Brighten Up the Summer with Classy Style Choices – Things to Pair Up Your Cowboy Hats With

cowboy hat

The summer times call for a vacation, sooner or later! And when you are planning to go to the beach of your choice, you need to dress up in style. The apparent style accessory that will inevitably make it to your style bucket for the summer of 2022 is the cowboy hat, as that has made a stunning comeback. Most celebrities are wearing it on their way to their summer staycation, which is enough reason for you to flaunt it.

Arranging your wardrobe, right from the jewelry, the handbag, the sundress, the shoes and the hat, everything needs to have a touch of fun. So, you need to realize that summer means effortless styling. It means you don’t need to try too hard to look your best. The idea is just to be out there and have some fun. And since the quarantine had made us all homebound for a while, it is essential to go all out and embrace the joy that fashion can bring you.

The cowboy hats can be styled differently. No rulebook says you need to count only on the denim to create the rugged and rustic look of the Wild West. That means you can select the subdued flashes of your skin, the light fabrics, and the celebratory, fun shades that are the best summer trends you can count on.

Often women go to a leading hatmaker, get the cowboy hat that looks best on them and find themselves at a standstill. Do you resonate with that? Here are a few trends that will work in your favor this summer, and you can add more to them based on your summer style interpretations.

  1. Get some mellow yellow

You can brighten the day by selecting a mood-enhancing yellow tone. Are you wondering how to get started here? Go ahead and choose a slinky dress and make the most of the monochromatic look. A button-down top and matching trouser is a great choice. When you don’t want to choose a complete saturation as your forte, you can make use of bold colors as a point of attraction. It is apt to add dresses with a slightly minimal tone, such as pastel shades like lilac and earthy taupe shades. To bring in sharp contrast with the yellow tones, you can wear a black or a chestnut brown cowboy hat in felt or straw fabric. During summer, you would want to travel light. A felt or straw fabric wouldn’t be too much of a pocket pinch and will also add to your summer look.

  1. The summer suiting

Summer time style means sophistication without any stiffness. Here you should go ahead with the lighter fabric and color options since the summer will not weigh you down. Since summer dresses are an easy choice, you can say yes to suiting, which will offer you a head-to-toe look and a fresh twist. Most women don’t like head-to-toe suiting. They can break up their look using sleek separates, such as jeans and a white blazer. Alternatively, you can select the cream trousers to pair them with the breezy tee. To complement the suiting style, you can say yes to the leather cowboy hat in a contrasting shade to break the monotony and add an element of gravitas to your look.

  1. An element of great sport

There is no need to play the field to look your part! It means the polo shirts, biker shorts, and tracksuits that will let you redefine vacation wear and beachwear. You can go ahead and pair the sporty separates with your best sneakers. It will also provide you with a feminine look when you wear it with your pretty sandals and carry a clutch. The straw cowboy hat in beige or even pastel brown adds to your sporty spirit. Add a trendy hatband if you want to, which will add an element of spunk to your look.

  1. The craze for cutouts

A little skin show never mattered. Hence, the summer of 22 is mainly about a “peek-a-book-trend,” which will feature several cutesy cutout dresses. Several brands feature some of the best offerings. To leverage this trend, you can select the flattering cutout placements, which would primarily focus on the hips and midsection. Often an element of high-end fashion matches very well with a cute look. You can get a black leather cowboy hat with a narrow hatband to complete this look. You can check out to browse more cowboy hats.

Last but not least, it’s time to count on the bold polka-dot prints. You can go ahead and select a dotted top that peeks out from a classy blazer. Other than that, you can also choose a polka-dot dress. Here you can select any cowboy hat in straw, felt, or leather fabric to add the required style and glamor to your look. Once you find your comfort zone, you can pick the combination that works for you.



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