Best CRM Software of 2021

Best CRM Software List

Freeware CRM software download might not be an uncommon component these days, however getting an unfastened CRM carrier with all the perks of top rate ones is probably tough. Maximum of these CRM software program loose download complete version links include completely preconfigured equipment and set up help.

Best CRM Software List:

We have compiled a listing of the top 11 CRM software program links that are now available at no cost.

1. Mirror CRM customer software

This is one of the latest rising CRM software programs for each Mac and home windows which strengthens verbal exchange between clients and the authorities.

  • Management of multiple obligations at a time.
  • Reminders for occasions, phone calls and conferences can be set on calendars.
  • Multiple users and the web get admission to permit human beings to attach via the net.
  • Export of reports in PDF format thru print and fax.
  • You could control more than one company with one version download that too at no cost.

2. SugarCRM five.1.Zero

Manipulate all of your business contacts and members of the family with just one software. The SugarCRM five.1.Zero comes with 24 hours help and cloud storage facilities. It has been designed to preserve growing companies in thought.

  • Help automation and limitless customization guide.
  • Advertising lead control.
  • Complete reporting and dashboard.
  • Designed for entire customer cell assist.
  • Whole features in the loose model as well.

3. CRM- specific expert

This is a whole software to attend to all your advertising, income and clients’ wishes.

Consists of SMSing and emailing functions.

  • Integrates all activities and notifications to calendars.
  • Additionally includes information feeds, meeting planners, employer library, journal and form designers.
  • Can be used by many people in a massive enterprise with just one unfastened download.

4. CRM explicit last

The CRM specific remaining software program is a freeware which comes with SMS alert facilities and news feeds. The web to guide choice allows customers to combine facts into a database.

  • A new auto-reply alternative is likewise covered within the new version.
  • Loose calendar and notification options.
  • Regular loose updates and 24X7 customer support.
  • List management choice lets in for touch electronic mail listing control.
  • Shape clothier and My work day features are also blanketed in a free, trial model.

5. Vtiger CRM 5.21

An open supply CRM software program that has been designed to meet all your commercial enterprise needs and consumer relation strengthening.

The marketing automation function comes with traditional e-mail, social advertising and marketing campaigns, sales and emailing.

  • You could convert calls, emails and different offerings into assist instances and reroute them to reps.
  • Complete Database constructing of products and services to create costs, income orders and invoices.
  • A 360° view of contacts, income and deals.

6. Income organizer 8.7

The loose trial version of income Organizer comes with all the CRM features you may ask for and more; all you want to do is plug it right into a scanner and start compiling.

All premium features are included inside the trial model; purchase order, tax precise gadgets, bar code scanning and printing.

  • You may upload new gadgets and replace expenses and quantities of the same frequently.
  • You could additionally accumulate and examine client’s invoices every so often.

7. The Ant CRM 2

The Ant CRM is a software with micro-coping with skills. It is good for small groups which are searching ahead to build a sturdy patron dating.

  • With the Ant CRM 2 you can file all of the phone calls.
  • You may verify appointments; enlist all activities and appointments in the included calendar.
  • Auditing your leads becomes a toddler’s play together with generation of actual-time reviews.
  • You can control your Contractors, checks, Accounting and Invoices with an unmarried CRM software program.

8. ACE touch supervisor CRM 7.1.74

The ACE touch supervisor CRM software program is the only contact management device that has been designed recently. 

  • It has an easy and clean user-pleasant interface.
  • Does no longer require any administrator to run consumer server installation for any multi-consumer model.
  • Best for sales Funnel Implementation event, assignment management, control Invoicing and Time management functions.

9. ZTP unfastened CRM 1.10

That is a well desirable CRM software for all windows users who need a top class carrier while not having to spend a penny. This is good for small corporations, people and shared networks to share addresses and plan activities as one unit.

  • Easy to perform and learn.
  • Updates whenever a user logs in.
  • Multi-person based interface.
  • Facilitates in making plans, responsibilities, appointments; comes with incorporated calendars and shareable journals.

10. SaasLight CRM three.0.2501

This is a slightly huge however feather-mild CRM software which is now available for free downloads for all of the windows customers. This is primarily internet primarily based and comes with entire customer service.

  • It has newly covered a brand new income management engine and a survey engine too.
  • Any purchaser can open and follow incidents, instances and solutions.
  • Threaded wandering and dialogue forums for all customers to put up and talk about common troubles.

11. CapsuleCRM

  • The CapsuleCRM is as tiny as it sounds and also you do not need to pay a penny if you wish to share it with your business associate.
  • The trial model has an intuitive interface, properly appropriate for cellular customers as nicely.
  • The unfastened version comes with 10 Mb of garage space and up to 250 contacts.
  • A minimum price improvement expands the storage to two Gb, 50,000 contacts and integrates FreshBooks and Mailchimp without spending a dime.


All CRM gear and software help improve your patron relations and cater to all your business enterprise requirements. All of the open source CRMs are a bliss for the reason that they are loose and extremely customizable.


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