Facts about Emerald Cut Diamond Ring in Arlington


When buying diamonds you have to know what diamond would you want to have including what shape it is. Emerald shape is one of the most recommended shapes to consider when choosing your diamond. A 5-carat emerald cut diamond ring in Arlington and lower carats are sold by retail and wholesale stores, you might want to check on them so you can decide who among them can offer a good price. 

Things to Know about Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald-cut diamond is named after the emerald gemstone.

The cut of this diamond is modeled to the emerald gemstone. It is square and elongated almost rectangular with chiseled Step up cuts and cropped corners. This shape has been existing for decades and is used in many pieces of jewelry.

The emerald-cut diamond is characterized by its rectangular shape and its step-cut facets.

What makes the emerald cut unique is its step-cut facets. Its facets are arranged in parallel lines on every four sides. An excellent cut emeral diamond should have a 61 to 69% table, 61 to 67% depth, 1.40 to 1.50 length/width ratio, and a very thin to slightly thick girdle.  

The emerald cut diamond is the second most popular diamond cut, after the round cut.

Diamonds that are in demand always make it on the top list, although emerald only comes second from the round diamonds its popularity is continuously increasing. Most celebrities are opting for emerald diamonds for their engagement rings which makes them more in demand. 

Approximately 30% of all diamonds sold are emerald cut diamonds.

As observed diamonds that are sold include 30% of emerald cuts which shows that buyer is into them. Emerald cuts can be a good option since they are unique and their shape it makes the diamond appear bigger in appearance. 

The emerald cut diamond is typically less expensive than other diamond cuts.

You can get a good shape at a lower price compared with round diamonds. If you are in for popularity emerald cuts are still on the list of popular diamonds but more affordable. Emerald cut diamond price starts at $1,400 or up depending on its clarity, color, cut, and carats. 

The emerald-cut diamond is a popular choice for engagement rings and other fine jewelry.

For an engagement ring, everyone wants a unique shape for their center stone; emerald cut diamond can be a good choice since they can give a different accent to your engagement ring. They are perfect for other jewelry too such as stud earrings and pendants. 

Where is the best place to buy an emerald-cut diamond ring in Arlington?

There are several stores in Arlington that offer emerald-cut diamond rings, you can check the places online or visit their physical stores. You can also check shira-diamonds.com for more emerald-cut diamond rings. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Place to Buy your Emerald cut diamond ring

Check their Reputation 

Before dealing with a diamond store better check their credentials and reputations to know how they handle their customers. Reputation can measure the capability of a diamond store to give satisfaction to its customers. 

Check on their Diamond’s Quality

Check their diamond stocks and their quality before making the purchase. You can check feedback from their previous customers who have bought from them checking in the diamond’s certification can also be proof that their diamonds are authentic. 

Check on their Prices 

Know their prices to check if they are giving a good deal for their diamonds. This way you measure if they are overpricing or not. Knowing how much their diamond cost can also help you prepare your budget for your emerald-cut diamond ring. 

Having an idea about emerald cut diamonds before buying them can help you pick the best one from all the offers you can get. Choosing the right diamond seller is also a big factor in getting the right diamond for you since they can recommend the best one at a very good price; you just have to choose the best seller from Arlington. Be a wise buyer by being knowledgeable about emerald cut diamonds and have a more convenient shopping experience. Save time and money buy getting an idea burnout emerald-cut diamonds before you start shopping.


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