Candy Spelling Net Worth, Early Life, Career [2023]

Candy Spelling Net Worth

As we reveal the enticing narrative of Candy Spelling incredible net worth, go into the fantastical world of extravagant confections. Behind Hollywood’s syrupy shimmer and glamour sits a lady who revolutionized luxury and pleasure. Candy Spelling, the charming matriarch of the Spelling clan, has an unrivaled flare for luxury and has accumulated a wealth comparable to her namesake’s sweetness. Her financial empire offers a narrative of enticing extravagance and apparent success, complete with opulent houses and brilliant jewellery.

Candy Spelling net worth

Reports state that Candy Spelling net worth is $600 million. After her husband, Aaron Spelling, passed away in 2006, she received much of his wealth. On the other hand, Candy has established herself well as a novelist and philanthropist. She contributed significantly to her wealth by involving herself in many real estate ventures.

Early Life

Carole Gene Marer was raised in a Jewish home after her birth on September 20, 1945, in Beverly Hills, California. Her father was a businessman who sold furniture and developed a business chain. She attended Chouinard Art Institute under the alias “Candy” before transferring to Beverly Hills High School.

Candy Spelling Net Worth

Candy was born into a wealthy family; her father was a high-ranking business leader, and her mother stayed home to raise the family. She graduated from Beverly Hills High and then studied psychology at UCLA. Candy’s elder brother was born on July 24, 1942, and his name is Anthony Marer. Her father had been successful with a network of furniture shops at the outset of the family’s economic success. Still, the business failed due to his ambitious growth. Initially known as Carole Gene Marer, Candy Spelling married UCLA classmate Aaron Spelling in 1968.


Candy Spelling’s autobiography, “Stories From Candyland,” was published in 2009 and became an instant hit, spending its first two weeks on the prestigious New York Times Bestsellers List. Five years later, she gave readers to her book, “Candy at Last,” showcasing her writing skills. Candy Spelling has also written for major websites, including TMZ and the Huffington Post, where her commentary is widely read.

HGTV’s “Selling Spelling Manor” debuted Candy Spelling in 2011 and returned for a second season in 2012. This intriguing two-part documentary followed Candy’s determined attempts to sell her house following her husband’s death. Spelling Manor, completed in 1988, was LA County’s largest residence. Its impressive 56,000 square feet included five kitchens, fourteen bedrooms, seventeen bathrooms, and three rooms devoted entirely to wrapping gifts. Candy listed The mansion for US$150 million, the highest price ever demanded for a private residence in the United States when Aaron Spelling departed the firm. In the end, Petra Ecclestone purchased the estate in 2011 for about US$85 million. “Selling Spelling Manor” discusses these interesting facets at length.

After “Selling Spelling Manor” was a hit, Candy launched “Beyond Spelling Manor,” a three-part documentary about her desire to create a new home. She searches for an apartment and builds $35 million New York City condos.

Candy Spelling’s Career Continues

Candy Spelling started a new career after the death of her husband, focusing on producing Broadway productions. The musical “Promises, Promises,” which she is credited with creating, was nominated for four Tony Awards. To continue her winning streak, she published “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.”

Candy Spelling Net Worth

It wasn’t until the 2012 production of “Nice Work if You Can Get It” that Candy’s abilities as a producer were fully recognized, and he was awarded a Tony for his efforts. The 2013 staging of “After Midnight” added another Tony Award to her resume. A record-breaking two Tony Awards were given to the cast of “The Color Purple” in 2016. This was the beginning of her prolific career, which has seen the creation of such works as “Carousel,””Three Tall Women,” and “The Iceman Cometh.” It is a credit to Candy Spelling’s ingenuity and perseverance that she went from writing memoirs to making engaging television appearances to star in amazing Broadway shows.

Personal Life

The late Aaron Spelling’s wife, Candy, became famous as the partner of the successful TV producer behind such hits as Charlie’s Angels and Beverly Hills, 90210. They have two famous offspring: actress Tori Spelling and actor Randy Spelling. However, the news that Aaron Spelling’s kids got far lesser inheritances than their mother caused a stir.

Candy Spelling is well-known not just as a member of the Spelling family but also for her charitable work. Since joining the board of American Humane, an animal welfare charity, she has become a key participant in her industry. Her Los Angeles nonprofits and councils also work on park preservation, healthcare reform, and childcare for working parents.

Real Estate

In 1988, Aaron and Candy built and moved into their magnificent home, which they dubbed Spelling Manor. Located in Los Angeles’ exclusive Holmby Hills neighbourhood, this castle was so large that it had 123 rooms. Its 56,500 square feet of space had fourteen bedrooms, seventeen bathrooms, and five completely functional kitchens, making it the most significant home in Los Angeles County.

After Aaron passed away, Candy made the shocking decision to sell the property for $150 million. She found a buyer in Petra Ecclestone, a notable British socialite. She sold the grand property to her in 2010 for $85 million. Selling Spelling Manor, an intriguing HGTV documentary series, chronicles this sale process from beginning to end.


After leaving Spelling Manor, Candy rented a lavish apartment in a neighbouring high-rise called The Century. Located on the 42nd level, this beautiful penthouse had desirable amenities, including a screening room and a saltwater swimming pool throughout its spacious 18,000 square feet. However, the price tag was steep at $35 million.

Candy made a new play in the real estate market in October of this year by putting another Malibu mansion up for sale. The listing price of this home is relatively high at $23 million.


Beyond her sparkling fortune and ostentatious displays of wealth, Candy Spelling’s economic savvy and astute investment decisions have cemented her reputation as a powerful businesswoman.


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