Evening Desert Safari – The Best Time To Sojourn in Dubai

Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai is a major stopover for foreigners, tourists, families, and adventure freaks. Landing on this man-made marvel means you have unlocked the door to the sheer fun and amazing opportunities. 

Not only man-made marvels, but the city is also sovereign in natural resources and arresting tourist spots. One of nature’s precious heritage is the evening desert safari tour. The majestic desert hosts various events for all sorts of visitors. Whether they are here to explore the cultural norms, seeking the thrill, or just explorers who stop by to witness amazing views. This nomadic place has a diverse plethora of outlandish activities.

 Considering the praises we had already heard a lot, I and my squad headed out for its venture. Upon getting to Happy Adventures Tourism, we came to know about the advantages of opting for an evening desert safari. As it covers maximum activities, so we, without any further thoughts, chose an evening expedition to the dunes. By the following read, you’ll get to know what we explored there along with the amazing hosts.

Discover the Unseen in an Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

1. Pickup and Drop off

Our memorable day for the evening desert safari Dubai got started with a pick-up from our hotel or doorstep. The professional driver from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC arrived an hour before the sunset to pick us up. We covered the whole way to the desert sitting in the comfortable seats of a land cruiser. There is also a bus service available from the city side. Moreover, free parking spaces are provided to those who reach the desert by their private vehicles.

2. Terrain Activities

Dubai is famous all over the globe for its enthralling desert activities. Dune bashing, sandboarding, and quad biking are the most opted terrain sports by travelers. Let’s check out what these thrilling sand activities are.

Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing is the most famous terrain sport to encounter at the dunes. You can choose the SUVs from Nissan Patrol, land cruiser, dune buggy, and wrangler jeep. These vehicles are seen in full fierce mode on the golden sand. We opted for a dune buggy ride and parted in pairs for this. While dune bashing, we were accompanied by the tour operators of the Happy Adventures Tourism team. He gave us company considering our safety concerns. Running a dune buggy while getting colored in the orange sunset hues was an experience out-of-this-world.

Quad Biking

Be a part of the action scene by getting your hands on the furious quad bike. Quad bikes are a ride for one. In this, the rider is instructed on driving it and essential safety precautions. These SUVs are a perfect medium for living your hysteric dreams to their utmost reality. If you are here to meet the thrill, go for it and grab a quad bike. 

Camel Safari in the Golden Arena

A camel safari is a timeless experience for explorers. Be a part of nature’s divine landscape by viewing it from your perspective. A camel ride allows you to roam the diverse proximities of the desert without getting tired. Save your feet from fatigue and join the camel caravans to explore the unseen. 

Meanwhile, you might spot the hidden wildlife. There are chances that you may see gazelles, oryxes, eagle owls, and various reptiles as well. We were escorted to the camel caravans by Happy Adventures Tourism’s guide. There we discovered that a camel safari is an aesthetic ride to encounter in this nomadic region.

3.  BBQ and Buffet Meal

An evening tour at the dunes invites the foodies to a scrumptious buffet station. The thirst of a dune buggy and quad bike rider is quenched by chilled soft drinks. Tea and Arabian coffee work magic to collect your tired body for the next entertainment. It is the dusky desert ambiance that makes those warm sips more delightful. Also, the Arabian “Kehwa” was offered along with the iconic serving of dates. Moreover, the opulent savory include various veg and non-veg dishes served salads, siders, and lastly; mouth-watering dessert.

4.  Entertainment Gala

Attend the amazing dance gala in the middle of nowhere! The desert utopia and its never-ending charms are not dull even after sunset. Instead, it’s the beginning of an alluring night. Enjoy the Tanoura dance depiction, fire show, and belly dance which are performed by talented artists. We were also offered shisha during the entertainment by Happy Adventures Tourism’s hosts. Smolder the flavorsome hookah and shisha to add more ecstasy to the colorful live displays.

5.  Sunset Photography

The picturesque location of the terrain offers a golden chance to the photographers. As they get to capture some amazing shots for their professional portfolio. Also, if you are an Instagrammer or a blogger, it’s a great chance to create captivating stories. The lovely sunset cantaloupe spreads serenity to the farthest limits of human sights. 

6.  Henna Painting and Falconry

The cultural activities of the campsites also attract travelers and photoholics to the desert premises. There is a henna painting done by creative artists which is an entertaining activity for women and kids. On the contrary, men attire themselves in Arabian white robes and enjoy taking snaps. Falconry is another alluring display of the Arabian heritage in which the old hunting methods of the Bedouins are portrayed.


The Emirati tradition can be explored in full colors in an evening desert safari. Because it covers everything from camping to thrill and entertainment. Take a few considerations in mind while getting up for an evening expedition to the dunes. Firstly, reach out to a trusted firm like Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. Responsible hosts would make you enjoy more and worry less. Eating a heavy meal before sand activities can cause motion sickness thereby it will ruin your fun. The temperature of the terrain drops to chilling levels. 

So, moving along with warm ensembles would be beneficial. Lastly, keeping a camera is a must for holiday in the wilderness of Dubai. As there are hundreds of opportunities to capture memorable snaps.


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