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Best Instagram Growth Services to Grow Your Account 2022

The goal of marketing is to increase the reach and there is just one way to do it on Instagram – to increase followers. It is easier said than done as it is not an easy task. You would have to produce high-quality content consistently. And even then, there is no guarantee that the account will experience growth in terms of followers.

So, is there any better and quicker way to increase followers count? Fortunately, yes. Several services will help to increase the following on your account. And we have compiled a list of the 5 best Instagram growth services to grow your account. So, let’s dive right into it.

 Best Instagram Growth Services


Kicksta is one of the top-rated services to grow the Instagram audience. It is popular mainly because unlike most services it gets the users an organic following. Users have to create an account and provide some sample accounts that have the same type of followings that users want. This can include complementary brands, competitions, and the influencers that are operating within your niche.

The service will engage with those followers by liking their posts and sharing their feeds. The idea is to make people curious about your account and make them visit your pages. As more people will start visiting your feed, the chances of organic growth will increase significantly. The service also offers filters to monitor and track the growth of your account.

Kicksta offers three plans, Standard, Premium, and Boost plans which are priced at $49, $99, and $218 a month respectively. The main difference between the three plans is the speed of growth and the number of sample accounts that users can provide.


Upleap is a service designed for those who want an instant increase in their followers. The company claims it can deliver results within three minutes. Users just have to visit their websites and choose the package which is essentially the number of followers. Make the transaction and the account will experience instant growth. Mind you, this will not be an organic following but it will be quick nonetheless.

Their packages start from $9 which provides 100 followers and go as high as $39 which gets users 1,000 followers. You can also purchase the same package multiple times. The best part about this service is that it does not require a password. So, users that have concerns related to privacy would not mind gaining a couple of hundred followers for a few bucks.

That said, the service only focuses on providing more followers. It is not known how the service operates or whether the followers are even real. It could very well be bots for all we know. However, for marketers who want to build portfolios and influencers who want to attract sponsorships, it is a decent enough option.


Nitreo is another well-reputed Instagram growth service that claims to bring an organic following. It is a bit cheaper and faster than Kicksta but there is no data to suggest which of the two brings more following. These services work similarly to Kicksta but instead of providing the service with sample accounts, users have to provide Hashtags.

The platform engages with the users that are using those Hashtags which inspire them to visit your profile. Hence, the account experiences organic growth. It is better than cheaper inorganic alternatives because those followers do not engage with the posts. You would have a large following but a little activity on the account.

That said, you would have to provide Nitreo with the passwords and the username. This can be concerning for some users but it is assuring that as of now no user has reported a breach of privacy. Packages of the service include the Essential Plan and Speed Plan which are priced at $49 and $79 a month respectively.


Combin is a unique Instagram growth service that offers “Instagram audience management and attraction”. It is a desktop tool that gives the users liberty to choose exact posts in addition to profiles to engage with. Users would have to sign in to combine and engage with the type of audience they want. The platform would remember the preference of users and will continue to do so consistently.

In contrast to other platforms, Combin does not give away that it is a tool that is engaging with users. It makes it feel like normal interaction which makes the potential followers curious and thus increases the followers’ count. Another unique feature is that it can leave comments under the posts of potential followers as well. This is by far the most engaging feature that is offered by the best Instagram growth services.

Best part? It even offers a free trial which is rare in this market and its plan starts at only $15 a month.


AiGrow is an exceptional service for users who do not want to spend their hard-earned money to increase Instagram followers. It is one of the very few services that offer a free plan which works too. The platform works like most other services and engages with potential followers. You can provide it with the target audience based on locations, hashtags, and the account they follow.

It also allows users to control the speed of growth to make it look more organic. Furthermore, the platform can take other actions like leaving a comment, or following or unfollowing the account on your behalf as well.

That said, users who want to avail more features can subscribe to their paid plans which start at $75 a month and go as high as $150 a month. The main difference between these plans is the number of followers users get.

The Bottom Line

There are a huge number of services that claim to increase the followers count on Instagram but not all of them are reliable. You have to provide a username and sometimes, even passwords to these services. Hence, it is important to pick the right services. We have enlisted the 5 best Instagram growth services to grow your account that is credible and so far, no breach of privacy has been reported against them. We hope this piece has helped. Social Followers UK is one of the best companies that provide growth services. You can get services and boost your social presence.

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