All you need to know about bulk greenery


A beautiful bouquet of exquisite flowers is an important element of any festive event. Floral compositions usually contain many decorative elements – beads, dried flowers, ribbons and other live and artificial decorations. But no bouquet looks complete without such an element as green grass, twigs and leaves. Decorative bulk greenery for floristry plays a very important role – it helps to frame the sophistication of the buds, emphasizes the freshness, originality and colorfulness of the composition. The floral mix in the design of greenery and leaves takes on a completely different look.

Types of decorative wholesale greenery

The range of green plants that florists use to decorate bouquets is very large, so the question of which greenery is best suited for bouquets remains at the discretion of the master and depends on his taste. The most popular are:

  • Aspidistra – This plant is very popular in the East and has an original form of leaves – smooth, with slightly sinuous, slightly oblong veins. The plastic shape of the leaf allows you to freely weave greenery into a bouquet, transforming it at your own discretion.
  • Pistachio – fluffy twigs with delicate green leaves of small size. Light and original, it gives the compositions splendor, makes it voluminous. The beautiful pistachio hue goes well with both pastel-colored buds and bright flowers.
  • Ruscus is an interesting bright green ornamental plant with elegant leaves. Rukus can act as a decorative addition to roses, lilies, gerberas or other flowers, or it can itself form the basis of a mono-bouquet.
  • Eucalyptus – greenery for floristry, which can be presented in different shades: silver, blue, purple. The purchase of such decor is facilitated by its unusual aroma and incredible durability. Eucalyptus is good in wedding bouquets, and at any time of the year.

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