Handy And Useful OnePlus 8 Tips and Tricks


Oneplus is one of the best and dominating brands in the android world as such the brand provides a very clean and powerful experience. Oneplus has managed to take a firm hold of the market with the help of its cutting-edge smartphones. Oneplus 8 is one such smartphone that has been in the market for over a year now but still is in demand. Due to such popularity, the market is filled with various supporting accessories. For instance, oneplus 8 cases, oneplus earbuds, Chargers, and many such products. 

The reason for such huge demand for the Oneplus 8 phone is because of its top-of-the-line specifications, excellent camera, its design, and performance. The smartphone is powered with Oxygen OS which is the cleanest UI on the market. That being said, let us discuss some handy tips and tricks that will make you love your Oneplus 8 even more. 

Handy And Useful OnePlus 8 Tips and Tricks:

  • Multi-Account use with the help of clone applications: 

This trick is for the one who tends to use multiple accounts at the same time, although one might ask that there are some social media applications that allow multiple account login via a single application on the same application. For instance, Instagram allows its users to log in to multiple accounts on the same application while on the other hand Whatsapp and some other applications don’t allow multiple account logins. Therefore in this condition, the clone application comes into play. 

To enable this feature, you need to go to the settings of your Onplus 8 smartphone and find the option named Utility tab. Thereafter you will find few options inside the Utility lab such as App Locker, Pocket Mode, Quick Launch, and Parallel apps. You have to select Parallel Apps and select all the apps that you wish to clone. Once you are done with the selection then you have to tap on the slider to the right of the apps in order to clone or duplicate the apps. 

  • Use Fingerprint for locking the applications:

This feature is for the ones who are concerned about their data’s privacy and are tired of using the third-party app lockers in order to protect their data from those nosey people who surf through your phone to find something. To provide you with proper security, Oneplus smartphones come with the built-in App Locker that allows you to lock your gallery, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many such applications. 

In order to enable this feature, you need to first set up your fingerprint by going into the security & screen option in the settings. Once you are done with the fingerprint registration then you have to find the App locker option in the Utility tab. 

Inside the App locker mode, you will find various applications that it supports. All you have to do is tap on the checkbox of the application which you want to lock and voila. From that point onwards, that particular application will open after getting your fingerprint authentication. 

  • Launching applications with the help of Fingerprint sensors: 

Launching the applications with the help of a fingerprint sensor is yet another amazing feature that the Oneplus 8 smartphones offer. You can launch the selected application right from the in-display fingerprint sensor without even opening the lock screen. 

To enable the feature, firstly you would need to register your fingerprint on the device. Once you have registered the fingerprint then you have to find the Quick launch option under the utility tab. Inside the quick launch option, you will be able to add 5 applications of your choice. 

Once you have selected the applications, your setup for quick launch is complete. To open the applications with the help of quick launch, you would have to hold the fingerprint sensor after that you will get a list of selected applications for quick launch. Once you get the list, tap on the desired application and it will launch instantly without unlocking the smartphone. 

  • Screen resolution setting: 

This is a minor setting change that one can apply in order to enhance the battery life of their Oneplus 8. The phone comes with a QuadHD+ screen resolution, but in order to save battery life, you can switch your screen resolution to the FullHD+ setting. 

The change will be marginal and some people will not even notice, but with this minor screen resolution setting change, your phone’s battery life will extend. 

To change the screen resolution, select the Display setting option in the setting. Open the resolution tab and find the screen resolution option and apply the changes. 

  • Refresh rate setting:

This trick is yet another minor setting change that will enhance your battery life in the long run. The Oneplus 8 comes with a 90Hz refresh rate which is good for gaming. But consumes the battery a bit more as compared to the 60Hz refresh rate settings. 

If you intend to change your phone’s refresh rate, then you have to open the settings and find the Display tab. Inside the Display setting go to the advanced setting option there you will find the refresh rate option. You can choose the refresh rate between 60Hz and 90Hz.



The above mentioned are some of the best tips and tricks that one can use in order to enhance their experience of using the Oneplus 8 smartphone. Overall, Oneplus smartphones offer the best performance with the help of their top-notch specifications and built quality.



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