Ben Carson Net Worth

Ben Carson Net Worth

In the United States of America, neurosurgeon, politician, and best-selling book Ben Carson is a role model for many. Because of his work splitting conjoined twins, he became a household name, and his medical advancements have been celebrated all over the globe. Throughout his long and successful career, Carson has amassed a considerable fortune. This article will examine Ben Carson net worth and the factors contributing to his success.

Ben Carson Net Worth

In 2023, Ben Carson will have a net worth of $30 million. In 2016, he ran for president of the United States on the Republican ticket and became well known for his medical and political expertise as a neurosurgeon. Dr Carson is estimated to have a net worth of $26 million in 2014. Although in 2016, he was worth $20 million, he only disclosed that he was worth $16 million.

Ben Carson Net Worth

According to his financial statement, he sat on the boards of firms, including Kellogg and Costco, where he reportedly possessed millions of dollars worth of publicly traded stock as of 2016. Investments and loans, among other things, might have altered his wealth since then.

Origins and Early Years

On September 18th, 1951, Ben Carson was born to parents from prominent families in rural Georgia. Robert Solomon Carson Sr. served in the United States Army during World War II and was a Baptist pastor before finding employment on the assembly line at the Cadillac automaker. Ben’s mom, Sonya Carson (née Copeland), was just 13 when she married Ben’s dad, Robert Carson (then 28). The family first settled in Detroit but relocated to Chattanooga, Tennessee, once Robert’s military duty was complete.

In the Indian Village area, Ben and his family raised Ben and his elder brother Curtis in a large home. Carson and his brother moved to Boston with their mother when their parents divorced in 1959. Their return to Detroit two years later allowed Carson to finish third in his class at Southwestern High School. Despite their hardships, Carson’s mother insisted on a good education for her son, and he flourished in school. After graduating first in his Yale and Michigan classes, he received his medical degree.


Ben Carson is one of the country’s top pediatric neurosurgeons.
Following his time at Yale, where he studied on a full scholarship, he attended medical school at the University of Michigan. He persevered and graduated in 1977 despite academic challenges. After a year as a surgical intern, he entered the neurosurgery department at Johns Hopkins University and spent five years as a resident.
After finishing his residency in 1983, he became a Senior Registrar in Neurosurgery at a hospital in Perth, Western Australia.

Ben Carson Net Worth

Carson returned to Johns Hopkins in 1984 as pediatric neurosurgery director and Craniofacial Center co-director. Specialized in treating children with neurological and congenital problems, such as epilepsy, brain and spinal cord tumours, and traumatic brain injuries, he operated on over 300 of them every year. In 1987, he led the operation to separate the Binder twins, who were born with their heads fused.

The treatment was successful, however, both twins are now state wards owing to their ongoing vegetative states. In 2008, Carson received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his contributions to pediatric neurosurgery.

In 2013, he left his career as a surgeon to pursue a political career, and in 2015, he sought the Republican candidacy for president. However, Carson was chosen to run the US Department of Housing and Urban Development by Trump, the ultimate candidate.

Family and Friends

The marriage of Ben Carson and Lacena “Candy” Rustin dates back to 1975. The couple is the parents of Rhoeyce, Benjamin, Jr., and Murray. Carson and his wife are dedicated members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Until his marriage to Candy, Carson has never been in a relationship. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2002 and successfully treated with surgery at Johns Hopkins.

After Carson’s first year of medical school at the University of Michigan in 1973, he struggled academically. A faculty member advised him to either drop out or take fewer courses and extend the time needed to complete his degree. Despite this, Carson kept up a consistent pace throughout the classroom. After committing to a rigorous study schedule of 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., he made significant academic progress by the end of his second year. Because of this, he raised his GPA, got his medical degree in 1977, and joined the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society.


Carson and his wife, Candy, have been together for almost 45 years and have three boys. Carson has also devoted his whole life to his medical work, specializing in neurosurgery for children. His early difficulties in medical school did not prevent him from becoming a well-respected and accomplished surgeon who pioneered the separation of craniopagus twins and other innovative procedures. He’s more than simply a doctor—he’s very committed to his religion and has received several awards for community service.

Property and Real Estate

Near 2001, Ben Carson and his wife Candy acquired a 48-acre plot of land near Upperco, Maryland. Then, after 12 years, they moved to sunny West Palm Beach, Florida. After becoming HUD secretary, Carson bought a $1.22 million Vienna, Virginia, house in February 2017. His home in West Palm Beach eventually sold for almost $900,000.


Is there any literature by Ben Carson?

Throughout his life, Ben Carson has published multiple books. “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story,” his 1990 autobiography, chronicles his rise from poverty to neurosurgeon fame.
In addition, Carson has authored several books on various issues, including spirituality, politics, and education. Some of his most well-known works are “Think Big,””The Big Picture,” and “One Nation.” In addition, Carson is an accomplished author, a sought-after public speaker, and a regular on television news and talk shows.

Outside of medicine and politics, what are Ben Carson’s other interests?

It’s no secret that Ben Carson loves music, especially the classics. He’s quite the pianist and has even played in front of an audience. As well as being a voracious reader, he is also a prolific author whose writings range from autobiographies to political critiques.

Where does Ben Carson stand on healthcare policy changes?

Regarding healthcare reform, Ben Carson has been a vocal proponent of lowering prices and expanding patient access. To do this, he has recommended measures, including expanding access to health savings accounts and fostering more provider competition. However, he is also an opponent of the Affordable Care Act, which he has repeatedly called a “disaster” and for which he has advocated the complete repeal.


After all, is said and done, Ben Carson net worth is a reflection of his success in both medicine and politics. From humble beginnings in Detroit, Carson rose to prominence to become a leading neurosurgeon throughout the globe. His contributions to medicine and society have been enormously influential, even though some may disagree with his politics or have issues with his history of controversy. Seeing how his wealth develops over time while he keeps working in the spotlight is something to look forward to.

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