Bert Kish Longmire

Bert Kish Longmire

Here we are going to talk about Bert Kish Longmire. Bert Kish was a filmmaker, producer, writer, and editor of Hungarian-Canadian origin. His father, Albert Kish, was a famous film director. Their original surname was Kiss; His father anglicized it after settling in Canada. He is particularly famous for editing a crime thriller movie series, Longmire. Interestingly, this son-father duo is often mistaken for each other due to the similarity in their name. In Hollywood history, we can hardly count on such editors who have made such a long-lasting impression in such a short time. Bert Kish died on May 24, 2017, due to cancer. He was only fifty years of age at the time of his demise.

Bert Kish’s ground-breaking success movie, Longmire, premiered on JUNE 13, 2012, on the A&E network. Although both father and son spent far fewer lives than their fans expected them to do, their incredible talent is something unforgettable.

The early life of Bert Kish

Bert is Hungarian by descent, but he was born in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His father, Albert Gish, moved to settle in Canada in 1957. Bert was born on September 15, 1965.

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When he entered his high-teenage years, he relocated to the vibrant city of Los Angeles, the USA, with his brother, Colin.

As goes without saying, Los Angeles is the ”goldmine of career opportunities.” Bert Gish adopted the career of filmmaking, following his father’s suit. He attended McGill University after completing his high schooling at Westmount High School.

The professional life of Bert Kish

Like his father, Albert Kish, Bert was a multi-talented personality. He was involved with the various aspects of cinema, such as photography, editing, producing, directing, etc. Seeing his father, he wanted to grow up as an accomplished filmmaker.

Albert Kish influenced his son at a tender age. He learned his hereditary skills, like film editing, cinematography, and photography, and the soft skills of filmmaking and film-writing on his own.

The professional life of Bert Kish

He had worked in several well-known movies, like ‘Summer of 67’, ‘Bread,’ ‘Family House.’ Bert has also successfully directed TV series and movies, like ‘Stranded in Paradise, ‘Snow Bride,’ ‘Winter Song,’ and many others.

Now coming to his role as an editor, this is when he saw a breakthrough in his career. His editing projects like ‘Jake and The Kid ‘ and ‘Longmire’ earned him huge recognition. Also, he has been the editor of ‘The Legacy,’ ‘Death Valley, ‘The Bridge.’ He acted in a TV Horrorshow, ‘ The Haunting of Sorority Row,’ and an Australian movie, ‘Deadly Pledge.’

A brief biography of the father, Albert Kish.

Albert Kiss was born in Eger in 1937. He went to Vienna, Austria after his studies were interrupted due to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. During his stay in Vienna, Albert saw films from NFB for the first time, which greatly impressed him. Consequently, He embarked on a journey towards Montreal, Quebec, with Bela Belaz’s book, Film Kultura, in his hand and his wild dreams.

Initially, he worked in junior roles, such as cameraman, photographer, etc., in the private film and advertising industries. In 1964, he joined CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) as an editor, where he assumed the role of senior editor after three years. In 1967, the National Film Board of Canada accepted him, and he served the board with his long and distinguished career, working as a director and editor of over 30 films.

He has directed six award-winning films, including Bread (1984) and ‘The Age of Invention’ (1984). He has bagged about 25 various types of awards and certifications for his movies, short movies, and documentaries. He died on October 23, 2015, at the age of 78.

Bert Kish’s Net Worth.

Bert Kish had an estimated worth of $1.9 million in 2017 when he died. However, no authentic source is available online to support the fact. As hard-working and dedicated as his father, he won many awards and nominations. However, the number of films Bert Kish directed and edited was far less than his dad’s because his life did not give him enough time and space, and he had to leave this world at the early age of 52.

Bert Kish's Net Worth.

Bert Kish Relationship status

Bert Kish was a real family man who greatly respected privacy. He was not among the celebrities whose names always make rounds in the news. His wife’s name was Vanessa Trackeswsky. He had a son named Aris, who was born in 2006. It is unclear when or where the couple got married or where their son was born and raised.

Kish father-son duo kept their personal and family details well out of the public domain. It is said that Bert died of cancer like his father, but there is little evidence available to this.

Bert Kish Longmire Project

Before Longmire, Bert Kish’s projects, like ‘Stranded in Paradise ‘Snow Bride,’ garnered wide public attention for his editing and directing skills. Kish’s Longmire sojourn lasted for several seasons.

The story revolves around a sheriff in the fictional Absaroka county named Walt Longmire. After his wife’s tragic death, he returns to work and investigates many dangerous crimes with the help of his staff and friends. Longmire had six seasons and 63 episodes in total. It was originally premiered on A &E from 2012-to 2014. Netflix released it in 2015, and its sixth and last season was released in 2017.

Bert Kish awards

Looking at the awards Bert Kish Longmire has coined, one must say,’ like father like son.’ Some of his awards include:

  • Gemini Awards for Best Dramatic Editing in 1998 for Once a Thief.
  • He was a nominee for Allan King Award for excellence in the documentary for his work in Paul Quarrington.
  • He was a nominee for Gemini Award’s Best Director category.

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Final Words

Longmire’s Bert Kish was a perfect example of how a son picks up where his great father leaves. Unfortunately, both could not last long on this unpredictable terrestrial ball of earth. The demise of a talented mind is like the end of his field of art and knowledge. We pray for their souls to rest in peace. This was all about Bert Kish Longmire.


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