8 Experts Diet Tips to Lose Weight this Summer

Diet Tips For Weight Loss

Summer rolls around, and we can’t forget our new year’s resolution, summer weight loss. In winter, it might be tough for you to go outside for a walk during the snow. People often take their pets on a walk during the winter season but couldn’t enjoy it just because of heavy snowfall. 

Summer brings many outdoor activities that make us more excited. The other benefits of the summer season are the variety of fruits and veggies that you can enjoy. If you want to go to the gym for a heavy workout, just stop because you can lose some extra pounds with a smart diet plan at home. 

You can lose weight in summer with a simple formula that says: eat fewer calories than you burn. This is the reason that I have come up with some summer diet plans that can help you maintain a healthy weight. How to use ghee for weight loss?

Foods to Eat to Burn Extra Fat this Summer

1. Don’t Wake Up with Coffee but With Water

During the summer season, the high temperature demands more water. Sweating and perspiration can cause dehydration, so you must drink water when you wake up instead of drinking coffee. When I visited the best physiofitt in Islamabad, he shared that water has no calories and also cleans your metabolism and makes it work smoothly. A clean and smooth metabolism is essential to losing weight. You can also use detox water to burn fat as it also helps to get clear skin. 

2. Eat Breakfast

You should not believe in the misconception that skipping breakfast can help you lose weight. Experts say that people who eat breakfast are more fit than the people who skip breakfast. When you don’t eat breakfast, your metabolism becomes slow and leads to low blood sugar levels. It lowers your energy level and makes you feel tired the whole day. You will feel hungry all day and consume more food for lunch and dinner.

Researchers say that we should never skip breakfast as it keeps us energetic.

3. Limit Sugary Foods

Consuming chocolates and still complaining about weight do not make sense. You should limit the intake of sugary foods and prefer some new drinks or foods that contain fewer calories. For example, you can drink a latte that provides the same taste but contains fewer calories. Many cookies and pastries are made with brown sugar or with no sugar at all. 

4. Eat a Salad

Colorful veggies and fruits can freshen your eyes and health as well. A healthy salad can fulfill your all-essential nutrients, fiber, and proteins. But studies say that we should avoid heavy dressing and dried fruits because they can be too much belly-bloating sugar. 

5. Drink Green Tea

Green tea contains antioxidants and works as a refreshing beverage. Its antioxidant properties prevent the storage of belly fat and promote weight loss. You can replace green tea with sweetened tea to avoid weight gain. 

6. Buy Grapefruit

Stock up on grapefruits because it is a fat-burning fruit. People who are suffering from diabetes or cardiac diseases should eat grapefruit to avoid the bad cholesterol level in the body. Studies reveal that it also provides essential minerals and vitamins that are crucial for overall health. 

7. Add More Spices to Your Meal

If you are not suffering from any chronic diseases, you should add some spices to your meal. Studies reveal that spices have fat-burning chemicals that help to lose weight by boosting your metabolism. You can add mustard, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, etc. 

8. Drink a Smoothie

During a high temperature, cool yourself with a smoothie. It provides essential nutrients and helps you to avoid junk food as it makes you feel full for a long time. Mixing fruits and veggies smoothies can help you to lose weight this summer without any heavy workout. 


A researcher from Advance Diagnostic Centre of Islamabad says that you should also keep engaging with some exercise while consuming a healthy diet for weight loss in summer. Drink water as much as you can to keep yourself hydrated and improve your overall health along with burning extra fat.


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