Bindi Irwin Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Bindi Irwin Net Worth

Bindi Irwin is an Australian television personality, conservationist, and zoo operator who has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

The daughter of the late Steve Irwin, Bindi has followed in her father’s footsteps to educate people about wildlife conservation and promote animal care. Bindi has built a successful career through her television shows, public appearances, and Australia Zoo operations.

Bindi Irwin Net Worth

Bindi Irwin has accumulated an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2023. At 24, this feat is impressive and demonstrates her success across various business ventures.

Her work at the Australia Zoo is the most significant contributing factor to Bindi’s wealth. As a prominent figurehead for the zoo operations, Bindi has helped grow the zoo into a lucrative tourist attraction that generates around $40 million AUD per year in revenue.

While the exact details of Bindi’s compensation are unknown, it’s clear that the thriving family-run zoo business is the primary source of her multi-million dollar net worth.

Her appearance on Dancing with the Stars in 2015 alone earned her over $350,000. Her endorsements with companies like AussieBum Swimwear provide recurring income from royalties and sponsorship fees.

Early Life and Education

Bindi Irwin was born on July 24, 1998, in Nambour, Queensland, Australia. She is the daughter of the late Steve Irwin and Terri Irwin, both animal conservationists and founders of the Australia Zoo.

Bindi grew up with an unconventional childhood, splitting her time between living at the family zoo and appearing on television. She made her first TV debut in 2002 at 3 years old on The Crocodile Hunter Diaries, a wildlife documentary series hosted by her father, Steve. That launched her into the spotlight at an early age.

Bindi Irwin Net Worth

She was being homeschooled, which allowed Bindi the flexibility to balance her education with duties at the zoo and her budding TV career. Her mother, Terri, was instrumental in providing Bindi with classroom lessons at home. Outside academics, Bindi developed hands-on animal care and conservation skills at the zoo under her father’s mentorship.

Rise to Fame

Bindi Irwin stepped into the spotlight at a very young age. She made her television debut in 2002 at 3 years old, appearing on The Crocodile Hunter Diaries documentary series with her father, Steve Irwin. Her enthusiasm for wildlife and quirky personality quickly won over audiences.

After gaining popularity on her family’s show, Bindi landed her first lead role in 2007, headlining the children’s series Bindi the Jungle Girl. The show focused on Bindi’s hands-on animal experiences and conservation efforts. Its success established Bindi as a star in her own right.

Tragically, Bindi lost her father in 2006 when Steve Irwin passed away. With immense strength, Bindi took on more public roles following his death to carry on his legacy. She made numerous talk show appearances and gave interviews to pay tribute to her father’s life.

Career Beginnings

Bindi Irwin made her first television appearance in 2002 on The Crocodile Hunter Diaries when she was just 3 years old. She quickly became a regular part of the show, appearing in over 50 episodes.

In 2007, Bindi got her first lead role hosting the children’s wildlife documentary Bindi the Jungle Girl. The show aired for two seasons and spotlighted Bindi’s passion for wildlife.

After her father’s tragic death in 2006, Bindi increased her involvement at the Australia Zoo to help carry on his mission. She gave tours, worked directly with the animals, and promoted conservation.

Sources of Income

Bindi Irwin has accumulated her multimillion-dollar net worth through various income sources she has monetized from a young age.

Her most lucrative income stream has been television show salary and royalties. Starring in popular shows like Bindi the Jungle Girl and Dancing With the Stars generated substantial earnings for Bindi.

Bindi Irwin Net Worth

Bindi Irwin’s appearance on Dancing With the Stars in 2015 resulted in over $350,000 paid out. Ongoing royalties from show reruns and residuals also provide lasting income from her television work.

Earnings and Salary

Bindi Irwin has built multimillion-dollar earnings through various entertainment, licensing, and business ventures by age 24. Her appearance on Dancing With the Stars in 2015 resulted in over $350,000, demonstrating her high pay scale for television projects.

A steady salary from hands-on work at Australia Zoo also provides reliable income year after year, likely in the six figures based on her senior role.

Additional income streams through celebrity endorsement deals, merchandise licensing, public appearances, and business ventures have supplemented Bindi’s wealth. Due to her fame and demand, she can command fees of up to $100,000.

Between TV salary, zoo earnings, branding partnerships, and licensing royalties, Bindi has multiple thriving income channels that will continue driving her net worth upward as her career flourishes.

While already financially well-off, Bindi’s earning power will likely keep accelerating.

Personal Life and Relationships

Bindi met her eventual husband, Chandler Powell when he visited the Australia Zoo in 2013. The two dated for 6 years before getting engaged in 2019. They were married in March 2020 at the Australia Zoo.

In 2021, Bindi gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Grace Warrior Irwin Powell. Being a husband to Chandler and mother to Grace are stated to be Bindi’s top priorities.

Outside of family life, Bindi remains passionate about animal conservation and continuing her late father’s mission. She works hands-on at the Australia Zoo daily to educate visitors, promote wildlife welfare, and expand the zoo’s offerings.

Business Ventures

The Australia Zoo has become Bindi Irwin’s primary business as she works hands-on, overseeing daily operations, new exhibits, conservation efforts, and more at the zoo her parents founded.

Under Bindi’s leadership, the zoo has expanded into a major tourist attraction, generating around $40 million annually. As the daughter of the founders, Bindi likely earns a substantial salary and equity stake in the thriving family enterprise.

Bindi has also pursued side business ventures that align with her brand. From 2015 to 2019, she operated Bindi’s Bootcamp Wildlife “Adventures in the Wild,” providing fans paid personal access to Bindi as a guide at the Australia Zoo. She earns licensing royalties from merchandise featuring her name and image, including her swimwear line.

As an executive producer, Bindi has worked on television projects like the Netflix series Crikey. It’s the Irwins. While the show ended, it provided valuable production experience and residual income that Bindi can build upon.


Bindi Irwin dedicates substantial time and resources to conservation, one of her biggest passions. She works extensively with the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, a protected nature habitat in Australia. Bindi helps manage daily operations, secure funding, and promote the reserve’s conservation efforts.

She also fulfills a leadership role in her family’s non-profit organization, Wildlife Warriors. The organization has funded over 200 conservation projects worldwide. Bindi assists with fundraising, planning wildlife protection strategies, and spreading awareness through social media.

FAQs on Bindi Irwin Net Worth

What is Bindi Irwin best known for?

Bindi Irwin is best known for being a television personality, conservationist, and animal expert. She gained fame as a child starring on wildlife shows like The Crocodile Hunter Diaries and Bindi the Jungle Girl with her late father, Steve Irwin.

How much is Bindi Irwin’s net worth?

Bindi Irwin has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2023. Her wealth comes from TV salary, Australia Zoo revenue, merchandising, and other business ventures.

Is Bindi Irwin married?

Bindi Irwin married Chandler Powell in March 2020. The two met at the Australia Zoo in 2013 when Powell was visiting from Florida. They engaged on Bindi’s 21st birthday in 2019 before tying the knot the following year.

Does Bindi Irwin have kids?

Bindi and her husband Chandler welcomed their first child together in March 2021 – a daughter named Grace Warrior Irwin Powell. Becoming a mother is stated to be Bindi’s proudest role yet.


Bindi Irwin has built an impressive net worth of $3 million. By following in her father’s footsteps as a television personality and conservationist, Bindi has carved out her path to fame and fortune.

Bindi’s future looks bright with a loving family, thriving business ventures, and a passion for wildlife. Her father would undoubtedly be proud of her positive impact on the world.

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