Get an authorized Pakistani domain name through PKNIC cards

pknic cards
pknic cards

PKNIC cards are used to register the PKNIC domain and deliver the web links at the least PNIC domain price. Though, the authorized Pakistani domain name helps to operate an independent business website in Pakistan. Hence, a prepaid card can approve and register only a single pk domain at one time. However, Web Links are recommending all the TLDs underneath PKNIC which comprise,,,,,, etc.

Navicosoft provides the cheap PKNIC domain price to its clients with complete guidelines. Besides, you can support your business with these cards through easy techniques of registration and restoration processes. Therefore, we will further discuss how this card is helpful to get an authorized Pakistani domain name!

Let’s get started:

What is meant by PKNIC prepaid card?

PKNIC prepaid card is an exceptional bit code applied to revive the pk domain panel. With this exception, one can register or renew any Pakistani domain name—pk,,,, est. Similarly, you can acquire PKNIC Cards from a trustworthy Web hosting company rendering your requirement. Hence, you will get certainly your PKNIC cards via an email account after making your procurement.

Registration and restoration of PKNIC cards:

After the registration of your pk domain from any domain Registrar Company in Pakistan, if you think there is a requirement for the renewal of your domain? Then acquire a PKNIC prepaid card from an authorized company to register and refurbish your domain quickly, or you can also practice it. The Registration time of the pk domain extension is just two years. Therefore, one of the modest tact for registration or renewing a pk domain name is getting the PKNIC Prepaid cards. Besides, a PKNIC prepaid card is only attainable at the best resellers of PKNIC. Thus, after the sanction of your payment, you can acquire your PKNIC prepaid card within a few days.

How could you purchase a PKNIC PREPAID CARD?

Many of us are not familiar with the work of this local Registry worldwide. Likewise, people don’t know the economical means to reserve their namespace beneath its privilege. However, even the Registry’s website has a scarcity of statistics. However, in that case, the best web hosting agencies facilitate their customers. Thus, they ease everything a typical user has in mind for acquiring, Renovating, Moving, Adaptable, and Commanding a PK extension.

Heading towards more discussion:

Goals and benefits of PKINIC prepaid card:

The followings are the goals and benefits; you can get by keeping your stable codes in your Registry’s account.

  • Speediest resource:

Comparatively to other techniques for the credible Registry, it is the premium, secure, and quick style to buy a PKNIC card for a specific domain.

  • Reseller’s Acclaim:

Trading of PKNIC cards is a side business for Trivial hosting providers or Web hosting agencies for making revenue.

  • Self-Provision:

It is very easy to do it by yourself. Hence, there is not any requirement to get information repeatedly about PK domain management.

  • No need for Details:

It is not obligatory to provide contact specifics or a straight approach to the card codes. However, the process is easy, order, pay, and take out to get an authorized Pakistani domain name.

  • Economical rates:

Many of us order openly for domains but not for acclaims, thus they pay more but could not regulate as much.

  • Unpretentious Assortment:

Retaining two ranks allows diverse discount levels to prefer, purchase more, and defend more.

  • Registration and restitution:

Registration pk domain demands Expertise to imply these cards to operate through your Pak web name registration or restitution.

  • Quick transfer:

You can transfer your pk domain beneath the PKNIC prepaid card quickly.

Easy-peasy technique for renewal of a pk domain:

As it is very easy and simple to renew your pk domain yourself name by buying a PKNIC prepaid card from any vendor of PKNIC. Though, the other technique is that you can refurbish your pk domain name from any uninterrupted PKNIC reseller.

Easy and simple techniques for the transfer of a pk domain:

It is very simple to transfer your PK domain from one registrar to another. As people prefer to transfer the domain from one provider to another because the registrar’s restoration charges are low than the prior registrar.

Although, you should deliver an expert witness letter to PKNIC. That letter should contain your existing pk domain owner’s agency letterhead and a company stamp or hallmark. Likewise, you have to give one print of your CNIC and a print of your Chief Executive Officer. Lastly, if you want the transference of your PKNIC ID number, you must declare your PK domain name and quote your domain ID.

What makes a provider the best reseller of PKNIC Prepaid Card?

PK domain providers give the measurements for Pakistani domain buying and refurbishing through resellers for clients. Though it delivers the public with PKNIC account balance attainment through the remote market, there is hostility. Thus, providers offer facilities at more practical and economical rates for business.

In 2010, the internet public was in foremost expansion. Therefore, it sanctioned the .pk suffix rather than the most common suffix .com, etc. Besides, the extensions going to Pakistan or any other country ccTlds were not in practice.

Country-based suffixes capture more place, mainly for local search outcomes; Google started to incline country-based extensions on top. So, the PKNIC domain price is small and linked to other global districts. Likewise, the Registry continued in its restraint for 2 years, which offered an increase in sum.


Navicosoft has been working as a good PKNIC card provider to assist in discerning all the effective info relevant to .pk ccTLD. Though, you can get an authorized Pakistani domain name through a PKNIC prepaid card for an easy registering process. Also, we are eminent for retailing PKNIC Prepaid Cards all over Pakistan.


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