Best Spanish TV Shows to Watch At Least Once

Spanish TV Shows

Well, when it comes to TV shows, Spanish language TV shows have their own hype. While some people only associate Spanish TV titles with the drug cartels, there is much more to it. Some series depict women’s empowerment, romance, drama, as well as comedy. So, if you are a Spanish-speaking person residing in the US, and are looking for recommendations for good TV shows, you will love the series discussed below. So, read along and find out the best Spanish TV has to offer. 

Cable Girls 

Cable Girls is set in 1920s Spain when Spain had newly gotten its first national telephone company in Madrid. When the four young women get jobs there, it signifies equality, empowerment, and progress in the era when women were fighting for their rights. The story revolves around the four women that are called the “Cable Girls”. When women were only seen as second-class citizens or housewives, the ‘cable girls’ could feel attached to each other on a deeper level and are able to connect, in terms of issues with their families, partners, and the past. The show is super entertaining and heart-warming. It beautifully showcases the challenges women of that time used to face.

Money Heist 

Money Heist is a very popular Netflix original crime drama TV show that revolves around a bunch of robbers with the names of cities. ‘The Professor’ leads the lot and trains them for a heist for the world to remember. The mastermind professor comes up with a plan to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain, and his team executes the plan. The group of thieves, negotiate with the police in different ways, and as time passes, the robbers prepare for a showdown with the police. The TV show is suspenseful and once you start watching it you cannot leave it unfinished, as it keeps you hooked to the screen. 


Set and filmed in Colombia, Narcos is an American crime drama TV show. The TV show revolves around the famous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, who smuggled cocaine and became a billionaire. The series also portrays the actions taken by law enforcement as they battle against the drug lords. As the law enforcement agencies investigate, they try to control the drug trade, and some of the world’s most significant authorities, legal, political, police, military, and civilians get into conflict. The TV show is rich in script, action, as well as suspense and keeps you hooked to your screens until the end. 


Elite is a Netflix original drama TV show that revolves around the lives of a bunch of high school kids. When three working-class teens get enrolled in Spain’s exclusive private school, they clash with the wealthy students at school, which eventually leads to murder. The TV show is full of suspense as the authorities try to investigate who committed the murder. Apart from the investigation, the story of each character is messed up and adds to the plot. If you love suspenseful murder mysteries, you will love this TV show. 

High Seas 

High Seas is another Netflix original title that is suspenseful, murder mystery, as well as romantic. The story revolves around two sisters Eva, and Carolina who board the luxurious ship traveling from Spain to Rio De Janeiro, and the moment they board, things start getting weird. Murders start happening on the ship. While the plot might not seem that strong, the TV series is perfect to watch if you are willing to see a luxurious setting, pretty faces, romance, suspense, as well as action.

Jane The Virgin

Jane The Virgin is a romantic comedy series that revolves around a girl Jane who gets accidentally impregnated due to a medical slipup. The bigger shock that Jane gets is the fact that the biological father of her implanted child is her former boss and crush. As a young girl, Jane had chosen to stay chaste until marriage, and the medical slipup changes her life forever. 

Well, the show is fun, super entertaining, and teaches us a lot about life, especially being a girl. The TV show is a must-watch for you if you are a young girl learning new things in life. To watch Jane The Virgin, and the other TV shows, you need a TV service that comes with live cable TV as well as on-demand content, and for that we suggest getting Spectrum TV. Spectrum TV offers a complete package for Spanish customers with more than half Spanish channels, and they also allow you to customize your channels. Besides, Spectrum Servicio al cliente also takes calls in Spanish. So, get your TV plan now, and enjoy your favorite Spanish language TV shows now. 

El Chapo

Set in 1985, El Chapo is a series that revolves around one of the biggest drug kingpins in history. The drama discusses El Chapo’s life in crime, starting from his beginning in the 1980s Guadalajara Cartel, to his rise to power, and then eventually his fall from the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel. Along his way, El Chapo fights enemies, and people who become hurdles in building his empire. 

Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black is a comedy-drama Netflix TV show that is set in a women’s prison. The story revolves around Piper Chapman a woman in her 30s who is sentenced to 15 months in prison due to her relationship with a drug dealer Alex Vause. The tough circumstances of life in prison change Piper drastically and she takes measures that she never even thought about doing. The TV show is one of the most powerful scripts and moves you with incredible acting skills. 

So, the TV shows mentioned below are some of the best Spanish TV shows in the US and if you are someone who speaks Spanish and lives in the States, you will love these TV shows. So, watch them now and enjoy. 


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