Believing Astrology is Good or Bad?


Astrology and the belief in it have always been controversial. Believing something is a personal thing.  But theoretically, astrology is a subject that deals with the effects of 12 signs on human life.  It is used to predict events based on the positions of celestial objects. In the present day, many people do not give much importance to astrology. The efforts of the best astrologer in UK are worth appreciation as they are trying to prove the importance of astrology. The prediction done in astrology is different in India when compared to the western countries.  Astrology is an interesting subject if it is studied completely.  A brief focus on concepts followed by India and western countries is a must.

What are the methods of prediction?

  • Vedic Astrology: In India, astrology is also known as “Vedic astrology” or “Jyotishya” and mainly depends on the positions of the constellations present in the sky.  Hence Vedic astrology makes use of the sidereal zodiac for prediction. Vedic astrology considers the solar system and other aspects of the galaxy and is connected to the Moon’s movement. Vedic astrology focuses more on the individual’s dharma, karma, and unique individual life path.  Though predictions are done based on the combination of planet and sign, sometimes not all individuals with the same star belonging to the same group experience the effect due to their unique horoscopes.
  • Western Astrology: Western astrology mainly depends on the orientation occurring between the sun and earth. Hence the usage of the tropical zodiac is done in western astrology.  The fact that the spring equinox coincides with the onset of the Aries season cannot be denied.  Scientifically, it depends on the four seasons which depict the sun’s movement, equinoxes, solstices, and tilt of the earth’s axis while rotating.  Western astrology mainly focuses on psychological effects.

What are the 12 signs that rule the subject of astrology? 

Si.No. According to Vedic astrology According to Western astrology
01. Mesha Aries
02. Vrishaba Taurus
03. Mithuna Gemini
04. Karkataka Cancer
05. Simha Leo
06. Kanya Virgo
07. Tula Libra
08. Vrishchika Scorpio
09. Dhanus Sagittarus
10. Makara Capricorn
11. Kumba Aquarius
12. Meena Pisces

One should understand the fact that astrology whether Vedic or western is just a prediction.  Whatever happens is the effect of an individual’s karma.  The best astrologer in London are focusing on this concept and trying to change the thought process of western citizens.

Concepts playing important role in Astrology:

  • Sextiles: This factor occurs when the planets are 60 degrees apart from each other.  In other words, the difference between the planets is 2 signs.  When the planets and signs are following the sextile factor, they produce positive energy for each other.
  • Squares: In this factor, the planets are 3 signs apart from each other. When calculated degree-wise, it is 90 degrees.  Experts state that there is a possibility of a clash between planets and stars due to their incompatibility.
  • Trines: In this factor, an angle of 120 degrees is formed.  It means the planets are 4 signs apart.  When the signs are 4 signs apart, it gives a favorable effect
  • Conjunctions: This factor states that when two stars align with each other in the same sign, their blending will give the strongest effect. The effect of the sign they are in also is added to the final effect.
  • Oppositions: In this factor, the planets are found placed in the opposite direction or are 180 degrees apart. It always creates a seesaw effect in an individual’s personality.

Effect of Planets on Individuals:

The respective planet depicts the following:

  • Sun: Individuality, selfness, and identity
  • Moon: Intuition, inner world, and emotion
  • Mercury: Information, thought process, and communication
  • Venus: Love, relationships, and pleasure
  • Mars: Action, aggression, sex, and energy
  • Jupiter: Luck, abundance, and expansion
  • Uranus:  Changes in life, innovation
  • Neptune: Creativity, subconscious, and dreams
  • Pluto: Death and rebirth, spirituality, and transformation

Depiction of 12 houses:

The respective houses depict the following:

  • 1st house:  Identity, and outward appearance
  • 2nd house: Money, stability, and self-worth
  • 3rd house: Communication and thinking and its effect on the community
  • 4th house: Status of home, security, and family
  • 5th house: Fertility, expression, and creativity
  • 6th house: Health, and organization
  • 7th house: Relationships between two people
  • 8th house: Death and rebirth, sex and other such depth subjects
  • 9th house: Expansion – in terms of growth and wisdom
  • 10th house: Legacy, and  achievement
  • 11th house: Originality, and friendship
  • 12th house: Subconscious and surrender

The combination of both planets and houses results in astrological predictions.


Astrological predictions identify the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. This prediction will help in highlighting the strength and prospering through that strength.  When the weakness is identified, it will be easy to find a solution to rectify them.  If not completely at least some percentage of pain can be reduced.


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