A Brief SWOT Analysis of Kraft Foods Inc

A Brief SWOT Analysis of Kraft Foods Inc
A Brief SWOT Analysis of Kraft Foods Inc

Kraft Foods is one of the largest food processing and grocery conglomerates in the world. It is headquartered in Illinois, USA, and has a number of prestigious brands under its umbrella, including Cadbury’s, Heinz, Jello, and Maxwell House. If you are a student of business administration and management, your professor may ask you to prepare a Kraft Foods case study analysis. In that case, you can refer to the following SWOT analysis of the brand.

SWOT Analysis of Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods owns an extensive product portfolio with a presence in almost every category of processed food, including sauces, meats, salad dressings, dairy products, chocolates, desserts, sandwich spreads, packaged meals, desserts, snacks, and condiments. Here are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Kraft Foods, which you can use for your case study help online.


  • The company has had successful mergers with companies like Heinz and Cadbury’s, which are segment leaders in their respective markets.
  • Kraft foods is one of the earliest adopters of content marketing and continues to use it successfully through its CRM initiatives.
  • It also has wide distribution channels in the US and enjoys the confidence and trust of numerous retailers and wholesalers who promote its products.
  • As mentioned, the company owns a wider product portfolio, covering almost every category of processed foods.

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  • The company has failed to create a strong presence in the market outside the US. It is still struggling to capture the major markets, such as Europe and India.
  • While a majority of the food processing companies are entering the market of organic foods, Kraft Foods has little or no presence in that market.
  • The company is also overburdened with too many products under it and lacks innovation in each of its products as it is difficult to manage such a huge number of products.

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  • There is a high scope for food processing in India as the average per capita income continues to grow. Another advantage of India is the proximity to raw materials.
  • There is a shift in trends toward habits in emerging economies. There is now a preference for pre-processed food and an increasing need for butter, cheese and other dairy products.

Highlight these areas in your case study paper.


  • The company experiences massive competition from the major players in the industry, such as Nestle, Glaxo SmithKline Beecham, and Procter & Gamble.
  • As the food processing industry relies heaving on the raw materials – the costs of which fluctuate excessively, can be a reason to worry.

One needs to look for the right solutions to overcome these issues.

Hopefully, now you have enough details to get started with your case study paper. Good luck!

Summary: Kraft Foods is one of the most popular food processing and grocery conglomerates in the world. This article gives you a brief SWOT analysis of the company, which you can use to develop a proper case study paper.

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