Finding sales manager jobs in Singapore

Finding sales manager

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, a large number of business sectors like travel and hospitality have been adversely affected. Often businesses which are downsizing to reduce expenses are asking their senior employees to leave, since they are paid higher salaries. These employees usually have a family, and have many monthly expenses which they pay from their salary. Hence these employees who are laid off, are interested in finding a new job quickly, so that they have some income. Businesses of all sizes are always interested in increasing their sales, so there are always a large number of sales jobs advertised online and offline. Some of the considerations while applying for a sales manager’s job are discussed below. Finding sales manager –

Industry sector

The experience and skills required for selling different products will vary. For consumer goods, like food products, soaps, cleaning supplies,clothes, the job applicant should have a good insight into customer behavior while for industrial goods, some prior experience is preferred. So while a manager who has worked in a hotel for a few years will be able to sell consumer items easily, it may be more difficult for this manager to sell machinery or industrial chemicals and other supplies. So a person interested in working as a sales manager should always consider his prior experience and apply for a job accordingly.


Some people start their search for a sales manager’s job when they are employed, so they can reject the offers if the salary is not high enough or terms and conditions are not satisfactory. In other cases, especially if the job seeker has many family responsibilities, he may be forced to accept the first job offer available. Often the compensation offered to sales and marketing staff is related to the performance of the sales manager. The compensation will often include a fixed monthly salary and a bonus which is linked to the sales.

Company profile

Typically larger companies make more profits so they are offering better salaries to their sales staff, compared to smaller businesses with lower revenues. The larger companies also have better working conditions, bonuses and use the latest technologies. So though there is more competition for getting a job in a large company, it is worth the additional effort in the long term. Typically an employee who has worked in a large company will find it easier to get a job in another large company, while it is more difficult for a salesperson who has only worked in small companies to find suitable sales jobs in larger companies.

Sales channels

Though some products especially medical and healthcare equipment are sold offline, increasingly a large number of products are sold online. Hence depending on whether the professional has experience in online or offline marketing, he should apply for a suitable sales job. Offline sales jobs usually involve more travelling. Hence experienced job seekers in Singapore looking for a job should find the available sales manager jobs in Singapore and apply for them to increase their chances of finding a suitable job quickly.



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