Ellen Grace Philpotts Page

Ellen Grace Philpotts Page

Here we are going to discuss Ellen Grace Philpotts Page. Ellen Page or Elliot Page is a transgender actor and producer of Canadian nationality. He declared herself a lesbian in 2014 and a transgender person in 2020. He was born as Ellen Grace Philpots Page and was designated a female at his birth, but he later transitioned and changed her name to Elliot. Page has been professionally active since 1997. Ellen Page (now Eliot Page) is best known for his role as Viktor Hargeeves in the 2019 Netflix Series The Umbrella Academy. He owns various top-notch accolades, including Satellite Award, two BAFTA awards, Emmy Nominations, and an Oscar Nomination for the category Academy Award for Best Actress. Ellen Page had inborn acting talent from a very young age. He appeared on the television franchise Pit Pony in 1997 when he was just ten years old; he won a nomination for the Young Artist Award Category. As a teenager, he appeared in recurring roles in movies like Trailer Park Boys (2002) and ReGenesis (2004) and Going For Broke (2003). Page made his breakthrough, starring role in the 2005 movie Hard Candy. He bagged an Austin Film Critics Association Award and won the nomination for Empire Award. Jason Reitman’s Juno (2007) earned the 20 years old Ellen Grace Page the title of the fourth-youngest nominee for the Academy Award for Best Actress. He received two BAFTA Awards, Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild Award and a Critics’ Choice Award. Ellen Philpots Page has won many other additional accolades and critical acclaim for his roles in blockbuster movies, such as Inception (2010), Whip It (2009), Super (2010), Tallulah (2016), X-Man: The Last Stand (2006), X Man: The Days of Future Past (2014). He made his production debut in 2015 with the movie Freeheld, in which he appeared in the starring role. His directional debut was in the 2019 documentary film ‘There’s something in the water’. He was the voice-over and motion-capture actor for the main character of Beyond: Two Souls. It won him a BAFTA Game Awards nomination. Ellen Page has also worked as a host in the television documentary series Gaycation (2016-2017), which aimed at exploring the daily lives challenges of LGBTQ people. Page publicly confirmed himself as a transgender person in December 2020 after undergoing a top surgery. In March 2021, he became the first trans man to appear on the cover page of Times Magazine.

Early Life of Ellen/ Ellen Grace Philpotts Page

Elliot Page was born as Ellen Grace Philpots Page on February 21, 1987, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, USA. He was born to Dennis Page and Martha Philpotts. His father is a renowned Graphic Designer, while his mother is a teacher. He was assigned female sex when he was born. Page studied at Halifax Grammar School till 10th Grade and spent some time of his high school at Queen Elizabeth High School. He completed his high school in 2005 at Shambhala School. Page spent two years at Vaughan Road Academy, studying in the Interact Program. There he met his close friend and fellow Canadian actor and producer Mark Rendall.

Early Life of Ellen/ Elliot Grace Philpots Page

When Ellen Grace Philpots changed to Elliot Page

On February 14, 2014, Page publicly came out as a lesbian. In January 2018, she announced her marriage to choreographer Emma Portner. In December 2020, Page announced his new transgender identity and specified Elliot as her new name. Netflix updated her name all across the service.

Ellen Page’s early roles and his way to widespread recognition

Ever since Ellen Philpots Page appeared in front of the camera, he added jewels to her crown. His very first role as Maggie Maclean ( Pit Pony) won him a nomination. In 2003, he signed his second television film, Ghost Cat and won Gemini Award for Best Performance in a Children’s or Youth Program. His 2004 drama Wilby Wonderful won her an award at Atlantic Film Festival. His breakthrough role as Hayley Stark in Hard Candy was a commercial success. USA Today acclaimed him for his performance in these words: ”Page manages to be both cruelly callous and likeable.” He won Austin Film Critics Association Award for his role in Hard Candy. Ellen got wide recognition among entertainment lovers with her role as Kitty Pryde in X-Men: The Last Stand (2006).

Ellen Page's early roles and his way to widespread recognition

In 2007, his fame skyrocketed when she played the title role in the coming-of-age comedy-drama film Juno. His Performance as Juno won her critical acclaim in New York Times. Film Critic A.O. Scott defined him as ”frighteningly Talented.” Roger Ebert said that he doesn’t think that there has been any other film performed better than Page’s role as Juno. His Juno character got him nominated for seven award categories and led her to win Canadian Comedy Award, Satellite Award, Independent Spirit Award, Detroit Film Critics Society Award, Florida Film Critics Circle Award, and Austin Film Critics Association Award. Boston Herald once wrote,” It is also a further reminder that Page is the real thing. But we knew it already.”

2010-2014: Ellen Page rose as an established actor

Ellen Page was cast in the 2010 Christopher Nolan thriller ‘Inception’. It was a big-budget, superhit movie that gifted its cast several accolades. Page also got nominated for Saturn Awards and MTV Awards. Page won praise for his role as Maggie Bailey in Psychological Thriller Peacock (April 2010). In June 2012, Ellen Philpots Grace stepped into the demanding field of motion capturing and played Jodie Holmes in Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls. In 2013, he announced his directional debut but quit the project. He reprised his role of Kitty Pryde in X Men: Days of Future Past. He was nominated for the Kids Choice Award for Female Action Star and Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Scene Stealer.

2015-Present: The era of continued success

In 2015, Page made his production debut. In 2016, he appeared in her first Netflix movie Tallulah. In November 2017, he was cast in his best-known role of Vanya Hargeeves in The Umbrella Academy. On March 22, Netflix announced that Page’s gender transition has nothing to do with the service, and he will return as Viktor Hargeeves in the next season.

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Final Words

Ellen Grace Philpotts Page is a gifted talent, whether you call him Ellen or Elliot!


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