Ed Mylett Net Worth

Ed Mylett Net Worth

Ed Mylett is an American businessman, novelist, and public speaker. His expertise is in helping people better themselves and helping businesses succeed via coaching. Due to his impressive resume, many wonder how much money Ed has amassed. In the following, we are going to take a look at Ed Mylett net worth.

Ed Mylett net worth

Ed Mylett had a net worth of almost $540 million in 2023. With Laguna’s 8.8% yearly growth rate and the stock market’s 9.9% historical growth rate, Ed’s wealth should be $540 million, not $410 million.

Early Life

Ed Mylett entered the world on April 27, 1971, in the Golden State. His hometown is Diamond Bar, California. He was one of four siblings at home, including his parents and three younger sisters. Ed’s dad was a committed engineer, and he looked up to him extensively. Ed thought of his dad as a close confidant. But his dad was pretty drunk. While waiting for his father to return from work, Ed worried about the man he would find when he got home.

Ed Mylett Net Worth
On certain occasions, his father seemed to be doing OK. But when the liquor kicked in, he lost all control of his actions. Ed had always hoped that his father would eventually quit drinking. His alcoholic father caused a lot of problems for him and his sisters when they were growing up. Ed noticed that his father’s mood improved every time he got an A on an exam. He decided to buckle down in a school, hoping his dad would give up alcohol.


To aid those in need, young entrepreneur Ed Mylett ran two successful enterprises. He had worked with the World Financial Group (WFG) on and off for a while, but in 1992 he finally committed full-time. The main office of this financial advising company is in Duluth, Georgia.
Ed Mullett is an ethical leader with excellent people skills. He was given a high-ranking job in the organization. As the director of catering for his company and then the director of marketing for Global Financial Group, his career took off. The board of directors promoted Ed to the position of senior executive vice chairman in 2009.

The Director of Field Leadership role was his for the taking, and he quickly rose to the top of his field.
Production increases and future development by contributing to most of the strategies used. While earning eight figures, he was granted a leadership position inside the WFG Millionaire’s Club.
They have successfully navigated the business world to get to the ranks of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs. After achieving success in the business world and becoming a household name, he has transitioned into the role of social media celebrity. He shares motivational life lessons and strategies to aid aspiring entrepreneurs through his podcasts and YouTube videos.
In his videos, he talks to successful businesspeople and other interesting people who are full of infectious enthusiasm. His client’s health, self-assurance, fears, leadership, ambitions, and finances are the primary concerns he addresses.

Ed Mylett Podcast

As a result of sharing his insightful business advice via podcasts and videos on YouTube, Ed became a household name. He also provided business instruction to budding entrepreneurs and shared his illuminating stories and insights. On his podcast, he interviews successful businesspeople, giving listeners the impression that he has the backing of the business world’s elite. His motto, “Max out,” which he defined as “maximizing oneself by using every opportunity,” was also explored.

Book by Ed Mylett

Mylett’s “Max Out, Your Life: Techniques for Being an Elite Performer”, was released in May 2015. Publication occurred in August 2018. He has told several tales of how he has “maxed out” his life by making the most of every opportunity. Additionally, he encourages and inspires budding businesspeople by imparting his wisdom to them.

Assets and Luxuries

Ed Mylett has a trifecta of residences. One of them is his well-known residence in Laguna Beach, where he often goes for early morning strolls. He also has a 5-acre mansion in Lake Tahoe, as well as three private aircraft and a fleet of exotic vehicles that includes a Ferrari.


Ed Mylett is the kind of guy who would rather put money in the bank than buy anything new, but he does have some high-end vehicles in his garage. Let’s check them out. The Range Rover by Land Rover starts at $91,000. The MSRP for the Bentley Continental GT is $218,350. The price of a Porsche 911 Turbo S is $270,000. We’re asking $245,000 for a Ferrari 458 Italia. The MSRP for a new Ford F-150 Raptor is $64,205.

Additional Works by Ed Mylett

He believes giving back to the community opens doors to even greater success. He has donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Ed Mylett’s Social Influence

2.5 million people on Instagram follow Ed Mylett, 724k on YouTube, 334k on Facebook, and 291k on Twitter. A total of 3.85 million people are now following you across all of your social media platforms.

Ed Mylett Net Worth
According to those who know him well, Ed Mylett keeps the excellent company in his social life. He firmly believes that you become like the people you spend the most time with. Ed’s friends and acquaintances include Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, and even Tom Brady.
It’s interesting to see that their wealth levels are all quite similar. There may be some truth to the ‘law of association.

Personal Life

Ed and Kristianna Mylett has been married since 1997. The two started dating while they were seniors at Diamond Bar High School and were married ten years later. They’ve had two wonderful children together: Max, a boy, and Bella, a girl.


Kristianna has been an unwavering rock for Ed, and she fully supports their decision to forge their own route to success rather than pursue traditional employment. Due in large part to her unflinching backing, Ed successfully managed his commercial pursuits.


Is Ed Mylett the owner of Wfg?

It was in 1992 when Ed first started working at World Financial Group (WFG). Ed Mylett rose fast through the ranks at WFG thanks to his remarkable ability to motivate team members, eventually becoming one of the youngest Chief Marketing Directors in the organization.

How many homes does Ed Mylett own?

Ed Mylett has a trifecta of residences. One of them is his well-known residence in Laguna Beach, where he often goes for early morning strolls. Apart from his $400 million in wealth, Ed Mylett also owns three private aircraft and a fleet of exotic vehicles, including a Ferrari.

Bottom Lines

His high net worth shows the success of Ed Mylett’s enterprises and his progress in his own life. In his own life, he has demonstrated that anybody can succeed if they adopt the correct attitude and work tirelessly.


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