Be a Hero: 5 Mobile Games That Let You Play as Champions

Play as Champions

Reality can be pretty draggy or dreadful. There will be instances that you want to escape reality, even for a few hours. You might even prefer to do anything than what you are currently doing or told to do, be it working or studying for hours. So, it will not be a surprise if you have hobbies or anything that helps you escape reality. Such interests may include watching a movie, traveling, going out with friends, and many more. Gaming happens to be one of several activities you can do, and you can immerse yourself in challenges or tricky puzzles. Not to mention, some of these games let you be a hero, something that you probably do not get to do in your daily life. You might even make your Archero tier list after seeing and enjoying an entry from this list! Without further ado, here are five mobile games where you can be a hero and to Play as Champions.

1. Archero- Play as Champions

Let us start with an enjoyable and exciting pick that you will enjoy playing during your free time. As its name implies, Archero is a game where you can put your marksmanship skills to the test by playing as different archers. Developed by Habby for Android and iOS, this game tests your courage, marksmanship, and even luck as it is an RNG or random number generator game. 

You can play as different heroes in this 2019 game, from free-to-play heroes, such as Atreus, Urasil, Phoren, Taranis, Helix, and Meowgik, to purchasable characters like Onir, Rolla, Bonnie, and Sylvan. The game also has newer characters for you to try, such as Shari, Shade, Ophelia, Ryan, and many more! The game also features other classic factors and characteristics found in other games, such as equipment, chapters, talents, and abilities. And as a shoot-em-up style game, you will not have to think about carefully crafted tactics or clever tricks. Grab your bow and get your aim on with Archero!

2. Marvel: Future Fight- Play as Champions

Have you ever wanted to have superpowers? Are you a fan of the Marvel comic franchise? Do you look up to fictional superheroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Spider-Man, and Black Widow? If the answers to these questions are yes, then let your inner Marvel geek and superhero out with Netmarble’s Marvel: Future Fight!

This game lets you play as different characters from Marvel comics. The game follows a storyline, and you get to use different Marvel characters. From heroes you have seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to characters who are probably familiar to hardcore comic fans, you have a plethora of champions to play. You can even pick villains such as Thanos, Ultron, and Magneto if you unlock them! And if you managed to unlock any character you like the most, strengthen their stats and overall strength by upgrading their equipment. Download the game to fight your way through different evil foes and organizations as a hero or villain with Marvel: Future Fight!

3. Genshin Impact

Do you enjoy open-world role-playing games? Why not give the trend-setting 2020 game by miHoYo, Genshin Impact if you are a fan! This game took the gaming community by storm, with its breath-taking landscapes, challenging quests, and adorable character designs. With such likable characteristics, it is no wonder the many hardcore and casual gamers enjoy this game.

In this game, you play as the Traveler who goes to different worlds. And when you arrived in the world of Teyvat, you got separated from your twin. Paimon then accompanies you as she guides you in the world of Teyvat and helps you find your twin. This part is just the beginning of the story, and you get to explore it further by playing different characters. And as for the heroes, you will not run out of lovable champions to pick! Raiden Shogun, Yae Miko, Zhongli, Shenhe, you name it – these characters and their unique skillsets will make the game even more enjoyable.

4. League of Legends: Wild Rift

Mobile games have different genres for you to try and play. From shooter games that test your accuracy to open-world RPG ones that help you immerse in a different world, many games can cater to a gamer’s preferences in terms of genre. Multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA, is one of these genres. And what better way to enjoy this game format than by playing the mobile version of a well-known MOBA game, League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Like its original version playable in laptops and computers, League of Legends: Wild Rift teams you up with four other players. You will then try to defeat the enemy team by destroying their towers and, ultimately, their nexus. And like its original counterpart, this mobile version has a selection of champions for you to pick, and each of them has its specialties and roles. You can choose to charge in the enemy lines as the tanky Malphite or damage enemies from afar as Jinx. You can also cut through your foes by picking Master Yi or Yasuo. Party up with your friends to show feats of coordination and team plays!

5.Fate/Grand Order

And lastly, some games will not test your marksmanship, dexterity, or team coordination. Some games will instead test your strategic prowess, and they might even test your luck as you try to get a high-quality character or item. And whether you want to test yours or you happen to be a fan of the Fate franchise, feel free to play Aniplex’s 2015 game Fate/Grand Order!

This game follows an intriguing storyline: it follows the story of the Chaldea Security Organization as they try to save the world from dangerous Singularities by acquiring several Holy Grails. You will then summon several heroes from history and literature as servants, and they will help you acquire these Holy Grails. From holy figures such as Jeanne d’Arc to historical and literary names like Leonidas and Gilgamesh, there are many heroes for you to try to get.

In a Nutshell,

Reality can feel stagnant or stale at times. So, to help you fill yourself with exciting adventures and quests, feel free to play these five games. These five are just some of the many games you can try to play and enjoy. And if you want more info on these games and any other games that can let your inner hero out, feel free to visit!


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