5 Best Ways to Encourage Leadership and Engagement in the Office

encourage leadership and engagement in the workplace

Among the various factors responsible for the long-term success of an organization, employee growth and engagement are the most critical variables.

An engaged and enthusiastic workforce contributes toward the achievement of business goals with enhanced productivity and performance. However, employee engagement is not only limited to ensuring the employee’s involvement.

It also includes ensuring employees acquire new skills, roles and responsibilities that add value to their professional development. 

Modern organizations understand the importance of employee development and thus continuously strive to groom employee skills essential in the workplace. For example, leadership skills are one of these qualities that play an important role in today’s fast-paced business environment. 

Moreover, providing opportunities for employees to develop leadership skills also helps organizations improve employee engagement rates. However, doing this is not as easy as it sounds. But hrms dashboard design helping employees to develop certain skills requires implementing the right strategies, keeping in mind the individual accomplishments and accountability of employees. 

Ways to encourage leadership and engagement in the workplace

The below-given are some tips that will help an employer to encourage leadership qualities in employees, turning them into great leaders and maintaining employee engagement at the workplace:

Plan interactive group activities

The best way to start is to plan and organize group activities. These can be fun games or outdoor activities, or team outings, that encourage collaboration and consensus-building. For example, choose activities that require any of the team members to participate as a leader to guide the rest of the team. This will help employees learn team management skills that are essential for developing leadership qualities as well as improving employee engagement. 

Delegate authority effectively

Delegating authority helps employers to assess whether the employees are capable of handling the responsibilities as a leader, thus, it is essential to do it the right way. Allow employees to make decisions, take on meetings and give them a chance to lead in other activities involved in day-to-day work routine. The more the employee is accountable, the more they become aware of responsibilities and the know-how to handle them. This will also help employees to explore growth opportunities within the business. 

Give opportunities to network  

Allow employees to collaborate not only with members of the concerned department but also with the other departments. Regardless of background and speciality, facilitating interdepartmental interactions fosters an individual’s skills to network and enables professional solid connections. Besides, when employees leverage the freedom of communication, they feel more engaged in the workplace. 

Encourage healthy competition

One of the most critical qualities of being a leader is to take on every challenge and competition with an optimistic approach. To promote this quality, allow employees to participate in a friendly competition where they are rewarded for their accomplishments, and outstanding performance. This helps employees to learn how to cope with the challenges as well as makes them feel valued in the organization. Furthermore, with the help of competency management software, employees can analyze individual employee progress. 

Share feedbacks

Be it developing leadership qualities or any other personal skill, feedback plays an important role in improving performance. When employers give feedback to employees about their performance, progress and learning, it helps employees to focus on areas of improvement. Consequently, feedback to appreciate efforts and progress motivates employees to do better and accomplish goals. 

To sum up…

While employee engagement helps businesses improve productivity, it also poses a set of challenges to ensuring employee growth and development. In an effort to encourage leadership and engagement in the workplace, organizations must provide employees with the opportunities to lead, learn and grow. Moreover, employers can follow the above-mentioned tips to enhance employee participation and involvement in the organization.


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