Favourite blue light glasses styles


Blue light protection glasses are required if you look at a computer or smartphone screen for more than two hours each day. Excessive screen time causes eye strain, fatigue, itching, and headaches; this is proven by research. 

Looking directly into digital screens also affects circadian rhythm by limiting the creation of melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep. The worst-case scenario is that extended screen use may cause macular degeneration. Blue light glasses must be used to avoid potential eye injury, eye tiredness, and sleeplessness. 

We will give you the top 3 blue light glasses styles, which are intended to reduce eye strain, control circadian rhythm, and safeguard the health of your eyes. These glasses will not only be the most effective at filtering blue light, but they will also be the greatest comfortable and fashionable style. 

  1. Gatsby Blue-Light Block CP141B

Gatsby Blue-Light Block CP141B glasses from SmartBuy Collection are excellent for those who spend a lot of time staring at screens and can help reduce eye fatigue. The business notes that the glasses completely prevent UV rays, which may potentially be dangerous to the eyes. 

The business sells the lenses with a full-rim style and square frame shape. 

The customer will get the glasses with Tortoiseshell colour and plastic frames from the SmartBuy Collection, a classic colour that oozes class and speak to the more distinguished variety of us.

  1. GUNNAR Computer Glasses

There are several different frame options available from GUNNAR, but each one of its lenses, according to the company, offers a varying amount of blue light safety. Additionally, GUNNAR asserts that all computer glasses include antireflective coatings on each side of the lens, which prevent damaging blue and also reduce screen glare. 

The manufacturing company claims that the silicone coating on certain lenses prevents scratches. The firm provides a complete refund if a consumer does not see a decrease in eyestrain and enhanced clarity, concentration, and visual efficiency within 30 days of receipt. They offer this because of the absolute confidence they have in the product to not only protect your eyes but also enhance your gaming experience by increasing contrast on the screen.

  1. Coatesville Blue-Light Block YC-21059 C3

Blue light glasses with full-rim frame styles are available from Arise Collective. These blue light glasses are anti-glare and can shield a person’s eyesight from the blue light that digital components emit. 

The goal is to find glasses that reduce eyestrain, ease headaches, and enhance sleep, but we also want to look stylish while doing so and these glasses offer the best of both worlds!

Despite a slight yellow tint in some blue light glasses lenses, it will not alter the colour of your vision but instead subtly block out blue light.


There are numerous different lens alternatives available at SmartBuyGlasses CA that offer zFORT® Blue light blocking glasses. If you want to look after your eyes, body and mind, all the while looking stylish, check your options today!


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