Amazing Charts Vs Eyefinity: Top EMR Choice 2022


Amazing Charts EMR is an electronic health record system designed to manage office flow, transmit secure messages, and retrieve patient data. This solution gives doctors everything they need to run a business, including charting, scheduling, intra-office communication, and prescribing. The data is saved securely and is easily accessible from any location with an internet connection using a PC, Mac, or mobile device. Eyefinity Practice Management is a powerful, versatile, and secure cloud-based solution for practice management that enables your personnel to stay connected at every point in the practice in real time. Eyefinity Practice Management was built on the Microsoft Azure platform. It takes the complicated aspects of your day-to-day operations and streamlines and automates them, freeing you to practice in whatever manner you see fit.

This article will help users to get a more comprehensive view of the two softwares being discussed, so keep reading further if you wish to invest in them.

Amazing Charts EMR

Amazing Charts was developed by a working family physician who saw a need in the market for user-friendly medical technologies that could be utilized by private and independent practices of all sizes. Amazing Charts offers comprehensive charting and management implementations, including e-prescribing, messaging, bill coding, and a lot of other useful features. Amazing Charts offers billing, practice management, and population health services in addition to its electronic health record (EHR) platform, all of which connect very effectively. Every one of them satisfies the criteria for meaningful use.

Amazing Charts EMR Key Features

Adaptable Deployment

Amazing Charts Electronic Health Record is capable of being deployed in any environment, including the cloud as well as on-premise. If you sign up for the service under the “Amazing Charts in the Cloud” plan, the firm will handle all of the maintenance and troubleshooting for you. Access will be provided around the clock, dashboards will be pre-configured, remote scanning and printing will be possible, and there will be no requirement for a virtual private network (VPN).

Patient Portal

You are able to boost the level of engagement you have with your patients both inside and outside of the clinic thanks to the patient portal function. The patient portals offered by the app come equipped with a variety of functions, including electronic communications, instructional content, visit summaries, and test results.


You are able to perform tasks such as checking for possible drug interactions and automatically sending prescriptions to pharmacies. NewCrop, a solution that has been verified by SureScript, is the engine that drives this technology.

Amazing Charts EMR Pricing

The software offers two pricing plans, one for the EHR and one for practice management. The EHR version begins at $199 per month per clinician whereas the PM one starts at $299 per clinician. Physicians can choose the one most suitable for them. 

Amazing Charts EMR Demo

A demo is quite helpful when one wishes to find out how a certain software functions and what its main features are. Users can schedule a free demo on the website.

Amazing Charts EMR Reviews

Amazing Charts is extremely user-friendly. For those who are still utilizing paper records, the switch to electronic records seems seamless. In addition, customers have noted that it is competitively priced per provider, that tech support knows how to resolve issues, that you can add more features to your practice (for a fee), and that the most recent version is MIPS-certified.

Eyefinity EMR 

Eyefinity EHR Software is a cloud-based practice management and electronic health record solution that meets the needs of optometric clinics with one or many locations. With role-based permissions, it facilitates the management of patients, documentation, invoicing, and diagnosis by eye care specialists. In the whole optometric sector, this company offers the sole native iPad application. It also assists users in maximizing their usage of the iPad’s built-in features, such as Siri and the camera. In addition, the Eyefinity EHR Kiosk App permits patients to check in and update their personal information electronically.

Eyefinity EMR Key Features 


Using the customization options, remove tabs you don’t need and add new ones to make the dashboard more aesthetically pleasant. Make adjustments to the calendars and relocate the widgets along with the modules to a more convenient spot.

Few Errors

Get rid of the time-consuming, error-prone processes that are connected with obsolete and traditional documentation approaches. Make use of digital technologies to keep patient data and documentation up to date. This will result in fewer errors and increased accuracy when it comes to following up on invoices and claims.

Enhances Communication

Improve the patient’s ability to communicate with the medical team and other staff members through the internal electronic systems. Utilize a private patient portal to facilitate communication throughout the entirety of the treatment procedure.

Eyefinity EMR Pricing

The pricing models for the program have been published on the website. However, the vendor can be contacted for additional information if one desires to invest in the program.

Eyefinity EMR Demo

A free trial is available on the website of the software. One can easily schedule it to acquaint users with the features and characteristics. 

Eyefinity EMR Reviews

Complete incorporation with VSP and a user-friendly interface, particularly for front-end sales. Continuous improvement, and they take the comments they get into consideration. Very user-friendly, as well as quick. Finding patients within the system is not only very fast but also very simple. Due to the complexity of the application, workaround processes tend to become the standard. There are too many button-presses that have no effect. The modification rendered the system less rational and straightforward.

Our Thoughts

Amazing Charts is an EHR solution that is a native Windows application that is compatible with the majority of Microsoft Windows operating systems, such as Windows 10, Small Business Server, etc. One will be able to save time, improve the accuracy of claims, and provide an outstanding experience for patients if one uses the effective optometric software Eyefinity EHR.



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