Annemarie Powell

Annemarie Powell

Who is Colin Powell’s Daughter Annemarie Powell? Aside from the entertainment industry, there are other fields, like politics, where celebrities have gained notoriety. Annemarie Powell is the youngest child of the late, prominent American politician Colin Powell—who passed away on October 18, 2021, due to complications from Covid-19—.

The younger daughter of Colin Powell, Annemarie is a gardener, TV host, journalist, and novelist, enjoying the legacy her father has left behind and putting her in the spotlight. Isn’t it fantastic to have a four-in-one celebrity? Additionally, she has won several accolades for her name.

Make sure to read to the end of this article to learn everything there is to know about Annemarie Powell. Despite coming from the illustrious Powell family, she has had a deep interest in gardening since she was a small girl.

The garner’s astounding breakthrough came when she was hired to show on Real Gardens. The entire episode of the show focuses on building gardens. However, in 1999, she decided to expand on her passion for gardening by starting Ann-Marie Powell Gardens Ltd.


The late Colin and Alma Powell of Florida gave birth to Annemarie Powell on August 7, 1971. Nevertheless, New York City might be credited for her popularity. Since Annemarie was born in the United States, she turned 50 in August 2021.

She is an American TV news producer who has contributed to soap operas like “Most Unforgettable Love Stories” (1998), “Walt Disney World’s 25th Anniversary Party” (1997), and “Homecoming with Rick Reilly,” according to her IMDb page (2009).

Her father, the late Colin Powell, was a four-star general, politician, diplomat, statesman, and secretary of state for the United States from 2001 to 2005. On October 18, 2021, while receiving multiple myeloma therapy at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Annemarie’s father passed away. He passed away due to COVID-19 complications. On Friday, November 5, 2021, he was buried at the Washington National Cathedral.

Alma Powell, Annemarie’s mother, is a sociologist and the film’s protagonist. Michael Powell and Linda Powell, Annemarie Powell’s older siblings, are both prominent figures in the US in their industries. From Capel Manor College, Anne earned a distinction in NCH Garden Design and Hard Landscape Studies. There isn’t a Wikipedia article for Annemarie Powell yet.

Age of Annemarie Powell

August 2021 marked Annemarie’s 50th birthday. Every year on August 7, she celebrates her birthday. Her father, Colin Powell, passed away in the US on October 18, 2021, at 84.

Annemarie dimensions and weight

Annemarie’s web photos show her height is almost 5 feet and 8 inches. She ought to be of medium weight. She has dark eyes and golden brown hair.

The career of Annemarie Powell

Since she was a little child, Annemarie Powell has loved flowers and gardens, which is one reason she chose to work in the industry.

Furthermore, in 1999, Anne founded Ann-Marie Powell Gardens Ltd. as her landscaping company. The garden lover is a multi-award-winning garden designer, TV host, journalist, and author who divides her time between creating ground-breaking gardens for individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations and inspiring people to have gardens through her books, appearances on TV, and articles in newspapers and magazines across the country.

The career of Annemarie Powell

She is a participant Society of Garden Designers, a judge for the Landscape Institute Awards, and a panel that chooses the gardens for the Royal Horticultural Society Flower Shows.

In 1999, Annemarie started her creative, dynamic garden design business. Since then, she has amassed an excellent portfolio of gardens that blend the greatest elements of modern design with creative material usage in a naturalistic aesthetic.

Also, she was delighted to be chosen as the Royal Horticultural Society’s official designer for their official RHS Greening Grey Britain Garden at RHS Chelsea in May 2016. She is an RHS Hampton Court (2015), RHS Chelsea (2010), and RHS Silver Flora (2011) Medalist. She has broadcasted 20 gardening-related programmes, including BBC coverage of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2016 and The Great Chelsea Garden Challenge in 2015. Annemarie is extremely passionate about anything having to do with gardens and landscapes. She frequently engages audiences with highly entertaining lectures at conferences, seminars, workshops, gardening events, and other gatherings.

She serves as the patron of the Green Fingers Charity as well. Annemarie Powell has presented various makeover programmes on television in pursuit of her dream and passion. Promise and My Little Red Wagon are the first two children’s books written by Annemarie Powell, an author.

Net Worth of Annemarie Powell

Established in 1999, Ann-Marie Powell Gardens Ltd. is a very successful garden design business. According to reports, Annemarie Powell’s estimated net worth is $13 million. Her business, which specializes in garden design, is also her primary source of revenue. Powell is still highly active in all her disciplines, so as the year progresses, her net worth will probably rise.

Net Worth of Annemarie Powell

Ancestry of Annemarie Powell

Michael Kevin, Linda M., and Annemarie were the three children raised by Annemarie’s parents after their 1962 marriage. On October 27, 1937, she was born in Birmingham, Alabama. She serves as the Chairman of the foundation America’s Promise, which works to enhance the lives of children.

The first African-American Secretary of State was Colin Powell. Barack Obama, the former president, and Condoleezza Rice, his successor, were the highest-ranking African Americans in the history of the federal executive branch before Obama came in 2008. In addition, he held the positions of 12th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1989 to 1993 and 16th United States National Security Advisor from 1987 to 1989.

Disaster overtook the happy family on October 18, 2021, when Colin unexpectedly passed away at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center at age 84 from the Covid-19. The siblings of Annemarie Powell had accomplished professions as well. Michael Powell, an American lawyer and lobbyist, was the former Chairman of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) from 2001 to 2005. Linda Powell, an American actress with a distinguished filmography, was born in 1966.

Moreover, Bryan Powell and Jeffrey Powell are Michael Powell’s two children. Michael, the lawyer, attended William & Mary, Georgetown University, and Georgetown University Law Center. Maud Ariel, Luther Theophilus Powell, Mildred Elisa Bell, and Robert Charles Johnson are their grandparents. There aren’t any specifics on the husband or kids of Annemarie Powell, who is also married and has two lovely children. She lives in Petersfield, Hampshire, with her family in their house.

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Life in Her Social Circle

She is a well-known YouTuber with more than 15.6k Instagram followers Annemarie Powell. Finally, you may follow Annemarie Powell’s page on Instagram and her YouTube channel. It was all about Annemarie Powell.


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