Career Opportunities For You In The Fashion Industry

Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is one of the largest industries in the world and has millions of dollars of turnover. And if you also want to get into this money-minting industry, you need to have pre-requisite knowledge about fashion which you can obtain from any good fashion college. The Indian fashion industry is so large that it contributes almost 2.3 percent of the total GDP of India. So if you are willing to join the fashion industry and you are constantly looking for a job on craigslist nh then here are some job profiles that you can apply for. 

Fashion Designer

A fashion designer is one who is actively involved in the production of unique designs for the clothing industry. Moreover, they also work to design accessories that can be worn with the clothes. And also comply with the ongoing fashion trends in the world. Fashion design covers a wide variety of products such as footwear, jewelry, luggage, and other accessories. In India the starting salary of a fashion designer ranges between three to six lakhs, depending upon the educational background and experience of the person. 

Fashion Stylist 

You must have noticed that in every fashion show there is a person. Who is responsible for taking care of the makeup and appearance of the models? These people are called fashion stylists and they play a crucial role in fashion shows, photo shoots, events, and other promotional events in the fashion industry. The initial salary of a fashion stylist is around four to five lakh and once they are experienced they can make around seven to eight lakh. 

Fashion Merchandisers

Merchandisers are one of the most important jobs in the fashion industry. Their job is to ensure that the products that the company is manufacturing are actually relevant and it sells in the market. You would rarely find the requirement for a fashion merchandiser on hudson valley craigslist because most companies hire people from their company as fashion merchandisers. 

They work in close coordination with the fashion designers and the manufacturing units of the company. Moreover, some fashion merchandisers are also responsible for the proper management of stores. This means that it is they who will determine the right way in which a product needs to be displayed in a shop.

Retail Manager

The job of the retail manager includes a wide range of responsibilities like setting sales goals for the stores and promoting the products to the customers. And ensuring a hassle-free sales experience. The responsibilities of sales managers are the same all over the world and they are the ones who define the image of a company because they are the ones interacting with the customers. If you get this job, you can expect an annual salary from three to five lakhs, and soon after you gain some experience, you can earn around ten to twelve lakhs. 

Textile Designers

Everyone wants to have comfortable clothes and the comfort of cloth depends on the type of fabric used to make it. And it is the responsibility of a textile designer to ensure that the quality of the fabric is excellent. The colors used in clothes are of good quality and the material is durable. Due to their significance in the industry, you can make around 5 lakh as an initial salary in this job profile. 

So these were some of the jobs you can take up if you are planning to enter the fashion industry. All of these jobs are wonderful and the job that you choose depends on your interest and work expectations. 



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