancel your Walmart order for several reasons. The order may have already been handled and dispatched, for example. If so, you will have to wait until you get the order before returning it by Walmart’s return guidelines.

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Another possibility is that you used a gift or electronic gift card to place the order. To cancel the order in this situation, you need to contact Walmart customer support. It was all about how to cancel Walmart Plus and its complete details!


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