6 Facts That Customize Toy Boxes Are More Engaging Than Simple Cardboard Boxes

custom cardboard boxes

Some people believe custom cardboard boxes are a great blank canvas for children of any age. They can be made into anything from an ice cream stand to a magic castle. “But what about the times when you want to give your child a toy box that’s all little more than just imagination?”

you may ask. The simple answer is: custom cardboard boxes are the perfect solution!

Toy boxes are a great way to keep toys tidy and organized, especially when you have a lot of them. The cardboard boxes typically found at the store can be used, but they get boring pretty quickly. Instead, you can make custom-printed cardboard boxes that will be more interesting for kids to play with—and parents can rest knowing their kids aren’t spending too much time accessing all the contents of the box.

Significance of Custom Cardboard Boxes:

Moreover, It’s hard to say no to a big bin of toys. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Why? Because when it comes to toys, less is more. If you want your kids to interact with the toys in their toy box, or if you want the toys to last longer, it’s best to get them involved in the selection and organisation process. No matter how well-built your toy box is, if it’s filled with junk, there’s no way for their creativity to shine through. So when it comes to getting a toy box, opt for one that allows your child to customize it with their favourite things.

Everyone knows that personalized gifts are the best.  One of the most fun types of customised presents is a toy box, customized to match its owner’s interests, and designed specifically for them. The following six features make toy boxes more engaging than simple cardboard boxes:

A Lid That’s Easy To Open/Close:

Kids like to play with their toy boxes, but sometimes they want to put things away. It can be frustrating when they can’t open or close the lid—especially if they have trouble with dexterity. By including an easy-access lid, you’re giving them the freedom to enjoy both sides of their toy boxes.

Custom Cardboard Boxes Sides That Are Deep Enough To Hold All Of Your Child’s Toys:

When you’re designing the inside of the toy box, you want to make sure that your child will be able to fit everything in there. An average child has a lot of toys, so you want the sides of their custom toy box to accommodate this large number.

A Bottom That Provides Support For The Weight:

As mentioned before, young kids tend to have a ton of toys. So you need to get custom-printed Cardboard boxes that can support and withstand the weight of it all, without breaking. Hence, the material used should be sturdy and durable.

Custom Cardboard Boxes Can Be Customised To Teach Kids:

Bespoke cardboard boxes can be used to teach kids letters and numbers with magnetic letter titles or number blocks. These custom cardboard boxes are interactive and educational. Kids can put together jigsaw, puzzles, work out logic problems or draw. This is one of the biggest advantages of getting custom-made toy boxes, as your child can learn a lot all while playing.

They Are Prove To Be More Engaging:

Toy boxes with factory-make designs are fun and engaging in their way. But custom-print cardboard boxes have be shown to keep children more intereste. And engage in the toy they’re storing in them. The reason behind this has to do with the exposure effect—the longer kids are expose to any stimuli, the more likely it is that they’ll become familiar with it, which leads to positive feelings towards that stimulus and its association with them.

Custom Cardboard Boxes help To Develop Creativity By Encouraging Imagination-Based Play:

When you give your child a toy box, you’re giving them a chance to think outside the box. There’s no longer the worry of wondering where the toys go when they’ve bee put aside. Because now there’s an accessible place for all to go. Plus, it can be just as fun to put things away as it is to retrieve them—toys. Can be sort base on colours or size or even shape. Which is great for developing categorization skills at any age.


In the end, what matters most is that kids have fun playing with their toys, but customising their specific play area with specific features can help them be more engaged in the experience.


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